Best Of Social Matter

24333_cityscape-e1455243596270-1000x488These are the editors’ picks for the very best articles that we’ve had the pleasure to publish over the years.


Gentrification as Total War or “Triumph of the Williamsburg” – Bjorn Vosskriger

A superb chronicling of gentrification from a more strategic frame, which Vosskriger places squarely in the context of 20th century Great American City life, in order to answer the question: how have blacks been weaponized against whites as a form of terror? What are the countermeasures to be deployed? Truly a tour de force work.

Mannerbund 101 – Mark Yuray

Contemporary political theory considers the individual to be the basic unit of society. Mark Yuray puts this notion to rest by reviving the idea of Männerbund, an association of men. Societal norms and practices arise not out of the self-interested interactions of isolated individuals but rather out of the collective dynamics of the Männerbund, which give rise to everything from territorial claims to sexual morality..

Right-Wing Activism Always Fails  – Mark Yuray

“The notion that activism is the path to power is not just wrong, it is fully backwards. It confuses cause and effect. Arab migrants in Germany are allowed to grope women and steal iPhones from the locals. They do not do it in spite of the police and government, they do it thanks to the police and government. German right-wingers are not allowed to publicly demonstrate they exist, or that they oppose the state-imposed campaign of Arab rape and theft. This conundrum is not accidental, it is intentional.”

Gamergate Viewed From The Right – John Glanton

Glanton seizes on the #GamerGate controversy and marks Social Matter as one of the ‘right’ publications which ‘got it,’ which understood the dynamics of the burgeoning movement without patronizing but also without kowtowing–the appropriate mixture of praise and fatherly advice. Many will reference this article as their red pill moment, namely for how it acted as an quick-course antidote to the media’s never-ending thede-poisoning of the right.


America Is A Nation Of Bastards – Henry Dampier

Dampier writes, “Contemporary divorce law has placed legal authority in the hands of wives, and taken it out of the hands of their husbands. All married households are legally female-headed households, especially when considered in the context of how family courts typically operate.” Consequently, middle class culture has been decimated, and family life is on the rocks, creating anti-social effects which erode state and societal stability. The solution is rule by fathers. The solution is patriarchy.


Why Non-Liberals Are Stupid And Crazy – Hadley Bishop

Once liberalism captures high-status mechanisms, progressivism memetically dominates because of mimicry. Rather than being some sort of innate function of ideology dictating intelligence, up-and-coming elites adopt elite values, and resistance is met with swift exclusion and punishment. Progressivism eats alive the best for their talent and spits out the rest, leaving outside movements in the cold to work with fragmented, fringe, unstable psychologies and a tendency toward lower intelligence.


Become Worthy: The Path Of The Right – Daniel Robinson

Too often, political discourse focuses solely on the acquisition and applications of power. In this inspiring call to duty, Robinson instead focuses our attention on cultivating and deserving power, the deeper tasks of the right. Because all undeserved power is fundamentally contrary to order, the path of the right must be to create power as in the oldest traditions of sovereignty: by becoming worthy of it.


Why The Left Despises Skilled Labor – Henry Dampier

For scientists, engineers, programmers, and other skilled laborers, politically motivated firings like those of Shockley, Eich, and Watson often seem like unjust and unprincipled errors. In this piece, Dampier shows that in fact suppressing the power of skilled labor is a key interest of the political classes: natural hierarchies of skill cannot be tolerated by bureaucrats and intellectuals whose legitimacy rests on meretricious egalitarian ideology.


The Structure And Genius Of ISIS – Ryan Landry

Landry summarizes the relations of ISIS to various power blocs in the Middle East, illustrates why its structure makes ISIS more effective than Al Qaeda at securing Power and why the West fails to grasp its appeal to Sunnis. Without endorsing its tactics, Landry makes an appeal for the Right to consider carefully ISIS’s growth as American hegemony falters.


The Clash Of Civilizations In 2015: The West, Russia, And Islam – Mark Yuray

Yuray ties together Serbian rhymes, a French novel, and a substantial range of journalistic sources to explore the three-sided cultural conflict enveloping Europe since the Cold War. This conflict, predicted in Samuel Huntington’s ‘clash of civilizations’ thesis, is making strange bedfellows of the many forces opposing the West’s degenerate Left. Yuray’s three sides are Russian-led Orthodoxy, the American-led Western Left, and Salafist-led Islam, but his real concern is for a fourth culture submerged beneath the fray: the natural tradition of Europe dismembered after the world wars.


A Letter To France – Anonymous

In the shadow of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Paris Terrorist attacks, new contributor Anonymous outlines a step-by-step procedure for France to get out from under America’s anglo-communist yoke and reassert rightful mastery over its own French destiny. Will France take up the challenge?



Women’s Liberation Is Women’s Prostitution – Mark Yuray


Neoreaction Is A Jewish Conspiracy To Thwart The Incipient National Socialist Revolution – Mark Yuray

Yuray puts to bed, once and for all, the feverish delusions of self-proclaimed “rightist” critics, who mistake insufficiently extreme antisemitism with slavish philosemitism. “Neoreaction is demographically less Jewish than a Hamas birthday party”. An enjoyable romp.


Orban’s Defiance – Ryan Landry


Rules Of Engagement – John Glanton


The Elites Anticipated Nationalism vs. Globalism – Ryan Landry


Throwing Natalist Benefits At Women Won’t Fix Low Fertility Rates – Mark Yuray


The State Reborn: Abandoning A Liberal Mythology – Mark Christensen

Ever wonder how the modest liberalism of America’s founders, whose only wish was to “breathe free”, turned into the totalitarian monster we know liberalism to be today? It wasn’t an accident. Christensen connects those dots for us. He makes a stop along the way with fascism (real fascism, not just he cartoon pejorative it has become). Social Progress is a jealous god.


That Word Called ‘Order’ – Thomas Barghest

Newcomer Barghest sets down a comprehensive ground-up view of organic social order. Order is not merely regimentation, nor mere subservience to preconceived abstract ideals, but a sort of collective fitness that comes when individuals and institutions purse virtue in light of telos or transcendant purpose. A magisterial contribution.


Where Did It All Go Wrong? – Thomas Barghest

In a humorous, historical exercise, Barghest takes us back century after century to pinpoint the exact period, in which the Golden Age occurred and also what specific factors led to its linear decline. But in fact, the story is much more complicated than either progressive Whig History, or simple caricatures of reactionary history and a mythical Golden Age. Rather, as Barghest notes, “The histories of civilizations and institutions show progress, decay, stagnation, and cycles, but also branching, collision, annihilation, hybridization, and much more.” The end conclusion is to be keenly skeptical of historical over-simplification and apply rigorous methods to extract the good and discard the bad.