Descending The Tower – 13, Part 2: 2017 Year In Review

The Year in Review is only half over! Anthony, Nick, and Antony are joined by James A. Donald, Alistair Hermann, Michael Perilloux, and Harold Lee for 2017’s latter half, from the President pummeling poor CNN (in gif form) to Bitcoin-mania.

The Descending the Tower 2017 Year in Review is brought to you in part by generous donations from our listeners Bermudan Reactionary, Gladio, and Gauss. If you would like to sponsor an episode of Ascending the Tower, email survivingbabel AT gmail.

0:50 July – The Trump-CNN tweet, military ban on transsexuals
39:20 August – James Damore’s firing, the Unite the Right debacle
1:03:03 September/October – Vegas mass shooting, Catalonian secession, Tom Petty and the Boy Scouts are kill
1:20:58 November – #MeToo, Mugabe resigns, It’s Okay To Be White
1:39:16 December – Net Neutrality ends, Kate Steinle’s murderer goes free, Bitcoin HODLing
1:54:42 2018 Predictions

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Michael Perilloux –
Alistair Hermann –
James A. Donald –

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  1. Do you mind if I upload this to YouTube? It streams more easily, and, you get Closed Captioning and a transcript for free. I’d be uploading part 1, too.


  2. Another NRx ‘podcast’ is Reactionary Expat:

    He calls himself just ‘alt-right’ I think, because he thinks NRx is inactive, but his perspective (and life!) are definitely NRx. He’s smart and informative, and, no, I’m not him.


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