Ascending The Tower – Episode XIX – “Reminding The King That He Serves God”

Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony welcome back Michael Perilloux and invite P.T. Carlo from Thermidor Magazine to talk about the modern problem of “chronic kinglessness”, as well as the spiritual and logistical roles of Christ the King. The panel also takes some time to hash out a few public disagreements.

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5:16 Introducing PT Carlo
21:01 The relationship between power and corruption
51:32 What over-arching power can define smaller domains of power?
1:11:50 Charlemagne’s crowning as Christian emperor of Europe
1:22:41 Protestant reformation as a political project
1:33:53 How do you go from kinglessness to restoration in modern society?
1:48:22 Chronic Kinglessness and the collapse of the British Empire
2:20:42 Wrap-up Q: – Can we understand God now that we have rejected hierarchies?

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  1. The Eternal Finn February 5, 2018 at 10:22 am

    So when do we declare the Hestian King?


  2. I apologize profusely for any inconvenience caused. Great discussion.


  3. The blindness of the priest that denounced Christ’s Kingship, Nick.
    If Christ is not King, then neither is that man a priest. For what else is he but a priest in the Kingdom of God.

    If not, he is only a Democratic Protestant; at most a minister of a congregation.


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