The New Blacklist

The following is an updated list of figures bullied, badgered, pressured, and purged from polite society for discussing topics outside of the Overton Window.

The dates are not the exact point in time at which the person was purged. Sometimes the date listed is just the publication dates for the news stories. Other times, it is the date of the offending event, or the date of the actual purging. Several of the more notable purgings are bolded.

For new submissions, please write according to the format below and send to: They will go up live post-haste.

  1. 10-OCT-1959: Revilo Oliver purged from National Review.  A complex personality – the sixth generation in his family to bear the burden of a purposefully palindromic name.  Archive at
  2. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  3. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria overJensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  4. 19-OCT-1974: Sir Keith Joseph deemed ineligible for Chancellor of the Exchequer for this notorious speech.
  5. JAN-1984: Ray Honeyford forced into early retirement as headmaster of Drummond Middle School.
  6. 17-MAR-1984: Geoffrey Blainey silenced by University of Melbourne.
  7. 12-MAR-1985: Murray Dolfman suspended from lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania for talking to black students about the 13th Amendment.
  8. 06-APR-1987: Al Campanis ‘ignites controversy’ over remarks about black baseball team managers.
  9. 19-JAN-1988: Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder purged from CBS.
  10. 1989-1991 (and continuing): Related to the above, Linda Gottfredson’s torturous path.
  11. NOV-1990: John Strugnell purged from the Dead Sea Scrolls project.
  12. 22-APR-1991: William F. Buckley devotes an entire issue of National Review to “In Search of Anti-Semitism: What Christians Provoke What Jews? Why? By Doing What? — And Vice Versa.” focused greatly on Pat Buchanan (and timed to coincide with his big for Presidential candidacy).  Later, collected with responses,into a book.
  13. 1993 – Jospeh Sobran purged from National Review.
  14. 13-JAN-1993: Eden Jacobowitz charged by University of Pennsylvania withviolating racial harassment policy by shouting ‘Water Buffalo’ at some large, rowdy black women.  (He should have just said ‘Behemoth‘ like he was thinking in Hebrew).  There was even a Doonesbury comic on it.
  15. 27-JUN-1995: Sam Francis purged from the Washington Times.
  16. 23-APR-1995: Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller loses his sponsors after Tiger Woods joke.
  17. 1997: Peter Brimelow and John O’Sullivan (and many others) purged from National Review.
  18. 09-AUG-1997: Chris Brand purged from Edinburgh University purportedly for discussing sexuality amongst minors, but mostly for his IQ heresy.
  19. 15-JAN-1999: David Howard purged for his vocabulary.
  20. 01-FEB-1999: Glenn Hoddle purged as England’s soccer coach
  21. 20-APR-1999: Marge Schott finally gives up being “Baseball’s Big Red Headache
  22. 27-DEC-1999: John Rocker forced into Psychiatric testing after expressing some opinions, but judging by his later behavior, he somehow didn’t get the message.
  23. 17-SEP-2001: Bill Maher purged from ABC (well, ok, just reassigned to HBO, he’s doing great)
  24. 02-OCT-2001: Ann Coulter purged from National Review (NR’s version here).
  25. 2001: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together goes unpublished in the U.S.
  26. 18-NOV-2001: Stuart Nagel commits suicide after a lost battle with a long, drawn-out process of academic inquisition into anonymous and unfounded racism accusations.  It wasn’t ‘win-win’ for him.
  27. 21-FEB-2002: Bjorn Lomborg investigated and found ‘guilty’ by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty for complaints related to the publication of his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist.
  28. 09-MAR-2002: Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot convicted of intolerance by Canada’s Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal.
  29. 27-APR-2002: Scott Phelps suspended from teaching at Muir High.  (note: none of the links to the news stories seem to work anymore).
  30. MAY-2002: Geoffrey Sampson purged by the UK Conservatives.
  31. 06-MAY-2002: Pim Fortuyn assassinated by multicultural leftist Volkert van der Graaf for opposing mass immigration into Holland.  His murdered has been released from prison less than 12 years after the fact.
  32. 29-MAY-2002: Michel Houellebecq charged with inciting racial hatred for stating, in an interview, that Islam was “the most stupid of all religions”.
  33. 17-JUN-2002: Rev. Stephen Boissoin persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  34. NOV-2002: Oriana Fallaci becomes the subject of arrest warrants in Switzerland related to her excellently passionate book The Rage and The Pride.  (See also her trial in Italy on 12-JUN-2006 for The Force of Reason.)
  35. 05-DEC-2002: Senator Trent Lott resigns his Senate leadership by having to gall to flatter Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday.
  36. 2003: J. Michael Bailey two-minutes-hated and investigated for ethics after publishing ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen‘.
  37. 10-MAR-2003: The Dixie Chicks intensely criticized and forced into apology for opposing Iraq War while overseas.
