Deep breath in time with endless press.
Break rest and sleep supine regress.
Four lights in red a wafting square.
Pass lamps adrift in misty air.
Dark pressure builds the storm within.
No meat to sate the drained but grin.
What more to do when days ne’er break.
When night is nigh, but we must wake.

False rest for hearts are far from home.
Long wander lost as time does foam.
Thick froth does break the tick-tock’s face.
Sharp pinch to soften Eve’s embrace.
Slow drip to cool the boiling blood.
Last light awaits the dawning bud.
Deep drum to keep the forest beat.
Sit stiff across a stranger’s seat.

New wonder waits as terror stalks.
Slick slides the hunter cagey fox.
Full open lies the stalker’s tomb.
His quiet breaths between each boom.
Man masters some but covets more.
Tail tip so flicks outside the door.
Cold, cool and smug he knows the rates.
For triumph comes to he who waits.

Bleak eyes do peer inside the room.
Like knives that hang and glint and loom.
Fair frost does creep up everywhere.
Fierce fever burns the frozen air.
Fast furtive nose does probe the sheets.
Our glutton craves the sweetest meats.
Cold curtains draw the long day closed.
Fine fox does rule the night reposed.

Fleet fangs do sink into the flesh.
Fur flashes as the head does thresh.
Great goes the gash to bare the gut.
He licks the wound and cleans the cut.
Clean breath comes silent from above.
Bless shrouded cries of gushing love.
Tick-tock unveils and marks the time.
When life and death did disentwine.

So long as man does till the earth.
So pain will weave itself with mirth.
The fox will hunt his precious prey,
And sometimes he will win the day.
Great favor rains when you’re on top.
Pale blight does follow when you drop.
Fair fortune’s wheel does ever turn,
And fate can smile as soon as spurn.

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