Therycion (The Last Spartan)

Tranquil, foamy waves lap the beach.
No such waves can wash away this defeat.
Seven years of war, seven years of Glory, are
At an end.

Sacred Laconia, our only homeland,
We–homoioi, perioeci, mothakes–defended
You to the last.  Courageous Euclidas, unwilling
To submit to Sphacterian end, stood your ground,
Like Leonidas at Thermopylae.

Others though, not honorable enough
To withstand the storm, flee, and seek Egyptian escape
While Sparta succumbs to Macedonian rape.
No true son of Hercules can abide this fate.

What a king of no kingdom and his Borystenite priest
Can achieve from luxurious exile, I know not.
But I will die here, on this beach, as I should
Have died there, on Olympus, with those brave six thousand:
The last of our race.

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  1. The Spartans were degenerate sodomites. “The last of our race”. give me a break. We have more in common with the ancient Iranians that faced off against the spartans then with this pathetic little slaver town. When Alexander invaded, the spartans didn’t even show up for battle so downtrodden were they.

  2. Very nice poem.
    The Spartans had a rejuvenation around B.C. 200 and earned Roman respect, which was not usual.
    They, like all Greek communities, were slavers, but they only fought like slaves on the island you referenced in this insightful song–only 80 cowards of note in 500 years of hegemony.

    Looking back from our sissy place they are worth recalling.


    1. In 200 BC Sparta didn’t exist anymore. Epaminondas defeated them and freed the helots in 370 BC. The Romans visited the Town of Sparta as a tourist attraction. This Sparta Worship among rightwingers is just fucking gay.

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