  38. 01-OCT-2003: Rush Limbaugh pressured to resign from ESPN after comments related to Donovan McNabb.
  39. 17-OCT-2003: Greg Easterbrook purged from ESPN (and his content memory-holed)
    1. 15-MAR-2004: Ted Rall purged from New York Times. (it’s a thing with him, see below)
  40. 30-JUN-2004: Rachel Ehrenfeld found liable by default judgment by British Court after successful libel-tourism suit brought by the Bin Mahfouz family (it’s kind of a patten with them).  The case is important for illustrating not just the legal controversy, but the willingness of certain nations to extent to private parties the ability to commandeer the judicial apparatus on mere pretext for speech-suppressive ends.
  41. 12-AUG-2004: Tatu Vanhanen investigated by Finnish NBI at the behest of the Ombudsman for Minorities.
  42. SEP-2004: Thomas Klocek suspended from teaching at DePaul.
  43. JAN-2005: Kevin Lamb purged from Human Events.
  44. 19-JAN-2005: Lawrence Summers purged from Harvard
  45. 25-JULY-2005: Michael Graham purged from WMAL.
  46. 31-JULY-2005: Drew Fraser suspended from Macquarie University over a letter he wrote to a suburban newspaper.
  47. 26-OCT-2005: Fisher DeBerry probably purged from U.S. Air Force Academy (left a year after controversy over his comments)
  48. 15-NOV-2005: Alain Finkielkraut two minutes hated for making comments about the 2005 French Riots and is forced to apologize.  Interestingly, Le Nouvel Observateur writes about him in an article called, “The Neo-Reactionaries“.
  49. JAN-2006: Fr. Alphonse de Valk persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  50. 11-FEB-2006: Ezra Levant investigated after publishing Mohammad photos in Western Standard.
  51. 25-FEB-2006: Michael Regan pressured into resignation from Allegany County, Maryland DA’s office.
  52. 23-MAR-2006: Frank Ellis forced into early retirement from Leeds University forviews on race and intelligence.  He has earlier decried British ‘racial hysteria’ and notably gave a talk on Liberal Totalitarianism.
  53. 16-JUN-2006: Dr. Bruce Lahn pressured out of IQ / brain-size / recent human evolution genetic research. (10Q from GNXP) – Take note of answer #3.
  54. 14-JUL-2006: Jeneane Garofalo purged from The Majority Report for comments on the relative status of statements about Scientology and Judaism. I think.
  55. 09-AUG-2006: Dr. Rod Lea two minutes hated for statements related to Maoris and the monoamine oxidase-A gene.
  56. 20-OCT-2006: Mark Steyn investigated after writing about islam in MacLean’s..
  57. 20-NOV-2006: Michael Richards (“Kramer”) purged from the biz.
  58. 04-APR-2007: Don Imus purged from CBS and NBC.
  59. 04-MAY-2007: Larry Auster purged from FrontPage Magazine.
  60. 22-MAY-2007: Comedian Guy Earle fined for mocking a lesbian heckler.
  61. 07-JUN-2007: Isaiah Washington purged from Grey’s Anatomy and ABC.
  62. 11-JUN-2007: Norman Finkelstein denied tenure at DePaul.
  63. 11-SEP-2007: Doug Christie fined by the Law Society of British Columbia for advocating a little too vigorously for the wrong kind of people.
  64. 16-OCT-2007: James Watson investigated and purged.
  65. NOV-2007: Keith John Sampson found guilty of racial harassment by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Affirmative Action Officers for reading Todd Tucker’s book, Notre Dame Vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan in, er, impolite company.  The chancellor eventually apologized.
  66. 22-MAR-2008: Randi Rhodes purged from Air America.
  67. 15-APR-2008: Brigitte Bardot goes on trial for Muslim comments (and hardly for the first time)
  68. 31-OCT-2008: Everybody goes berserk on the Mormons because of proposition-8 support. (google for more).
  69. 20-APR-2009: Carrie Prejean two minutes hated for expressing views on gay marriage at Miss USA contest.
  70. 24-APR-2009: Ted Rall purged from United Media.  (see below, again)
  71. 06-MAY-2009: Michael Savage banned from Britain.
  72. 15-JUL-2009: Dr. Kathy Albain  two minutes hated for accusations of ethnicity-based medical profiling.
  73. 13-OCT-2009: Thilo Sarrazin purged from Bundesbank
  74. 16-NOV-2009: Lou Dobbs purged by CNN over immigration reporting.
  75. 27-JAN-2010: ESPN writer Paul Shirley purged for some ungenerous remarks about Haiti following their tragic earthquake.
  76. 28-APR-2010: Gillian Duffy publicly declared ‘that bigoted woman’ by Gordon Brown.
  77. 30-APR-2010: Stephanie Grace and the case of her infamous Harvard email.
