This Week In Reaction (2017/11/12)

A new week, another terrorist attack. A small church in tiny Sutherland Springs was the target this week. This time it was a militant atheist doing the shooting instead of a Muslim. But when you get right down to it, is there really much of a difference?

A new week, another pile Hollywood celebrities get accused of being… Hollywood celebrities. Harvard might be salvageable. Hollywood will need to be nuked.

VDH looks at Crossing the Trump Rubicon.

[W]arts and all, the Trump presidency on all fronts is all that now stands in the way of the completion of what was started in 2009.

We agree. Also, on California, the Rhetoric of Illegal Immigration, and the Perils of Ignoring Thucydides’s Warning. Also from American Greatness, Angelo Codevilla has Reflections on Terrorism, Dumb and Smart. 9-11 was smart. Most of the rest, quite dumb. But that doesn’t mean we should be welcoming dumb terrorists with open arms. That would be dumber.

Let’s see… what else was going on?


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This week in Generative Anthropology, Adam considers Felicity, or lack thereof, of “performative speech acts”. A very deep dive into actual generative anthropology—the nuts and bolts of human cognition and communication—and thus less about political theory itself.

Lulach the Simpler is Reading Old Books™ and offers a very capable (except apparently for the spelling) review of Plunkett [sic] of Tammany Hall with observations. George W. Plunkitt was “shameless” in his graft, but kept it honest… As did Tammany Hall, which so enraged puritanical reformers of the era:

big_sachems_pipeTammany wasn’t simply a racket to enrich a bunch of sleazebags. Sleaze there was aplenty, but there was some genuine idealism mixed in there. For instance, Plunkett is fervently patriotic and immensely proud of the splendor of Tammany’s Fourth of July celebrations. And while Tammany men certainly expected to do well for themselves, they were expected to do well by doing good.

When roving bandits become stationery, they tend to do pretty well—for themselves and their constituency. Lulach snagged an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his efforts (and good reading habits) here.

Reluctant Reactionary offers A Cleaner Shirt–Passivism revisited, which is a pretty solid take on theory and practice. Also, build your houses out of stone, not Chip Board Boxes.

Alf steps up with a principled defense of Jim on the subject of 10-year old girls. RTWT. It’s not very long.

Social Pathologist checks in with a (relatively) brief missive on Postmodernism—the “thought that destroys all thinking”. Not the thought that destroys all THOTs. That would actually be useful.

Neocolonial is Reading Old Books™ and jots down some notes on Tasmania—Past and Present. But especially the past.

Legendarily “Bad” Billy Pratt is back with another socio-cultural mashup and trip down memory lane: The Entitled Boomer and “Vacation” (1983).

There was more at stake with the trip than family time. For Clark, the vacation was about validating his identity as a father, and his identity as a man.

Clark wanted to feel like the true patriarch of his family- a feeling that had almost certainly evaded him to that point. Clark wanted to be the kind of man who drove his family cross-country; captain of the ship and architect of memories. He wanted to bask in the glory of bringing the ideal vacation to life on the highways of America. Clark was searching for his masculine identity; a feeling which Clark felt entitled to having.

You see, Clark—the Chevy Chase character, I suppose having never seen the movie—was a “boomer”, a fact Pratt draws endless attention to. But I don’t want to steal his punchline. So click on over and read. This too was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Imperial Energy has a round-up list mostly orthogonal to my own: Imperial Circular 11/11/2017: Deconstruction.

Nishiki Prestige checks in this week with The Pozeidon Adventure. A definite Ran Prieur influence here methinks, but, ya know, filtered through neoreactionary pessimism.

1The sea is dying, the land is dead, the Pope is gay, and they’re importing the same people they dropped bombs on last week. The news was never real, but now we know it. The internet has shown us exactly how poor and deprived we are. Every reaction is commodified. Socially and politically. I am Neo. I am Tyler Durden. Get a house. Find a wife. Trainspotting 2 is on BlueRay for $35. They remade Blade Runner for me. I listen to ironically downtuned 80s cocaine-pop rehashed by suicidal NEETs, who are cooler than me. A gay rapist pedophile played your dad in the acclaimed film “American Beauty”—but the Nazi (you) was actually the gay guy in that story. One drove a car into another lost child in Virginia. This week an atheist shot up a church, apolitically. A Boomer did it in Las Vegas, which was surprising. Autotune in country music is a crime against humanity.

