The Compendium

The NRx Compendium Of Concepts And Terms

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AAA (agree, amplify, accelerate)

Extension of the Game/PUA meme “agree and amplify,” AAA is a convenient acronym/sigil, denoting the strategy of accelerating societal decline instead of attempting to forestall it. The theory states there is no way to stop the leftward drive of society, as our numbers are too few and fighting leftists spirals requires real power. Instead, by actively pushing leftism even faster and farther than leftists had planned, collapse is significantly hastened. By using AAA, leftist observers will only see the holiness spiral passing them by, forcing them to go more left as well. Eventually, the whole enterprise collapses, and the pieces get picked up by the technological elite (best case scenario), the surviving Church, or wolves.

The term accelerationism has roots in Marxism. Some Marxists believe that pushing capitalism to its limits will reveal the internal contradictions of capital and that this revelatory stage is a necessary pre-condition before full Communism is achieved.

Criticism of AAA includes the morality of the leftward-pushing acts, and the risk of utter obliteration.

It might or might not be strategically useful.

America Is A Communist Country (AIACC)

Communism/Progressivism/Universalism is the most recent form of western official religion. It is to Protestantism what Protestantism was to Catholicism. Communism is a thoroughly American tradition, and America is thoroughly Communist in its official religion. This hypothesis is disputed.

Reference: Technology, communism and the Brown Scare


Combination of lack of protection by the law, and harsh laws preventing self-defence for one group, while giving license to another. For example, the police might refuse (or be barred by their superiors) to crack down on black dysfunction (because that would be structural racism), while simultaneously cracking down on white or Asian business owners banding together to defend their stores and property from black looters.

“Are You Also a Soviet Spy”

Refers to the difficult process of finding other reactionaries when everyone is very quiet about it. Basically, the protocol is to ask plausibly deniable questions that other reactionaries would answer in an escalating way until you’re both sure that you’re both reactionaries without having to ever put your necks out. This is not cryptographically secure, but the stakes aren’t all that high either.


From Ibn Khaldun, medieval Muslim scholar; an Arabic term that can be translated variously as “social cohesion,” “group feeling,” or “tribalism.” Asabiyyah refers to the ability of members of a thede to cooperate for a common purpose, generally but not always conflict with other thedes, rather than to engage in internal conflict. Khaldun believed that the nomadic tribes of North Africa had very strong asabiyyah, which allowed them to conquer wealthy cities, where asabiyyah tended to wane. After four generations, Khaldun claimed, the asabiyyah of the old conquerors would decay to the point that they could no longer resist the nomads, who would then establish a new dynasty.

Caste system of the United States

Originally proposed by Moldbug, and extended by others. Intended to map out the actual caste/thede/ethnic coalitions with more realism than either White Nationalist or Marxist accounts. The caste system is occasionally referred to to describe American political dynamics or point out a specific group of people, but isn’t really a core concept. NRx is mostly Frontine and Dark Brahmin.


People who want to be opinion makers (whether they are or not), trend setters, policy writers and world changers. The preaching caste convinced of its own holiness. Anyone working in an NGO, the UN, or a talking head. Degree-takers in grievance studies. Brahmin status is awarded for signaling care towards perceived-as-oppressed groups. (Research into the accuracy of this perception is discouraged. Actual care is heavily discouraged because it would remove the client class whom the Brahmins love to patronize.)


Wealthy non-activists, particularly “old money.” Distinguished families. The former ruling class of the United States and still perceived to be as such by the current ruling Brahmins. Optimate status is awarded for a combination of attributes (breeding, manners, good character) and activities (diligence, persistence, success). Mostly white by essence, attacked by Brahmins for not having more blacks.


Similar to Frontinus, who reported on the state of Roman aqueducts, repaired and renovated them, and wrote a treatise on the subject. People who can both do and explain how to do. Related to libertarians, “new money” and SSC/Pax’s “grey tribe.” Tend to like dispassionate inquiry leading to useful science leading to productive engineering, but not politics. Status among Frontines is given for technological knowledge, maintenance, and innovation. Overwhelmingly white and Asian.


Traditional Americans. They work in productive jobs, have families, drive trucks and minivans, and vote Republican. Mostly white by numbers. Status is awarded for hard work and patriotism. In the early 20th century, there was a burgeoning black Vaisya community, but the best were absorbed into the Brahmins and most of the rest sank to Dalit (urban) or Helot (rural).


Rural underclass. White trash, rednecks, juggalos. Almost totally white by intent. Status is conferred by base martial acumen and ability to procure cheap intoxicants.


Urban underclass, made up of vicious thugs, unwed mothers, and the unemployable. Mostly black and Hispanic by nature. Dalit status is conferred by bling and bitches. Section 8 housing and foreign Dalits (“refugees”) are currently being used by Brahmins to “diversify” Vaisya communities.