  78. 01-MAY-2010: Peter Duesberg investigated by UC Berkeley.  (later dropped, though I think his clinging to his AIDS stuff over all the years of contrary evidence is pure derp, but still if shouldn’t have had the effect on Charlton below.)
  79. 11-MAY-2010: Bruce Charlton purged from Medical Hypothesis.
  80. 19-MAY-2010: Physics Professor Jonathan Katz purged from BP-Oil-Spill Brain Trust.
  81. 04-JUN-2010: Steve Blair purged by KYCA radio.
  82. 10-AUG-2010: Dr. Laura Schlessinger eased off the air for discussing whether the use of the word ‘nigger’ could ever be appropriate.  Here’s some Chris Rock, “The correct answer is, ‘Not really’.”
  83. 01-OCT-2010: Rick Sanchez purged from CNN.
  84. 08-OCT-2010: Juan Williams purged from NPR.
  85. 02-FEB-2011: John Casteel purged from Arkansas Republican Party.
  86. 07-MAR-2011: Cathy and Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy purged from WMAL.
  87. 11-MAR-2011: Alexandra Wallace purged from UCLA for her ‘ching-chong ling-long’ ‘Asians in the Library‘ viral youtube clip.
  88. 30-MAR-2011: Andrew Bolt sued (and later found guilty) for some crimethink blog posts he made in April 2009, including ‘It’s so hip to be black.”
  89. 27-APR-2011: Simon Ledger arrested for singing ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.
  90. 16-MAY-2011: Satoshi Kanazawa purged from Psychology Today.
  91. 03-JUN-2011: Tracy Morgan forced to apologize by NBC after gay comments.
  92. JUL-2011: Jared Taylor removed from State Department translation referral website at the behest of the $PLC.
  93. 01-AUG-2011:  Principal Frank Borzellieri purged from Archdiocese of NY Schools.
  94. 03-NOV-2011: Brett Ratner purged from Oscars.
  95. 18-NOV-2011: Sepp Blater pressured within FIFA.
  96. 29-NOV-2011: Emma West arrested for snakes on a plane racism on a train.
  97. 09-JAN-2012: Principal Ted Horrell two minutes hated for talking honesty abouttest scores.
  98. 17-FEB-2012: Patrick Buchanan purged from MSNBC.
  99. 19-FEB-2012: Anthony Federico purged from ESPN for ‘Linsane’ ‘Chink in the Armor’ headline.
  100. 01-MAR-2012: Rush Limbaugh advertisers pressured to bail after Fluke slut comment.
  101. 05-APR-2012: John Derbyshire purged from National Review.
  102. 10-APR-2012: Robert Weissberg purged from National Review.
  103. 30-APR-2012: Naomi Riley purged from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  104. 16-MAY-2012: Manny Pacquiao ‘on defensive’ on same-sex marriage
  105. 22-MAY-2012: Andy Gipson threatened for quoting Bible on gays.
  106. 22-MAY-2012: Mark Traina purged from New Orleans Public Schools.
  107. 21-JUN-2012: Sanford, Florida Police Chief Bill Lee fired for not arresting an innocent man, a clear mishandling of criminal ‘justice’.
  108. 02-JUL-2012: Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A pressured.
  109. 15-JUL-2012: Mark Steyn published column that got him sued by Michael Mann. (ongoing!)
  110. 25-JUL-2012: Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou purged from 2012 Olympics for making light of matters involving sacred objects.
  111. 06-AUG-2012: Robert Oscar Lopez targeted for authoring a personal reminiscence of growing up with gay parents.
  112. 08-AUG-2012: Bret Easton Ellis two minutes hated for thoughts on proper casting.
  113. 27-SEP-2012: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrested for violating parole by producing that ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie, or something.  A strange case all around, I’ll admit.
  114. 02-OCT-2012: Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MacDonald scolded for comments related to Somali immigrants.
  115. 17-MAR-2013: ‘Dongle-Gate’, dongle-joker-geeks purged.
  116. 20-MAR-2013: Steven Landsburg gets two-minutes-hated for a thought experiment.
  117. 17-APR-2013: Rick Ross dumped by Reebok for some dope lyrics (HT: Taki), which are totally shocking, because, as we all well know, rappers never talk about drugs.
  118. 03-APR-2013: Terri Proud purged from Arizona Veterans Administration
  119. 10-MAY-2013: Jason Richwine purged from Heritage
  120. 17-MAY-2013: Paula Deen purged.
  121. 22-MAY-2013, Julia (a 13-year-old, name withheld) forced to apologize for taunting the shattered, fragile ego of allegedly full grown man athlete, Adam Goodes.
  122. 30-MAY-2013: Gordon Gee purged from Ohio State University (he’s going to West Virginia now)
  123. 04-JUN-2013: Geoffrey Miller two-minutes-hated for ‘fat shaming’.
  124. 05-JUN-2013: Nissim Yeshaya purged from Israel Court.