Anatoly Karlin, long standing friend of Social Matter always has something to say about how communism sucks and Russia would have been so much better off without it because communism really sucks. But this week he was really on fire, analyzing the roots of Russian redstalgia, calling out Lenin as the traitor, parasite, and failure that he was, and translating Egor Kholmogorov on 12 myths of the Bolshevik Revolution. Lots of tasty anti-communist Russian nationalism for the whole family.

By way of Isegoria… Americans have never eaten much fruit, and that’s probably a good thing; speaking of Anatoly Karlin, he thinks Runaway national fragmentation is inevitable; an hypothesis that; False-flag operations plainly exist—and if they didn’t, we’d have to invent them; and a bit on Larry David and the lately (and suddenly) rare faux pas of Jewish self-criticism in front of gentiles.

Finally from Cambria Will Not Yield: In the Heart Dwelleth the Soul. As usual, he pulls no punches:

It has been my contention—and it remains my contention—that the Word of God, which is the Gospel of Christ crucified, Christ risen, sank deep into the hearts of the European people, so deeply that it became part of their blood. They could only be divested of that faith by a long, painful process that drains the lifeblood from a man. That process is called liberalism. It starts with an intellectual premise that the real man, the advanced man, is pure intellect. From that premise the deblooding process begins.


This Week in Jim Donald

Jim starts off this week with something that ought to be obvious, but that we all need reminding of from time to time: women and gays ruin everything. Fact check: true.

Be a mom, not a cubicle drone.

Be a mom, not a cubicle drone.

If you have women in your organization, they need to stick to making coffee and such. The smarter ones can do a decent job at database organization and some kinds of database programming, and there are plenty of good female content creators, though the top ones are always male. But women are maladapted to large group dynamics. They are better than men at one on one social dynamics, for example superior ability to read people, but though this impressive in family scale groups, women fail disastrously at functioning larger groups, and if you give women leadership roles in such a group, the group will not accomplish its goals. Gays similarly, although the way they fail is different from the way women fail.

You might be wondering “so how do gays fail?” And Jim has you covered in the comments:

Gays show up for work infrequently, drunk, and stoned, steal the petty cash and office equipment, commit acts of violence against co-workers. If a high socioeconomic status male commits a crime typical of low socioeconomic status males, he is probably gay. Women are more conscientious than men, gays considerably less conscientious than straights. If a lawyer swindles his client, probably Jewish. If he flat out robs his client with a knife, probably gay.

Sounds about right. (NAJLALT and NAGLALT of course.)

And Jim covers a little dust-up betwixt Vox Day and John Derbyshire and how it plays into the rectification of names.

Our rulers are systematically changing the meaning of words in order to obliterate reality and make it difficult for people to think, creating words that link unlike things together, make distinctions without real difference, obliterating the meanings of old words that make meaningful distinctions, and giving old words new nonsense meanings, meanings intended to make males, whites, and straights weak, frightened, and ashamed.

Be sure to RTWT to see how Jim deconstructs “pedophile”… and I suppose for all the important points he makes about science, if you’re into that sort of thing.


This Week in Social Matter

A very full week at Social Matter this week kicks off with some rare Sunday poetry: Connor Alexander’s The Age Enslaved.

For Tuesday, Arthur Gordian returns with the next installment in his epoch-making Propaganda Series: Type III Propaganda Is How The Media Denies Left-Wing Terror In The West. Type III propaganda is simply false definition, which is so widely deployed as to be ubiquitous, but so ubiquitous as to be unwieldy from a scholarly standpoint. Gordian zeros in on left-wing terrorism, and the systematic way the media refuses to recognize its existence. Along the way a fantastic analysis of power, courtesy of James Burnham and Sam Francis.

Moms are beautiful. That's usually how they get to be moms.

Moms are beautiful. That’s usually how they get to be moms.

Class II “lion” elites are identified by their strong in-group solidarity, group-interest orientation, and high levels of classical leadership virtue. Their weaknesses, however, mirror their strength. Solidarity prevents them from acknowledging subversion from self-interested and cunning Class I “fox” elites within their midst. These elites govern through cut-throat competition, self-interest, and indirect exercise of power. When an elite class are mixed, the “foxes” eventually predominate due to their tactics being superior within a high-trust organization. Unfortunately for them, however, the “foxes” overpopulate at the expense of the lions and erode the organization from within. At that point, a rival elite of “lions” has the capacity to seize power by overturning the regime and expelling the “fox” elite. This cycle relies on the rival elite recognizing the “foxes” for what they are: an enemy force in power.