Low-class peasants, particularly imported ones. Tends to fission off Vaisyas and Dalits. Those working class one might describe as “salt of the earth” on a good day. Their children and relatives often become dalits. Status garnered in a similar fashion to Vaisyas.


Roughly the North-European-heritage non-populist old left (Scandinavians, Germans). Also includes culturally Catholic “white ethnics” like Italians, Poles, and Irishmen. Too much ethnic sympathy to be good liberals, too much liberal sympathy to be Vaisya. Often fades into the societal background. Power has waned as 3rd-4th generations either converge with Vaisyas or are subsumed into the Brahmins.


The emergent conspiracy of government bureaucrats, NGOs, media, and academia to take and hold informal (cf. Formalism) power in Western democracies. Coined by Mencius Moldbug to refer to the fact that it is the ideological structure that sits in the throne and speaks “ex cathedra” (from the throne). There is no head of the Cathedral; it is simply the people in the positions of societal power and prestige sharing the same, incorrect basic assumptions and incentives, which lead them to act in a way which appears conspiratorial towards traditional Western culture. The Cathedral is a sovereign structure, in that it doesn’t report to any particular body. Several cracks are starting to show however, as Russia is beginning to attack the tendrils by banning NGOs. Additionally, China doesn’t quite seem to fall for it and maintains a high-level of realpolitik in its foreign policy.

Circle of Equity

Political theory from Norman Itzowitz’s book Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition whereby the caste system appears to operate smoothly but is highly unstable as a whole. This was rediscovered by Anton Silensky The Circle of Equity and made “memetic” by Karl F. Boetel. The power of this model is to explain anarcho-tyranny’s cycle which can be used to either predict failure of weak links that can be attacked by “AAA”.


This is everyone who isn’t particularly aware or involved in Internet drama. They just want to do their jobs and participate in their communities free of raids, tyrannical censorship, and other drama. EX: GamerGaters who used to be just regular gamers.

Civilization Factor (CivF, CF)

Civilization Factor (CivF) is the inborn propensity of an individual or group towards developing and maintaining civilization. CivF is what we call the overlap between IQ, executive function, reasoning abilities, low time preference, delayed gratification and willpower, creativity, large-scale cooperative/social capability, human aesthetic sense, and so on. We introduced it to be able to talk about which populations are superior for the purposes of civilization in a way that is more nuanced than IQ fetishism. Some of the more metaphysically inclined think it is analogous to what the great traditions variously called God, Truth, Beauty, Reason, Order, etc., and venerated as the highest value. Ideal NRxers, i.e. ideal reactionaries/rightists, are dogmatic and forceful CivF-supremacists. CivF appears to be highest among Europeans and East Asians. Less high among Middle Easterners, Indians, Southeast Asians and Amerindians, and lowest among Negroids and Australoids. CivF fixes some of the contradictions of white supremacism by formally divorcing “superiority” from IQ as such, though IQ still plays a large role.

Conquest’s Second Law

All institutions not explicitly reactionary end up leftist. This is a surprising fact that needs explanation. Has not been fully explained yet. Some speculation about whether explicitly reactionary institutions are even immune. For example, though Ford published screeds against the Jews, the contemporary Ford Foundation is thoroughly leftist.


Coined by Henry Dampier, the term captures the same idea as delusional “otherkin.” In other words, they self-identify as conservatives, wear the trappings of conservatives, and participate in a “conservative” culture, but they are completely pwned/pozzed by the left. They respond to accusations of racism or sexism with horror, for example, and will be quick to point out that liberals are the “real” racists. This is part of our memetic warfare arsenal against GOP conservatives, who just congratulate themselves for wanting the collapse to come on slower, and don’t contribute much else.

Reference: What Makes Someone #Conservakin.


The tendency to evolve into a crab-like form. In general terms, the tendencies for selection pressure to produce similar forms repeatedly and from separate starting points. Crabs seem to a) reevolve from separate decapod lines, suggesting the existence of an attractor in formspace, and b) stay stably crab-like for hundreds of millions of years, suggesting selection stability of the niche. Thus, in general we have taken to calling “crabs” those complex forms that are favored by Gnon and thus show up more often and more stably than their complexity would suggest. Patriarchy for example, seems to be a crab.


“Cthulhu always swims left” refers to the leftwards tendency of the Overton Window. Sometimes used to refer to the memetic forces causing mass group insanity (i.e. leftism).

Deep State

Hidden, controlling apparatus of state that works behind the scenes to control a democracy or other ‘shallow state’. Unclear how coordinated and unified the American deep state is, but it obviously exists.


Rule in the name of the People. Any system of government in which the regime defines itself as representing or embodying the popular or general will can be described as “demotist.” Demotism includes all systems of government which trace their heritage to the French or American Revolutions, including recently existent Communism.