  125. 07-JUN-2013: April Sims purged from Dallas Police Dept.
  126. 20-JUN-2013: Mike Krahulik gets two-minutes-hated for ‘transphobia’.
  127. 25-JUN-2013: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer banned from Britain.
  128. 03-JUL-2013: Aaryn Gries purged from Zephyr Talent.
  129. 12-JULY-2013: Orson Scott Card threatened with Ender’s Game boycott.  (See also his mothballed Superman project)
  130. 20-JULY-2013: Ron Unz purged from The American Conservative for this
  131. AUG-2013: Paul Gottfried purged from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for having friends who had opinions about ethnic disparities like Charles Murray’s.
  132. 08-AUG-2013: Richard Dawkins gets a taste of the Zeitgeist.
  133. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from Science Fiction Writers of America.
  134. 27-AUG-2013: Tuffy Gessling purged from Rodeo Clowning.
  135. 04-SEP-2013: Yelena Isinbayeva almost purged as Russian Olympic Ambassador.
  136. 08-SEP-2013: Craig James purged from Fox Sports, because, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department.”
  137. 10-SEP-2013: Pax Dickinson purged from Business Insider.
  138. 25-SEP-2013: Barilla CEO, Guido Barilla pressured on gay marriage.
  139. 25-SEP-2013: David Gilmour two-minutes-hated for literature judgment.
  140. 26-OCT-2013: Don Yelton purged from local GOP because of Daily Show.
  141. 14-NOV-2013: Helmuth Nyborg investigated for ‘scientific dishonesty’ (he was also purged in 2006)
  142. 26-NOV-2013: Alec Baldwin purged from MSNBC not for vulgarity, ha!, but for swearing in that impermissiable way.
  143. 28-NOV-2013: Ted Rall purged from Daily Kos.
  144. 03-DEC-2013: Bob Dylan threatened by French prosecutor.
  145. 09-DEC-2013: Tila Tequila gets erased by Facebook for trying her hand at being a classless provocateuse.  No word yet on Miley Cyrus’ account.
  146. 10-DEC-2013: Chip Wilson purged from Lululemon.
  147. 10-DEC-2013: Researchgruppen (an antifa organization), in collaboration with the newspaper Expressen cracks blog-commenting service Discus in order to expose their politically incorrect enemies to the Brown Scare, and enable Marxist bombers.  (See also, The Journal News publishes map of gun owners)
  148. 12-DEC-2013: Bob Newhart intimidated.
  149. 19-DEC-2013: Phil Robertson purged from A&E.
  150. 20-DEC-2013: Justine Sacco purged from IAC.
  151. 20-DEC-2013: Dawn Barnett found guilty and sent to diversity training over aGolliwogg comment (HT: Derb)
  152. 29-DEC-2013: Ani DiFranco concert cancelled in protest over venue choice.
  153. 02-JAN-2014: Heartiste threatened with blog memory-holing via WordPress malicious prosecution (Kevin Conboy)?  It wouldn’t be the first time a blog was suddenly disappeared.
  154. Senator Cory Bernardi two minutes hated by Australians in general for the content of his new book, The Conservative Revolution (note the ‘reviews’), with preference for traditional nuclear families seeming to be the key irritation.
  155. 07-JAN-2014: Prof. Mary Willingham threatened and her research disowned by UNC for exposing the ‘special talent’ program.
  156. 17-JAN-2014: Juan Pablo Galavis, Conquistador-American Hispanic, two minutes hated for preferring heterosexuals for roles on a dating showGroveling here.
  157. 18-JAN-2014: Maria Conchita Alonso purged from a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues” for appearing in a political ad for – gasp – a Republican!
  158. 20-JAN-2014: Bill Simmons forced to apologize for ‘Dr. V‘ story.
  159. 22-JAN-2014: (Note: Merely Cautionary, So Far), IRS goes after Friends of AbeHollywood Conservatives, with particular interest in outing the membership list.
  160. 18-MAR-2014: Hempstead (IVO Houston, Texas) Middle School Principal Amy Lacey purged (other coverage links) for strongly encouraging students and teachers to speak English in the classroom.
  161. 24-MAR-2014: Brendan Eich experiences purging campaign to get him fired at CEO of Mozilla due to $1,000 donation in 2008 in support of California Proposition 8, which succeeded at the polls, if not in the courts.  OkCupid goes all in on full, guilt-by-association excommunication .  The flipside of campaign funding transparency is the the risk of being on the receiving end of the politics of personal destruction.  Talk about a chilling effect.  But, naturally, the same people would publicly lose their minds with maximum mouth foaming if they heard of a company firing someone because they contributed to the campaign to opposeproposition 8.  UPDATE: Sigh, purged.  Depressing and predictable.  Only missing the ‘to spend more time with his family’ line.