“Foxes” are the sort of people who rely false definitions, as well as laws that forbid honorable lethal challenges to those who do so.

The thing to remember about this form of propaganda is that it is the cause of last resort for the Left. This kind of radical demonization is a form of scorched earth, and its prevalence in this day and age does not demonstrate the strength of the Left but its weakness. Since the Left is a “fox” elite, its primary tactic is to avoid confrontation, not provoke it, and so it is better to isolate and ignore an enemy than provoke a fight. The strength of the Left in the 50s and early 60s shows the ability to marginalize opponents like the John Birch Society and anti-Communists without resorting to censorship, speech-codes, or other forms of modern violent repression. Absolute control of the media, domination of both political parties, puppet ideological leadership, and other features of mid-20th century leftism made it possible to laugh away the enemy. When it is necessary to mobilize violent rioters, tap the police, use coercion in higher education, and so forth, it shows that the cultural hegemony of the Left is slipping.

And there’s much more there, including prescriptions on what to do. Gordian takes home the ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ for this outstanding contribution to the state of our art.

Then on Thursday, Benjamin Welton returns with an in-depth look at the Weimar era and The Tragedy Of German Conservatism. A key:

Karl Liebknechthaus in Berlin am Bülowplatz Das frühere Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin am Bülowplatz, war Sitz der KPD-Führung. Wir sehen es anlässlich einer Reichstagswahl im Propagandaschmuck.

Karl Liebknechthaus in Berlin am Bülowplatz
Das frühere Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin am Bülowplatz, war Sitz der KPD-Führung.
Wir sehen es anlässlich einer Reichstagswahl im Propagandaschmuck.

Co-existent with this social degradation was a far more metapolitical revolution. The men of the trenches, who had adapted to a life of sacrifice and violence, wanted to keep the war going out of their hatred for the tedium of the bourgeois lifestyle. Many of these men gravitated towards right-wing politics, but very few became reactionaries. Most sought direct action revolution for that promised the most action.

In Germany, the situation was especially grim. The relative weakness of the Social Democrats, a mainstream party in Weimar that had to rely on right-wing death squads for their very survival between 1919 and 1923, along with the thoroughly reactionary character of the German conservatives and monarchist parties, allowed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) to chart a middle course that appealed to both conservative nationalists and radical socialists.

This too provided a rare glimpse into the era:

While the Stahlhelm mostly appealed to more reactionary, pro-monarchist forces in Germany, the SA and the RFB appealed to Weimar’s disenchanted and radicalized youth. Although it is verboten to say so in today’s modern political discourse, the early Nazis and the communists often traded personnel between themselves and even cosponsored labor strikes together. As historian Robert G.L. Waite notes in his book Vanguard of Nazism, communism and national socialism appealed to the nihilistic, thuggish mentality of the Freebooters and the generation that followed them[.]

By the time Hitler took power, one revolutionary movement looked just about as good as any other revolutionary movement to many far-left Freicorps. Welton has much more and I encourage you to RTWT! This was the runner-up in The Committee’s voting and snagged an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Silver Circle Award☀.

Anthony DeMarco has up a Solo Climb™ podcast: In Praise of LARPing. Of various kinds.

And for the Myth of the 20th Century podcast it’s Episode 43: The Blood Libel Of Leo Frank.

Finally, for Saturday Poetry & Prose, Michael Andreopoulos returns with some fresh new verse: The Saxon’s Quest.


This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter starts off quite a productive week with some commentary on mass shootings, and the double standards in the coverage thereof, in You Have to Know Before You Know. Despite the subject matter, many laughs are to be had:

For instance, it is quite unsportsmanlike for a white leftist to say “Whites are terrorists who ruin the world!” And to then prove the point by committing a mass shooting so that his surviving peers can bang on Twitter like chimpanzees: “We told you whites were terrorists!”

Porter also takes a moment to notice something else that leftists have ass-backwards: the Strange Disposition to consider the future fixed and immutable, while the past is constantly under scrutiny.

I personally donít spend a moment wondering whether my outlook will align with the social conventions of someone whose parents haven’t yet been born. That will be his concern, if he’s stupid. Because everyone lives in someone else’s past. I just don’t want my children living in someone else’s future.