Since, in practice, the people never actually rule, being incapable of it, the actual government is always an unprincipled exception, therefore always vulnerable to attack by the holier-than-thou who guarantee that if they get power, then the people will really rule.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

Reactionaries see the Reign of Terror and Stalin’s Purges as classic consequences of Demotism. Though monarchies have historically persecuted religious and ethnic minorities within their borders, none have shed blood on the scale of the French or Russian Revolutions and their subsequent purges. Quoting Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: “The renaissance of democracy marked the beginning of the Age of the ‘G’—guillotines, genocide, gaols, gallows, gaschambers and Gulags.”

(The) Dire Problem

Quoting from Moldbug’s post ‘The Dire Problem and the Virtual Option‘ – “Stated most boldly, the Dire Problem is that there is a line of productive competence beneath which a human being is a liability, not an asset, to the society including him. This calculation is made in terms of the marginal human – does California gain or lose by adding one person just like this person? For millions, the answer is surely the latter. Worse, with the steady advance of technology, this line rises. That is: the demand for low-skilled human labor shrinks. Abstract economics provides no guarantee whatsoever that the marginal able-bodied man with an IQ of 80 can feed himself by his own labors. If you doubt this line, simply lower it until you doubt it no more. At least logically, there is a biological continuum between humans and chimpanzees, and the latter are surely liabilities.”


In science, the entropy of some resource (mass, energy, etc) is its information theoretic complexity with respect to the observer’s state of knowledge, measured in bits or kJ/(kg*K). High entropy in a reversible physics makes it hard to do anything, because you can’t predict where anything will end up and can’t build stuff reliably. Also, in a reversible physics, almost all processes increase apparent entropy, and none decrease it except in local areas, so the overall entropy of the universe is always increasing with time. In constructed machines, entropy can come in the form of slight scrambling of the parts of the machine (ie rust, dents, wear, cracks) which can violate the machine’s foundational assumptions (i.e. “this surface is smooth”), which causes more damage and entropy and can ultimately wreck the machine. Thus machines need constant maintenance by an entropy dissipating process like a human mechanic to pump entropy out of the system and keep it working. Likewise, our political machines can accumulate small flaws which violate assumptions and can thus undergo the same process of accelerating decay unless there is an entropy dissipating process reliably pumping out entropy and restoring order. There have been attempts to identify the political left in its essential elemental form with the process of accelerating entropy-driven breakdown of political structures.

Entropy dissipator

A hypothetical machine or process that can push entropy out of some local region so that that region can be used for arbitrary purposes without worrying about unpredictability. This is especially interesting for civilization-level entropy dissipators, which are processes that can remove entropy from a political or economic or cultural system. Sane human minds and well constructed epistemic institutions (science, capitalism) are examples, but no known examples are perfectly reliable, except the entropy dissipation process inherent in competition for access to low-entropy resources, and that one is a semi-controllable force of nature at best, not an arbitrarily applicable engineering design.


The organized activity of joining and infiltrating organizations or communities for the purpose of gradually turning them towards some outside goal structure that is not what the founders originally intended. Most common with the left; the right and most other groups are naive about this method. In leftist form, entryism often takes the form of encouraging leftwards dialogue and outreach while insisting that the organization must denounce right-wing extremists. (Cf. the progressive principle “no enemies to the left, no friends to the right,” and how often the progressives denounced Nelson Mandela vs. how often the conservatives denounced Anders Breivik.) Can be controlled in large part with a loyalty oath and a refusal to denounce anyone to the right.

This is an area of active research, and maybe nothing less than a solid understanding of full on occult sociodynamics in the leadership can truly stave it off. On the other hand, that understanding is likely to be weaponizable.

Error Push

Error Push denotes a position that is incorrectly adopted, often without agency and unthinkingly, for the purposes of signaling against an unfriendly thede and indicating you are not part of that thede. The process is essentially dynamic tribal-political equilibrium. The tribal mind takes over and adjusts a person’s ideology. This becomes hazardous when an unfriendly thede adopts a sane position, thereby Error Pushing many people into signaling the exact opposite position, even if that exact opposite position is incorrect. For example, after the terror attack in Orlando, many reactionary-lites reacted oddly by signaling hard in favor of homosexuality, free speech, tolerance, and other tenets of liberalism. The correctly identified enemy (Islam) is signaling something correct (the badness of homosexuality), which prompts many to signal in favor of liberalism reflexively to separate themselves from the enemy. White nationalists often engage in this behavior with regards to Palestine and so end up expressing major sympathy and support for a group little deserving of such. But this position, again, is reflexively (and mistakenly) adopted to separate themselves from the Israeli side. Usually, the way out of this dilemma is just to say, “A pox on both your houses.” As another example, many reactionary-lites also did this in response to pro-remain Brexit articles and as a result temporarily signaled anti-elite and pro-demotist. This came about, too, in the early 1930s with the concept of Deutsche Physik, that is, physicists rejected Einstein’s physics because he was Jewish, even though it was correct. Error Push has a lot of explanatory and predictive power.

