Descending The Tower – 13, Part 1: 2017 Year In Review

It’s that time of year again! We’re on to 2018, but not before we put our own brand of commentary punctionation on the CURRENT YEAR that was. Anthony, NBS, and Antony, are joined by James A. Donald, Alistair Hermann, Gerald Mann, and Harold Lee for the first half of the year, from President Trump’s inauguration to the GOP congressional assassination attempt.

The Descending the Tower 2017 Year in Review is brought to you in part by generous donations from our listeners Bermudan Reactionary, Gladio, and Gauss. If you would like to sponsor an episode of Ascending the Tower, email survivingbabel AT gmail.

6:38 2017 Predictions Review
14:36 January – The Inauguration, the Travel Ban
46:29 February – The Atlantic on NRx, Milo resigns from Breitbart
1:23:56 March – The Wikileaks CIA Doc Dump, Sessions’ Russian recusal
1:47:19 April – Trump Tower wiretap, the Syrian Air Strike
2:00:31 May – Macron Wins, Comey Fired, Covfefe
2:15:40 June – Attack on GOP Congressmen

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Opening Music – “Stainless Steel” by Guy Berrier (excerpt)

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