Style guide for submission:

-Use existing pieces on SM as a guide for styling your own pieces. Keep it professional and insightful. The operating dictum for submission: Not Yet Another Blog Post. Length is not the chief concern.

-No resentment politics. No bitterness. Imperial Mindset.

-Articles must only appear on Social Matter–not other outlets or blogs.

-Avoid reviews of cultural content/films/music. No pop culture.

-Articles on statecraft, social technology, and governance are a current area of focus. Try and relate your piece to these themes.

-Cite material that you rely on. Give links to the quotes you source. You don’t have to use a formal citation system–just provide intext links.

-Pseudonyms are understandable: ‘Harold Bates’ is acceptable, ‘zippitydragon33’ is not. Some exceptions will be considered.

-We only accept final drafts as submissions, as the editors are too busy to vet idea pitches.

We reserve the right to edit the content and modify the title as we see fit, but we’re writers as well as editors, so it won’t be all that painful. If a significant portion of the piece needs to be edited, we’ll just send it back to be rewritten.

When sending submissions, style your subject line: ‘Submission: title goes here’.