Exit and Voice

The idea is that there are two ways to solve disagreements: argue about them (Voice), or part ways (Exit). Exit tends to favor quiet judgment and important values that can’t be verbalized in the current social environment, and Voice tends to favor rhetoric, holiness, and skill at political coalition building. Some level of Voice is necessary in social groups, but Voice alone is terrible at serving the group overall. Exit is contact with reality and prevention of parasitism. Exit alone, however, is disintegrative.

Exosemantic gang sign

Coined by nydwracu, “It is commonly known that words carry meaning on two levels: denotation, or strict, dictionary-level meaning, and connotation, or emotional association; but there is a third, exosemantic level. The word “eldritch”, for example, denotes otherworldliness and connotes a feeling of cosmic horror toward its referent; but it also exosemantically implies that its user has read Lovecraft.”

An exosemantic gang sign is a word that serves to subtly display one’s thede to other members who may be watching, like dog-whistle politics. Important because, in the case of argumentation, the gang sign can be countered by neither dialectic nor rhetoric. In fact, it may be difficult to prove that a word is a gang sign at all. For instance, Progs claim that “state’s rights” is a dog-whistle for “kill all the NAMs,” but, even if that were true, there’s no way to prove it, and arguing it seriously makes you come off as a loon. Exosemantics are both quasi-subliminal and extremely deniable.

Reference: An introduction to Group Dynamics

(The) Feminine Imperative

A type of “No Lose” situation that women of the West have largely achieved for themselves over the last two centuries of sexual politics: Women are to be treated, according to the law and cultural norms, as fully emancipated moral equals to men; yet, when they do bad things or make bad decisions, they are not held fully culpable for these outcomes. Instead, bad outcomes are blamed principally on society or, more often, men. Thus, to a large extent, women get all the privileges of freedom, but few of the responsibilities. A classically liberal approach would be to remove the pass and hold women responsible, but this ignores the real damage, to themselves, to their families, to society at large, that their bad decisions cause. The right approach is to deny the first premise, and under ordinary circumstances deny women emancipation, at least until they have passed their reproductive years.

Reference: The Feminine Imperative.

Folk Politics/Activism

Related to Conservakin. Like “Folk Psychology” and “Cargo-Cult-X”. People doing politics according to popular magical-thinking understanding instead of deep political theory. Obviously this doesn’t work. The mainstream right fails because this is what it does most of the time. If your idea of inducing change is holding a rally you are doing Folk Activism. Originally coined by Patri Friedman.

NRx is interested in avoiding this by acting on deep theory, rather than received leftist activist technology

References: Beyond Folk Activism, Right Wing terrorism as folk activism, The indisputable humanity of Anders Behring Breivik.


The ideological claim that the official story ought to be made congruent with the unofficial power dynamics, even formalized as shares in a corporation. So the media, the academics, and the welfare bums would all get their current claims on government mapped out and formalized as transferable shares, and the state itself would be recognized as a publicly traded corporation. An interesting thought experiment and way of analyzing power relationships. Not necessarily a serious proposal. (See also: Rectification of Names.)


“Gnon” is a modified acronym of “Nature or Nature’s God”. It refers to the personification of Divine Law, or Natural Law, depending on your metaphysical perspective. So we say things like “Gnon favors <behavior X>,” which is a short and cognitively ergonomic way to say “systems with <behavior X> tend to survive and become dominant, and systems without <behavior X> tend to wipe themselves out.” Gnon is used as a divine authority that both atheists and theists can agree on to discuss something like objective morality.

It is related to Omhundro’s and Bostrom’s notion of convergent instrumental values, evolution, game theory, natural law, Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings,” capitalism, war, thermodynamics, etc.

“Gnon” was coined by Nick Land. “Nature or Nature’s God” was originally evoked by Nick B. Steves as an answer to a question formed by Surviving Babel. Gnon is *not* directly God. We do not worship Gnon. Gnon is the atheistic anthropomorphization of Divine Law. So in metaphysics, Gnon is the imprint of God on morality and law, rather than God Himself.