  162. 28-MAR-2014: Stephen Colbert feels the rage of #CancelColbert inquisitors who relish being purposefully obtuse and can’t take an obvious joke.
  163. 02-APR-2014: Michael Mann takes aim and demands that David Koch be purgedfrom the board of Boston PBS station WGBH.
  164. 08-APR-2014: Ayaan Hirsi Ali spiked from Bradeis U. graduation ceremony / honorary degree.  Fox takes a look behind the scenes.
  165. 10-APR-2014: Prolific French writer Renaud Camus fined 4,000 Euros, and forced to give 500 Euros to an anti-racist group, for criticizing non-assimilating Muslims and espousing his ‘replacement’ theory.
  166. 17-APR-2014: They’ll be asking for your expulsion too, soon enough, Julius Kairey of Cornell.  That’s the real ‘rape culture’.
  167. 21-APR-2014: Tom Preston-Werner purged from GitHub.  Some facts were conveniently withheld, not like they will do Tom any good, even though, “… the investigation found no evidence of illegal practices.” (HT: Sailer)
  168. 22-APR-2014: Charles Murray spiked from Azusa Pacific University. (HT: Sailer)
  169. 26-ARP-2014: Donald J. Sterling playing defense after ‘racist’ comments. (HT:Sailer) (UPDATE: fined, purged.)  Look, by all accounts, this guy was an awful sleezeball and deserved what he got.  Fine. Nevertheless, this was also obviously a baited setup (100 hours of secretly and illegally recorded conversations with the floozy?), and no one but Sailer’s been covering the real story behind the ouster instead of leveraging the media hysteria-catnip of the race-opera to cover it up.  No One.  That should trouble you.  And no one’s been making the obvious, prospective point, which is that today, Big Brother Is Everyone.  Hell is other people.  With smartphones, everybody’s carrying their own personal wire all the time.  If the adventuress isn’t convicted, then the signal to everyone else is that there is zero cost to extracting something juicy from the right person, and the deterrence effect is destroyed.  Imagine a future where everyone is their own Stasi, keeping an option-for-extortion retirement fund archive, and incentivized to get people to trust them and reveal their un-PC opinions in private.  People, it’s all going downhill.
  170. 26-APR-2014: Paul Weston arrested for Quoting Churchill. (HT: Steyn) and do check out the photos at Liberty GB.
  171. 01-MAY-2014: Eric Walsh purged from Pasadena Health Dept.
  172. 01-MAY-2014: Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson almost purged from the BBC over a very rude original version of a children’s rhyme.
  173. 01-MAY-2014: Josh Olin purged from Turtle Rock for tweeting the following about #161 to his 142K followers, “Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.”  He’s not the only one now, Josh!  (HT: Ace) Pro-tip #1: If you start a tweet under your own name with, “Here’s an unpopular opinion,” and you rely even indirectly on popularity, then you’re doing it wrong in the #hashtag advocacy world.  Pro-tip #2: Never side with, or stand up for, losers, because that just makes you a loser too, and guilty by association, even if you signal condemnation, and even if you’re just arguing about ‘rights’.  You have to understand this most of all : error has no rights, and any defense of error is just more error.  So, watch your mouth.  Or else.
  174. 03-MAY-2014: Condoleeza Rice spiked from Rutgers Commencement following pressure from leftist student groups.  To his credit, Rutgers President Robert Barchi attempted to resist the pressure on principle, but for naught.  Rice can go back to filming more ‘Ban Bossy‘ PR-stunts for Facebook now, and maybe be President Sandberg’s Secretary of State or National Security Adviser one day.
  175. 07-MAY-2014: David and Jason Benham’s show spiked from HGTV.  UPDATE:SunTrust Bank closes their bank account, then relents after uproar.  I’m beginning to think that these ‘capitulate, excommunicate, then rehabilitate’ actions are the way that corporations try to please everyone, and have their cake and eat it too.   That might be understandable, but it’s not a good result, so the only appropriate policy if you care about this issue is to close your SunTrust account right now and never look back.
  176. 07-MAY-2014: Dr. Caleb Rossiter purged from the Institute for Policy Studies for writing an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that poor Africa needs an exemption to climate change emissions control policies (HT: Powerline)
  177. 11-MAY-2014: Don Jones noted for being controversial.  Stay tuned for developments.  UPDATE: Fined and suspended.
  178. 12-MAY-2014: David Lowe fired from BBC Radio after playing a song from 1932.
  179. 13-MAY-2014: YEAR OF THE SPIKED SPEAKER.  Now comes Robert J. Birgeneau and Christine Lagarde.  “between 1987 and 2008, there were … 21 incidents of an invited guest not speaking. Since 2009 there … 39 cancellations…”  Rate of increase? 550%
  180. 14-MAY-2014: Lennart Bengtsson hounded out of his membership in the GWPF.