Then, Porter stops to pick apart a recent opinion poll conducted in the American South in Dixie Drove Down. Goodbye Dixie! The results are disheartening, but unsurprising. With a few exceptions:

In contrast, “White supremacists” earned only a 7% approval rate among whites, compared to an 8% figure among blacks! We have become so CUBAR (cucked beyond all recognition) that the blacks who hate us hate us less than we do.

Next, Porter implores the white left to Do Look Down. Not that they’ll listen.

img_2762Because the diversities they’re presently riding to electoral victory will eventually (and with increasing promptness) begin to ask why on Earth they need a honky on their back—even one that has conspicuous homosex. One of the classic examples of this dynamic is from Minnesota, where the ancient, liberal, and trailblazing Jewish lawmaker, Phyllis Kahn, carefully cultivated Somali votes for years. That is until Somalis realized they actually had very little use for trailblazing Jewish lawmakers, and so dumped her for a trailblazing Somali. What if it’s actually the giraffe that’s using the midget?

Au contraire, any good liberal politician should be thrilled to be defeated by a more diverse candidate. In fact, we recommend that all white leftists immediately step aside, and give their offices to the more deserving oppressed.

Finally, Porter also has a few words in defense of Roy Moore, in Big Wheels Keep on Turning:

Wouldn’t there exist a moral duty to warn the public? Well, not before the left needs to win a Senate election 40 years later, there isn’t. And besides, a young woman doesn’t just come right out and accuse a man until she’s had time to gather her thoughts and her grandchildren.

He does express a bit of reserved disgust, should the accusation about the 14-year-old prove credible. Which I feel is mistaken. Anything that has become haram in the West in the past hundred years is probably a lie perpetrated by the Left. 14-year-old girls aren’t fantasizing over their hairbrushes about their fellow high school classmates, after all.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Light week over at Evolutionist X’s place. First A Digression about the Creek Freedmen. Who exactly counts as a Creek is a very interesting question… when there’s gibsmedat at stake.

And for Anthropology Friday, Mrs. X turns her attention to No Angel by Jay Dobyns (Part 1).

Motherhood looks good on you.

Motherhood looks good on you.

I began this project thinking of criminals as aberrations, people in whom something had gone wrong or who had decided to abandon normal social norms. Now that I am at the end (typing up my notes,) I realize that many criminals as respected, integrated members of their societies whose behavior could be, under different circumstances, not only normal but beneficial. What is the difference, after all, between a criminal who sells illegal drugs and an honest business man who sells alcohol and tobacco? Between a gang member who kills a rival gangster for invading his turf and a soldier who kills an invading enemy?

Gang behavior would seem to be a species of clan behavior, which has obvious adaptive advantages within clans. But for civilization—i.e., many clans united under a sort of empire—gang behavior is a drag on overall achievement. But let an Outlaw Bike Gang grow big enough… well… their “bad deeds” become exercises of executive (and judicial) will.


This Week at Thermidor Mag

Our sister publication Thermidor starts the week off with a reprint of N. T. Carlsbad’s award-winning piece on Charles Reemelin. If you missed it last week, be sure to give it a read.

Next is Europa Weekly, this time on The Art Of Not Being Sorry.

Sebastian Lucan offers up Contemporary Art: A Special Aesthetic Case of the Left Singularity. Lucan argues that contemporary art is no long truly concerned with the “art” itself, but rather with the “discourse’ surrounding it.

Modern art, even more than the art forms and arts ecology which preceded it, was fundamentally elitist in nature. The viewer required a higher degree of specialist, esoteric knowledge in order to access its meaning, in a way that was structurally different to (and a therefore also a departure from) the more direct and symbolic forms of aesthetic representation which had preceded it.

This shift created the space for a new priestly class to emerge, comprised of the artists themselves, but also critics and curators, who served to delineate the meaning of the work, increasingly shifting the location of the “art” from the object itself to the critical discourse which surrounded (and thereby transformed) it.

Naturally, as “artists” have grown less concerned with creating works of beauty, their skill at doing so has correspondingly atrophied.

This could be us but you be gettin worthless psych degree.

This could be us but you be gettin worthless psych degree.

At art school, tutors typically discuss the concepts and contexts of artworks with students. In general, they avoid teaching practical skills and making processes, which they delegate to lower-status technical staff (technicians) when they are still taught at all. On a generational timescale, the privileging of concept > skill has created a ratchet effect, whereby the artworks considered high-status in the contemporary art world are frequently post-skills based. This situation further legitimises downgrading the importance of teaching skills at art school. Repeat the feedback circuit for long enough and it’s not only that tutors don’t want to teach skills at art school—they no longer possess sufficient knowledge to teach them even if they wanted to.