HLvM: High + Low vs. Middle

Also known as High Low Middle; or BHD vs. VO (Brahmin + Helot + Dalit vs. Vaisya + Optimate). A disingenuous system of authority, wherein the high castes aggrandize or protect their power by weaponizing low castes against legitimate authority structures (e.g., over property) of the middle. It leads to an inherently unstable social structure and promotes permanent (often bloody) revolution. In the basic structure of most liberal democracies, we see the ruling caste (High/Brahmins) use giveaways of cash, trinkets, trappings of status, and occasional sinecures to buy votes (or loyalty or intimidation) from the lowest and most dysfunctional castes to suppress their most capable or threatening competitors: the middle (Vaisya) caste, which is almost entirely working class or self-employed whites. De Toqueville noted: “In France the kings have always been the most active and the most constant of levelers”. French Kings used the (then) lower classes a blunt weapon to suppress the aristocrats, after which the lower classes finally turned on the Kings. Related concept: Anarcho-Tyranny.

Holiness Spiral

In any organization in which status is conveyed based on correct belief (religious belief, worship of an autocrat, leftist orgs), eventually an arms race of “belief displays” will commence. Each member, in an attempt to stand out amongst the crowd, will demonstrate that they are “holier” than everyone else with some sort of extreme behavior, often at personal cost. Examples include self-debasement of White SJWs, the path from Calvinism to contemporary Western atheism, and Stalin’s 30-minute-long standing ovations. In the case of Stalin, the individual to first stop the ovation would be at risk for serious party punishment, while everyone else can then sit, surviving another day. Thus, holiness spirals can be spurred by both carrot and stick.


From Nick Land, the reactionary’s answer to terrorism. Terrorism can never work towards right wing ends. All forms of activism, including folk activism, are pwned by their very nature. “Demotist activism finds its rigorous neoreactionary ‘counterpart’ in fatalism—trichotomized as providence, heredity, and catallaxy.” In other words, our strength lies in our understanding of Gnon’s laws, our realization that Prog methods will always and everywhere lead to ruin. Fatalism requires no positive action. If the Cathedral is wrong then indeed their own ideas and actions will destroy themselves. “The horrorist message (to its enemies): Nothing that you are doing can possibly work.” We need not lift a finger, reality will do its work “Cathedral. Despair!”. A populace cannot be terrified into reaction, but the ruling class can be horrified. You could argue that this is applied schadenfreude.

Reference: Horrorism.


The fear of something causing it to become real. The term is a play off of ‘superstition’, a term referring to excessive fearfulness in religion, or belief / fear of fatuous / non-existent things. It is the idea of suggesting terrifying ideas that are beneficial to you, and if your enemies lack discipline, they make them real in their effort to fearfully banish them. Hyperstition was originally applied to apocalyptic/collapse ideas that once suggested, would engender a positive feedback loop causing either their end or something equivalent. This makes hyperstitions a particular class of memes. They are often suggested in occult / technically obscure ways, as to connect to existing superstitions. It is thought by some proper hyperstitions accelerate in their effect, causing an effect similar to a singularity. Thus, hyperstitions are mostly a risk or a potential in places where ideas have both a fast feedback and little connection to wider reality. In a very real sense, hyperstitions are social superstitions.

Reference: Delphi Carstens Hyperstition.

IQ Pump

Eucivic arrangement which serves to increase the IQ of a regional population on a continuing basis through the outflow of excess high IQ people from a city to a region.

IQ Shredder

Cities draw in high IQ people, make them barren. Education draws in high IQ people, makes them barren. These are dysgenic on intelligence. Singapore, in particular, is described as being a solid model, but it likely is, in fact, an IQ shredder. This is a possible failure mode of civilization.

Iron Law of Rebellion

Successful rebellion is always, without exception, a mere tool of someone already in a position of power.

Reference: The Iron Law of Rebellious Tools.

Jim’s Law of Poster Children

The better a media or historical account confirms a Cathedral-approved oppression narrative, the more likely it is for the account to be fictional. If the “poster children”—the very best that Cathedral media can put out there—are false, then the narrative as a whole is proven false, or at least very greatly exaggerated (E.g., “Racist white cops assault/shoot innocent black men.”. This is often seen in concert with Cathedral editors downplaying or ignoring—often far more common—accounts (e.g., “Violent black man assaults/shoots black person”, “Violent black man assaults/shoots white person”) that disconfirm the approved narrative. Examples abound: See Ada Lovelace. Also: Rolling Stone’s fake rape story, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Godfrey Elfwick’s troll on The Guardian. Jim consciously identifies the “law” here.

Left Singularity

People are coerced to left-wing views, including the view that more coercion to more left-wing views is necessary. The leftmost faction almost always wins every power struggle, so people adopt a policy of no enemies to the left, no friends to the right, which guarantees the leftmost faction will win every power struggle. Thus, the quite left-wing Tsar loses to Kerensky, and Kerensky loses to Lenin, thus causing ever leftwards movement, ever faster, until Stalin or Cromwell cracks down on those to his left, making it as dangerous to be too far left, as it was to be insufficiently left. Basically this is the extremely dangerous result of too many people accepting the “no friends to the right” doctrine. It regularly destroys communities, and has caused some very interesting and destructive historical episodes.