  181. 22-MAY-2014: Mark Cuban under fire for the following ‘comments about race’, “If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face – white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere – I’m walking back to the other side of the street.”
  182. 27-MAY-2014: Ru Paul gets in hot water for defending use of the word ‘Tranny’.
  183. 28-MAY-2014: Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, has to apologize for some offensive youthful indiscretion, er, completely standard fraternity communication.  Then again, you can never tell what atrocities frat-culture will be held accountable fornext week.
  184. 04-JUN-2014: And Dan Savage gets in the same hot water for using the ‘transphobic slur’.
  185. 09-JUL-2014: Anthony Cumia fired by Sirius XM for some tweets.
  186. 11-JUL-2014:  Ashutosh Jogalekar fired from Scientific American for failing to be sufficiently critical of Richard Feynman, and perhaps in addition to his heresies within his review of Nicholas Wade’s book. (HT: Sailer)  He responds here.
  187. 12-JUL-2014: Now that she’s going to be on The View, Rosie O’Donnell is still taking heat for a legal shark fishing expedition she went on two years ago.  Don Surber ‘defends’ the act here.
  188. 24-JUL-2014: Minnesota Vikings special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer suspended for ‘homophobic’ remarks.
  189. 06-AUG-214: Steven G. Salaita had his academic job offer rescinded by the University of Illinois for tweeting some very uncivil things about Israel during the latest outbreak of hostilities.  NB:  I have received a few emails, thankfully civil in tone, but which have accused me of bias and favoritism in the composition of this list.  I plead innocent, and assert that [the] reality [of ideological pressure] has a liberal bias, and that instead of a one-sided list, I have tried to be fair, and that the severe asymmetry and disproportion in representation (and in the very selectivecases of a broad class of similar injustices for which liberals collectively demand redress) is a social phenomenon and not an artifact of my construction.  As corroboration for my claim, I move for the admission into evidence of this particular item, of an individual’s purging for which I would be sympathetic were it not for my much stronger commitment to the higher principle of freedom of expression and robust, disciplined tolerance for diverse viewpoints.  That being said, I have to say, given the pattern of these incidents, I predict Mr. Salaita will land firmly on his feet.  Stay tuned.
  190. 18-AUG-2014: Gavin McInnes purged from Rooster (a company he co-founded along with VICE) (HT: The Advocate, and thanks guys for all the traffic to this list – actually, that should be thanks for Justine Tunney), for a “Transphobic Essay“, that you can’t even read yourself because ThoughtCatalog says it’s “been reported [by folks like the ones at Salon] as hateful or abusive content.”
  191. 07-SEP-2014: Bruce Levenson purged from owning the Atlanta Hawks (or is that ‘Sterlinged‘ (see Brendan’s comment), or ‘Derbyshired‘) for a single email expressing some hatefacts about sport event spectator demographic attendance dynamics.
  192. 24-SEP-2014: Bill Frezza purged from Forbes for writing forbidden thoughts about drunk girls.
  193. 26-SEP-2014: Political activist Tressy Capps fired for videotaping her interactions with a family with a Mexican-flag in their yard in Ontario, California.
  194. 29-SEP-2014: Police Officer Jason Lentz fired for posting that Darren Wilson ‘did society a favor’ by killing Michael Brown.
  195. 09-OCT-2014: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (sounds like ‘Sat In Nutella’)blasted on Social Media for advising women against asking for raises, and, of course, he almost immediately reverses himself when informed of his transgression.
  196. 17-OCT-2014: Professor of Poetry Barry Spurr suspended and banned from campus for some offensive language and views.
  197. 22-OCT-2014: Detective Frank Lyga fired from LAPD by Police Chief Charlie Beck for various minor offenses, such as calling someone an ‘ewok’.  But he was the wrong kind of someone.
  198. 27-OCT-2014: Bill Maher targeted for commencement speech cancellation by delicate-snowflake Berkeley students.
  199. 29-OCT-2014: Michael Che denounced for insufficient deference to street-catcall moral panic. (HT: Sailer)
  200. 19-NOV-2014: Julien Blanc banned from Britain for … well, being a typical PUA I guess. (HT: Derb)
  201. 19-NOV-2014: ‘Abortion culture’ debate shut down by Oxford students.  Tim Stanley, pro, and Brendan O’Neill, anti, were both upset, but tough luck for everyone except the hecklers who are allowed to keep their veto.
  202. 01-DEC-2014: Elizabeth Lauten, Republican congressional aide, purged after criticizing first daughters.  Time to learn who is off limits, Elizabeth.
  203. 03-DEC-2014: That’s Just Great Tumblr-sphere: ‘Racists’ Getting Fired (And Getting ‘Racists’ Fired).  If you want a vision of the future, imagine a lynch mob of 300 million Pavlik Morozovs, pointing fingers at and outing each other, to each other, forever.  Except even little Pavlik made an accurate report, unlike these guys.