Lucan earned himself an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for this outstanding contribution to the project of Reactionary Aesthetics.

Jake Bowyer is swiftly becoming Thermidor‘s go-to man for commentary on current events tells us about The Dweeb Menace. Apropos of Devan Patrick Kelley’s rampage in Texas, Bowyer describes his character as well as various other, similar, murderous characters.

Now, you might ask, what makes someone a “dweeb.” In brief, a dweeb is a young male completely lacking in masculinity. He is usually fat and in love with the fedora, or skinny and a bit of a swish. Dweebs are also SSRI-dependent, close to their mothers, and spend far too much time in the atomized world of the internet. These are not NEETs; these are dangerous individuals who can be characterized by their severe self-obsession.

The definition could perhaps do with some more specification, but Bowyer definitely has identified a peculiar class of killer in the modern world.

Leslie Cuff, in Re-Imaging First Principles, provides a meditation on Carl Schmitt’s observation that, “All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts.”

Finally, N. T. Carlsbad rounds out the week, once again shining a light on a poorly-remembered piece of history in The Old New Left: Student Radicalism in the 1930s. Yes, even during the depths of the Great Depression, college students found the time to engage in Leftist agitation. And Cthulhu had not swum quite so far Left in those days.

The traditional doctrine of student rights was that the university acted in loco parentis, that the university was not a space for free expression, and that the research prerogatives and administrative duties of instructors and faculty put them on a privileged plane above students. The university was not some soapbox for whatever pie-in-the-sky ideals of social reconstruction were in vogue at the moment.

Now, of course, only a few benighted souls cling to these outmoded ideals.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

Filed under It’s Degeneracy All the Way Down, Seriouslypleasedropit notices A Disturbing Decline in Catcall Quality.

Ana de Armas is simply sublime.

Ana de Armas is simply sublime.

At The Orthosphere proper, Tom Bertonneau points out how much the Texas Atheist Mass Murderer actually looked like a jihadi.

J.M. Smith writes on The Power of the Eunuchs and the cursed fate of a civilazition who taps into that power.

Kristor suggests what The Razor Ockham *Should* Have Proposed and in the process briefly clarifies the one he actually did propose.

Jim Kalb explains What “Hate” and “Bigotry” Mean Today and the evolution of the terms. Apparently, a bigot used to be somebody who couldn’t have a polite dinner with people of opposing viewpoints. Now, it just means anybody you don’t want to have dinner with.

Matt Briggs reports on a lecture by Fr. Barron, who asked Do Nones Really Have No Religion? and answered with a five-point method of evangelization. He demonstrates No, The Size of the Universe Doe Not Prove God Doesn’t Exist. Sorry, atheists. And in this week’s installment of the Insanity & Doom Update XI, we get anti-science scientism, Hotep evangelization, wrath of God in form of jihad, and satanic rituals in the NFL.

Also at Briggs, Ianto Watt writes about The True Power Behind Russia & The Coming Church, Part I and the difference between autonomy and autocephaly.

Mark Richardson shares this disturbing DC comic excerpt depicting what happens When Wonder Woman goes SJW. Then he lists some of the best arguments for male-only spaces in Girls & Gridiron:

The loss of male spaces has had a significant effect on society. When you put boys together in schools, or sporting clubs, or cadets, then some of the distinctively male moral instincts begin to emerge, such as loyalty, courage, strength and honour. Society is impoverished when these are no longer generated within male spaces and so wither away.

Also from Richardson, a liberal feminist professor’s rant against masculinity provides A rich vein of insight into the liberal mind.

Bruce Charlton asks What is The Spiritual? and reminds us of Rudolf Steiner’s challenge to recognize the spiritual, somehow, and in some manner similar in societal impact to how modern physics has recognized the material.

William Wildblood writes on the reconciliation of Mysticism, Monism, and Theism:

Which is greater, to reject the self or to sanctify it? To exclude or to include the fruits of creation? I would say that the latter is not just better but truer to God’s intention for us. Why otherwise create us?

Dalrock reports, More bad news for marriage is baked in to the statistics presented here in handy charts. Following up on these statistics, there emerges a Marriage strike paradox where the men in their 30s who might want to get married are nonetheless financially unprepared.