Leftward Ratchet

The notion that each move leftward that society takes is irreversible, and that the only options are to turn the crank again or blow the damn thing up. This is because leftism increases local entropy by destabilizing society bonds. For instance, the acceptance of public homosexuality was a turn of the ratchet because it immediately created a situation from which there was no returning (once “gay is okay,” the support for a reversal evaporates). No, the only way is forward, to another turn of the ratchet (same-sex marriage).


Legal centralism. Law is what the state says it is, and if people are not complying, increase the penalties. Confucianism instead suggests that law must grow from social reality, and be harmonious with it – that the emperor is emperor because the patriarch is patriarch, not the other way around, that one has to grow traditions, rather than decree laws, that the ruler has to go with the flow. Perhaps if Lee had been more Confucian, Singapore would be better placed to remain Singapore.


Tightly bonded male coalitions with hierarchy and shared standards that form the essential tissue of a healthy, capable society. A single man may be strong, but no man is as strong as a Männerbund acting in concert. Bunds may be organized around any number of classic purposes such as taking, holding, and defending territory, acquiring and provisioning scarce resources, and enforcing cooperation in the care of wives and children. The essential ingredients are trust and strength, interpreted broadly. Neoreaction sees the Männerbund as a more fundamental foundation stone for civilization than even the family. Families are fundamental to tribes and clans. But to attain civilization, the Männerbund sets up and enforces the basic customs of how non-blood relatives interact.

Memetic Cancers

Leftism is to memes as cancer is to genes. A virulent structure that feeds off and destroys order created by others. Fundamentally parasitic rather than symbiotic (or neutral). A memeplex that propagates primarily by horizontal transmissions like entryism, child-stealing, etc instead of building and fertility (vertical transmission) is a dangerous thing to have around for the health of the whole society, and should be suppressed by the inquisition of the state church (a symbiotic form of horizontal transmission).

Memetic Sovereignty

Approximately the same thing as Russia’s “Spiritual Security.” Suppose you are a King, and your state religion is Roman Catholicism. Unfortunately the Pope is in the pocket of the Holy Roman Emperor, and the Holy Roman Emperor is the King of Spain, and you are in a state of war or near war with the King of Spain. In that case, do not have have memetic sovereignty.

Suppose you are the Supreme Religious Leader of Iran, and no one is holy except by your say so. You are the arbiter of what is true and responsible Shi-ism. Unfortunately, the universities of Iran answer to Harvard, not you. The girls are taught to be sluts, that they should earn their own livings while awaiting booty calls from Jeremy Meeks, that children and housework is slavery. Female students at university outnumber male students two to one. No memetic sovereignty.

Suppose you are a right-wing Republican, leading an organization of right-wing Republicans, but when a social justice warrior sneers that “X has an unacceptable attitude towards women,” you promptly purge X from your organization. No memetic sovereignty.

If it is high status among elite Chinese students to be progressive and agree with Harvard, China lacks memetic sovereignty. If it were high status to be Confucian and support the Mandate of Heaven, China would have memetic sovereignty. If you are a supposed right-winger with no enemies to the left and no friends to the right, you lack memetic sovereignty.

Memetic Warfare

Fights over the control and health of memeplexes. Fought through propaganda, shilling operations, entryism, rhetoric, trolling, and so on. By analogy: material warfare between military entities. Much more prevalent now due to the Internet. A war for minds rather than land or capital.


Historical usage: Moloch required the Canaanite elite, including the Carthaginian elite, to burn their children alive, thereby signaling superior dedication to the state religion, and thus advancing one’s career in the Canaanite elite, and convincing the masses of the truth of the state religion. Many Hebrews found this highly persuasive, which extended the power of the Canaanite states against the Hebrews in the same way as progressivism extends the power of the State Department against other governments.

Similarly, if one discovers one’s eight year old boy is transsexual and has his penis cut off, this signals superior dedication to today’s state religion, which is likely to advance one’s career. Somehow it seems more popular to discover transsexual orientation with adopted sons rather than one’s biological sons, imitating the deprecated Carthaginian practice where the elite would adopt children from the masses, and then sacrifice those children in place of their own. Thus we say things like “Transsexualism is just progressives feeding children to Moloch again.”.

Also: Scott Alexander uses Moloch to refer to a sort of dark God of coordination problems. The general unfortunate problem of gaining power at the expense of ability to get actually valuable things. Selling your soul for power, so to speak.