  204. 04-DEC-2014: Sgt. Bret Barnum, the Portland ‘Ferguson Hug Cop’ gets in some hot water for liking a Facebook post.  The article headline is, “Internet Turns on Once Beloved ‘Ferguson Hug’ Cop,” but the URL says, “once-beloved-ferguson-hug-cop-now-hated-racist”.  Whoa.  (HT: Sailer)
  205. 07-DEC-2014: Robert Jennings purged from his position as president of Philadelphia’s Lincoln University, for giving feminism-unapproved advice to female students.  (HT: Candide)
  206. 09-DEC-2014: Prof. Walter Lewin, celebrated physics teacher, stripped of his emeritus status and barred from campus, and all of his physics lectures removed from OpenCourseWare, because an internal investigation found that he had been sexually harassing students online.  He probably did some messed up stuff, who knows.  But to completely remove his unrelated and excellent content online?  That’s crazy and hurts lots of innocent people.  And it is that purifying impulse which is … disturbing.  Related thoughts from Scott Aaronson.
  207. 13-DEC-2014: Plebcomics purged from her job for pissing off the Social Media Warriors over at Tubmlr about feminism or rape culture or something … it’s hard to tell.
  208. 17-DEC-2014: Marquette professor John McAdams suspended for asserting that open and frank discussion of diverse points of view on controversial topics should occur in the academy.  Crazy.  This will teach him quite the lesson. (UPDATE: 05-FEB-2015, Enough to Move to Revoke Tenure for the upcoming purging, apparently).
  209. 18-DEC-2014: Charlotte, NC fire investigator Crystal Eschert fired for Facebook post.
  210. 18-DEC-2014: Troll Hunters looking for … you? (HT: Sailer)
  211. 18-DEC-2014, Sony, Paramount, and all major US film distributers cave to NK on The Interview and Team America.  Just part of a trend of cowardice which includes PC, as Douthat points out.
  212. 19-DEC-2014: Geert Wilders on trial again for ‘inciting racial hatred’, i.e., talking about immigration.
  213. 20-DEC-2014: Eric Zemmour, author of recently-released Le Suicide français, (which like Deutschland schafft sich ab, is one of the best selling books in a foreign country in a decade, and so must never be translated into English, somebackground from Christopher Caldwell here), purged from his television programon i-Télé for expressing his honest sentiments.
  214. 20-DEC-2014: Daniel Mael finds that a ‘student representative’ at Brandeis has no sympathy for murdered cops and publishes her words.  Drama to ‘hold him accountable’ ensues.  Thoughts from Alan Dershowitz (who seems to be starting to wonder which side he’s really on) and John McAdams (see above)
  215. 22-DEC-2014: Vaclav Klaus – ‘a champion of liberty’ – purged from the Cato Institute for going off-sides on matters of foreign policy.  Cowen says he’s bad and should feel bad.  Related thoughts from Luboš Motl.
  216. 30-DEC-2014: The Social Media Warriors Feminists pile on Scott Aaronson foronly being 97% down with the program.  (It’s all or nothing Scott, who notices nothing but the absolute minimum amount of rottenness in Denmark, even as Denmark pounces on him and does its very best to reveal to him what it really is and shove the rest of the stench up his nostrils!) Now, it’s hard to be sympathetic with a guy who does everything he can to fail to update his priors, remain clueless, and instead try to throw other people under the bus and normalize expression of delegitimating sentiment when he says, “Though I don’t consider it legally practicable, as a moral matter I’d be fine if every such [crimethinking] man were thrown in prison for life,” but the incident is still worthy of contemplation.  Here’s the intellectually-revolting Amanda Marcotte and Laurie Penny.  Here are some better thoughts from Scott Alexander and Lubos Motl.
  217. 31-DEC-2014: 19 year old arrested in UK for burning Koran.
  218. 01-JAN-2015: Katie Hopkins investigated for Ebola tweet. “… around 20,000 people in Britain have been investigated in the past three years for comments made online, with around 20 people a day being looked into by the forces of the law …”  Yikes.
  219. 05-JAN-2015: Scotland, No Country For Free Speech, “Please be aware that we will continue to monitor comments on social media & any offensive comments will be investigated.”  Translation, “Watch your mouth, comrade.”
  220. 13-JAN-2015: Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran purged for writing Christian-themed book critical of homosexual practices.  (HT: Dreher)
  221. 15-JAN-2015: Whoa, only 18 years after her once ‘transgressive’ play opened in New York, Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues gets the boot from Mt Holyokefor being offensively and insufficiently inclusive of “people-of-femaleness-self-identification-and-aspiration” but who happen to not presently have, actual, you know, vaginas.  The ratchet moves swiftly my friends; the mills grind fine, but fast now too.