Abbreviation: Not All X Are Like That. A sophistical and fallacious argument against a generalization about group X. In ordinary language it is common to generalize about groups. The statement: “Men are taller than Women” is about averages. It obviously does not mean that every single man is taller than every single woman. Yet it is all too common in disputes to say, “There are tall women” or “There are short men” in an attempt to refute the point: “Men are taller than Women”. So invocation of NAXALT is a meaningless tautology, a non sequitur, and a fallacy since no one is saying “There are no tall women” or “There are no short men”. And it is unduly burdensome to have every speaker constantly qualify his statements with “On Average, men are taller than Women”.


The political system where governments are run as shared-stock corporations for profit. Neocameralism is an interesting thought experiment. It has fatal flaws that everyone is aware of, but it advances an understanding of power and the state.

“(The) Only Morality is Civilization”

Slogan of the Hestia Society; an aspirational, superficially paradoxical kôan, which reveals a difficult to articulate truth about the relationship between the social equilibria of morality and civilization. Civilization is fundamentally based on group cooperation—i.e., social trust—extending beyond close kin tribes. Just as, per de Maistre, “Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists,” so too wherever civilization is found there is widely shared sense of group obligation. The altar, civilization, morality all imply each other.

Overton Window

The span of socially acceptable thought at a particular moment of time. For example, slavery advocacy is right out at the current time, and full Communism is unfashionable (in most circles). The Overton Window can move: in the 50s, Communism was right out in many circles. In the 1850s, slavery was contested openly. The Overton Window, for some reason, tends to move left.

Overton Bubble

The situation where boundaries of the Overton Window harden into a sealed bubble. This may occur when opinions are policed so rigorously that it becomes shameful and punishable to even have an accurate understanding of the opinions that lie outside of the Window. Respectable people can no longer pass an Ideological Turing Test for opinions that lie outside politically acceptable discourse. If the truth of a particular matter happens to lie outside of it, mainstream intellectuals will be cut off from it by a wall of social opprobrium, with no way to iterate toward the solution. In any case, the respectable establishment will be entirely clueless about its enemies, their motivations, their ideas and strategies. The Overton Bubble represents a sort of society-wide groupthink, where pseudo-religious impulses prevent “the devout” from even questioning imposed ideological boundaries.


A scrupulously precise antonym of modern political activism. By the Iron Law of Rebellion, activism works when (and only when) activists/clients have Powerful Sponsors. Without Powerful Sponsors, activism is simply criminal activity, and is (and ought to be) dealt with in the usual way. Now if Powerful Sponsors had already the power to enact whatever policy for which the clients agitated, why did they not enact it already? Why, in other words, was agitation—a sort of moral theater—necessary? Were Powerful Sponsors ignorant of the common good, and only informed of it once the activists agitated? Or were the policies for which the activists advocated not pursuant toward the common good, but instead political rent seeking from the Powerful Sponsorship Class? Of course the latter explanation is the correct one. Moreover, in every case of successful activism, one sect of Powerful Sponsors uses the theatrics of the agitators, made to look sympathetic (again by a sect of Powerful Sponsors), as cover to aggrandize their own power at the expense of another sect.

[This is why “democracy” or “reform” or “rights” protestors, the world over, will usually paint many or most of their signs in English, even when they are working in a country where almost no one speaks English (like Ukraine or Egypt): English-language Media is one of the most powerful Powerful Sponsors in the world.]

Meanwhile agitators are made to feel powerful, and are in fact often remunerated for their efforts, even though they did nothing but dance their steps, for TV cameras, according to the tune called by Powerful Sponsors. This is, fundamentally, a lie about the nature of power. Thus it violates Formalism, in which those who have the power to act for the common good should not pretend they are powerless to act without choreographed agitation, and those who have no power should not engage in agitation to pretend they do.

Passivism the principled rejection of all of that. Instead, passivism advocates building one’s own structures and institutions according the legitimate uses of power—ones in which we do not lie to ourselves or others.


Proposed future world or continent state involving fragmentation of sovereignty, creating many small independent states (“patches”), akin to pre-unification Germany or Italy, allowing for great variety in government to evolve, fill niches, test strategies, and compete for customer-residents. Some central control would probably be necessary to make this work, as otherwise memetic, economic, and material warfare would lead to domination by one set of ideas and rulers, as happened with the United States. Unclear how to provide that. Feasibility issues mean this concept is mostly used as a thought experiment rather than a serious proposal. To demonstrate the striking uniformity and lack of competition for effectiveness in government available to today’s people.

Polygon/Modern Structure

Quoting from Moldbug’s post “The Iron Polygon” – The Polygon might be defined as the “extended civil service.” It consists not of those who hold actual formal GS rank, but those whose position demands a sense of civic responsibility—real or fake. The major vertices of the Polygon, by my count, are the press, the universities, the judiciary, the Fed and the banks, the “Hill” (congressional staff), the civil service proper, the NGOs and transnationals, the military, the Beltway bandits (defense and other contractors), and corporate holders of official monopolies (such as “intellectual property”).