  222. 17-JAN-2015: 34-year CNN Anchor Jim Clancy purged (and memory-holed), not for trying to spin the ‘real meaning’ of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in an implausibly nutty way, but for accusing the folks that pushed back of working for Israeli public relations.  Wrong target Jim.  (HT: Sailer)
  223. 17-JAN-2015: British Magistrate Ricard Page ‘sent to equality training’ for stating that children are best off with a mother and father.
  224. 19-JAN-2015: Billy Crystal SMJW-shamed for the bigotry of saying that he hopes gay sex scenes aren’t ‘shoved in his face’.
  225. 20-JAN-2015: Annie Lennox covers ‘Strange Fruit‘, the internet covers her in shaming, because, while she’s got the right kind of voice, well, she’s not the right kind of person.
  226. 22-JAN-2015: French court sentences three to fines for nasty ‘homophobic’ tweets.  Not that it’s nice to say that gays should die or be burned; duh, it’s not.  But take a look around twitter, even à la française, and you’ll see plenty of that kind of thing.  But some people get rounded up and tried, while others need not worry.  Who, Whom?
  227. 26-JAN-2015: Benedict Cumberbatch humiliated for using the word ‘coloured’, instead of ‘people of color’, because …
  228. 27-JAN-2015: Jonathan Chait pens his “Not A Very PC Thing To Say,” which, apparently, itself was not very PC, judging by progressive responses.  Some moron named Amanda Taub at Vox does the typical, predictable – and by now quite boring and tiresome – Vox thing by claiming that PC doesn’t exist.  ha. Douthat comments (HT: Sailer).  And don’t miss Dreher, “Still, I will have a talk with my teenage son today to tell him not to defend anything that might be remotely controversial online, unless he does it under a false name, and leaves no identifying details. Six to eight years from now, when he will be applying for a job or to graduate school, someone, somewhere, will Google him. If he has ever said anything that violates the progressive code, he may be sunk.”
  229. 30-JAN-2015: Jill Soloway browbeaten for putting up imitation image containing the word, ‘Transdashian’, imitating the imagery from her own transgender show,Transparent.  Trans is so hot right now, but you can never be too holy not to be criticized as a heretic.
  230. 06-FEB-2015: Jonathan Turley publishes his own list on his blog.
  231. 09-FEB-2015: Wiltshire Police demand the names of the buyers of  the post-massacre commemorative edition of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.
  232. 10-FEB-2015: Ethan Chazor, Jeb Bush’s 2016 Election Chief Technology Officer, ousted for prohibited insensitive remarks, for instance, expressing a negative judgment regarding the fact that, “… the majority of newborn black babies belong to single-parent households.”
  233. 17-FEB-2015: Tim Cook’s Apple terminates its relationship with lobbyist and former Republican state congressman for Montgomery, Alabama Jay Love for retroactive political incorrectness.
  234. 20-FEB-2015: Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has has image purged from a window by a student campaign at King’s College London for retroactive political incorrectness.
  235. 25-FEB-2015: Vivek Wadhwa swears off speaking for gender diversity in tech(after an attempt to be a self-appointed spokesman and advocate for the cause) when the female advocates decide that they don’t want his kind of competition.
  236. 26-FEB-2015: Salt Lake City, police officer Eric Moutsos lost his job because he declined to march in a gay pride parade.
  237. 05-MAR-2015: New York Baseball Player Daniel Murphy silenced by Mets organization with regard to expressing his honest sentiments relating to his religious views … ok, not really.  He can talk about Jesus all he wants, so long as he doesn’t mention homosexuality.
  238. 03-JUN-2015: Curtis Yarvin’s Urbit presentation booted from StrangeLoop tech conference.  The man has my gratitude and respect, but his fate to live out of any spotlight is sealed.  The Heckler’s Veto is the order of the day, and there are so, so many volunteer hecklers these days.  “In this case it is clear to me that your opinions in areas outside your talk are concerning enough for a significantly large number of attendees that those reactions are overshadowing the talk and acting as a distraction for launching the conference as a whole.  Because of this, I am sorry that I must rescind your invitation and I will not be able to accept or include your talk at the conference.”  No Enemies To The Left; No Platform For The Right.  Banned with BS Boilerplate.  That’s how it ends for the purged, these days.  No sticks for you, but no carrots either.  And you can’t do much of anything if you’re not holding an official carrot, these days, so it probably feels like a lot like a stick.   We will all now have to be much more careful and less free than he was.
  239. 30-MAR-2016: Wendy Bell, a local news anchor, is fired for posting a mental sketch on Facebook about the identity of those who murdered five people. Compassion expressed in the post doesn’t matter.
  240. 20-APR-2016: Curt Schilling, baseball analyst for ESPN, was fired for sharing a post about the North Carolina bathroom law. They even edited out his commentary from a documentary first released in 2010.
  241. 15-AUG-2016: An employee of the Social Security Administration was suspended without pay for two days for refusing to watch an LGBT video. Further disciplinary action is expected.