Puritan Hypothesis

That the Puritans were the original leftists, that the Mormon war and the war between the states consisted of the puritans conquering America, while the dissenters/evangelists conquered Britain and the British empire. If you think that the New Deal was just fine, and everything went to hell in the sixties, it is kind of plausible that Jews are to blame, but if you think that the failure to divorce Queen Caroline was when everything went to hell, obviously the Puritans. Today, all religions are becoming progressivism, except for Russian Orthodoxy, which is protected by nuclear weapons, and the Cathedral’s efforts to fix Russian Orthodoxy may well result in nuclear war. Related concept: AIACC.

Rectification of names

Names should cut reality at the joints, rather than try to remake reality. Thus, for example, “Bastard” contains the information that fatherlessness has bad consequences. More politically correct names attempt to remove these consequences. This is also related to formalism—that things should really be what they supposedly are, that official reality should correspond to actual reality. Names of social realities should accurately and appropriately reflect status differences. Opposite of euphemism. True names are necessarily somewhat brutal.

Religious-Ideological Cladistics

Memeplexes seem to evolve over time, and often the interesting historical question is not the immediate nature of a memeplex, but its history and where it came from. Who won so that this memeplex became dominant, and why? The use of this concept by Moldbug tended to be rhetorical: defining the progressives as communists or Christians, or whatever, rather than just grappling with them on their own terms. Fun, but not necessarily analytically productive.


A hypothetical future end goal of reactionaries where the degenerative forces gripping our civilization are cast off and functional responsible government is restored. By allusion to restoration of the rightful King. Restoration need not be particularized as any specific plan, it’s just the general idea of restoring a working authority system in our civilization.


General concept in the saner blogosphere that comes from the evolutionary psychology and social science literature. People say things take actions, and act certain ways not for their direct meanings and consequences, but for what they communicate about the actor to other observers.


“Social Justice Warriors.” They get outraged at anything that is insufficiently leftist (which is nearly everything), weasel their way into high places in journalism, Internet community moderation, and other institutions, and use these positions and other dirty tactics to push an anti-white, anti-male, anti-law political agenda on everyone else.

Social Technology

Social technology is technology made out of human behavior and beliefs. By analogy with material technology, social technology can be complex, subject to design, and some of it can be better than others. “Better” social technology, like in other technology, means social structures that generate more unalloyed goods per unit of effort. So trade-offs like “buy more police” are not social technology. Social technology would be for example organizational structures and possibly cultural structures that enable the same police to be more effective. In general, the “good” produced should be things that a five-year-old can understand–safe streets, high standard of living, etc. “More diversity” does not count as a product of social technology. It is more like a piece of social technology itself; an idea that affects how people relate to each other. In short, technology built out of people’s beliefs, relationships, and social norms.


Construction of sovereignty such that it is held by a corporation, or a structure based tightly on the corporate structure developed in the west. This is partially a descriptive concept, the idea being that governments *are* just sovereign corporations, besides the normative content that given that they are, they ought to act like it, with a serious corporate structure, and so on.


Essentially, a people, all of whom consider themselves an “us” together against the “them” of everyone else. Utilized as a replacement for Nation, which has too much semantic load to be a useful term. Co-opted from Old English by Wesley Morganston, the concept is generally describing a group that shares ethnicity, language, and culture, sometimes other elements, like being from the same hometown, or being fans of the same cult classic work. It is questionable whether enough think of “Whites” as an ingroup for it to be a thede. “Reformed German-Americans” or “Italian-American Catholics” or “Anglo Canadians” might also be examples. Non-ethnic thedes can exist (SJWs could reasonably be called a thede), but they many not be as stable because they are generally defined more by what is elthedish (outside the thede) than by what is thedish. It’s nearly impossible to maintain multi-generational non-ethnic thedes unless they are coterminous with other thedes.

Reference: An introduction to group dynamics

Whig History

Whig history is the idea that the story of humanity has been one long march of “progress” towards a perfected existence, free of the “evils” of power imbalances, gender roles, and meanie-pants Gods. There is therefore an end of history and, say contemporary Whig historians, we are approaching it. All people who did not contribute toward this end are evil and people from the past are also generally evil and wrong, except maybe Galileo. Whig history is inseparable from the theory of democracy. “If democracy is bunk, so is Whig history.” When a contemporary Whig historian writes about the Stuarts he is sure there are no Stuarts in the room. If he writes about the Democrats what changes? Trying to criticize democracy through Whig history is not going to work because Whig history is specifically written so that the lesson from history is democracy. To criticize democracy we are going to have to find other sources.

Reference: Democracy as a historical phenomenon

Yet Another Communist Sex Cult

The pattern of people forming cults to share all property and women is surprisingly common throughout history. Still speculation on whether it’s a particularly Christian thing or just an off-shoot of leftism.