This Week in Arts & Letters

Literati Squadristi has an worthy and in-depth look at Gatsby and the American Dream-Myth.

The English language may not be up to the task of describing Ana de Armas.

The English language may not be up to the task of describing Ana de Armas.

[D]espite his fabulous wealth, what does Gatsby do with it? Does he give to the needy, build homes for the homeless, does he do anything at all for the downtrodden of society? Does he even think about embracing the noblesse oblige that used to be common among the well-to-do?

No, of course not, and there’s nothing to say he does do any of that. By any reasonable standard, Gatsby is there to ‘get dough and a ho’. And before I hear anything like, “Well that’s not true!” Just stop and think about what the “voice of money” quote means. It’s not a throw-away line, but a clear indicator that Gatsby views Daisy as a status symbol, a stepping-stone to the top of the social pyramid he feels he’s owed by society at large.

A status not merited by work, or birth, but by simple narcissism.

Squadristi sees The Great Gastby as a prophecy—a particularly prescient one regarding our present day ruling elites.

Filed under: Get ‘Em While They’re Young… The Secret History of Cricket Magazine, the ‘New Yorker for Children’.

Richard Carroll introduces a Sixth Friend: Vachel Lindsay, Factory Windows are Always Broken.

Kaiter Enless checks in at Logos Club with an eye toward current events in The Great Hollywood Implosion & “Blaming The Victim”. I think one can blame the victim in many such cases, but obviously blame the perpetrator, and moreover the systematic silence about such behavior, far more.

And Enless offers the quite provocatively entitled note on The Inevitability of Technocentrism. I think he gets the framing of it exactly right: Technocentrist because anthropocentrist—a problem utterly untouched by merely banning technological progress.

From Chris Gale Harvard is a wasteland—where some “It’s okay to be white” flyers mysteriously showed up last week. Evil white supreeemists so close to sacred ground. He also has a shout out to me in Flee Babylon—for which I’m grateful. Donning Psychiatrist Hat, Gale looks at the knotty question of psychotropics and homicide: It is not the drugs fault? More on that here.

Also there: The Frontlash is a lie—there’s that word again. And it wouldn’t be Sunday without Gale’s Sunday Sonnet, courtesy of Hilaire Belloc.

Over at Imaginative Conservative, an inspiring look at The Obvious Secret of Education. Freehoff explains How Robert E. Lee Got His Citizenship Back. An analysis of Tchaikovsky’s First Symphony. A timeless essay from Gordon Wood: Finding the Real John Adams. Birzer outlines The Ciceronian Republic. And, in case you were wondering, What Does Mozart’s Music Sound Like on His Own Piano?

Finally, at City Journal, Heather Mac Donald examines the shards of NYC’s communist mayor de Blasio’s Broken Narrative. An interesting review of President McKinley: Architect of the American Century, by Robert W. Merry. And a Minnesota attorney looks the Clown World that Minneapolis has become.


This Week in the Outer Left

Certainly worthy of your attention, David Hines is back at Status 451 with another installment in the Radical Book Club series: What Righties Can Do. Hines is erudite as ever, and certainly worthy of your attention. But still, we think, he is too much beholden to the morality plays of power than the thing itself.

Some Righties argue that we don’t need to learn from Lefties, because Righties are just better. You’ve heard it, I’m sure: “Lefties are weak, Lefties are cowardly, Lefties are afraid of work.” But absolutely none of that is true. Lefties are tough. Lefties are brave. Lefties are smart. Lefties are the hardest workers you’ll ever see.

Well, yes and no. Certainly, Lefties were once brave. Then they took over, and everyone is falling over herself to ape lefty orthodoxy with the utmost fervor to gain diminishing moral status points. Most lefties today are weak tea, and thoroughly worthy of derision. The actual hard working ones are mostly dead, their fait accompli having been carried out under the aegis of FDR. The much vaunted—now sacralized—Civil Rights Movement? Amazing what one can accomplish when Harvard, Hollywood, the Media Establishment, and… oh… Ike, JFK, and LBJ all have your back. Bull Connor played for the Washington Generals, just like Joe McCarthy did.

The only area where grassroots Righties have had actual measurable success in the last couple of decades is gun rights. And there’s a reason for that…

because gun rights is not meaningfully a right wing issue? Notice the presence of that fnord “rights”. Gives it away, most of the time. Homeschoolers “rights” have also advanced over the past 50 years, too, BTW. For pretty much the same reason. Hines needs a much more thorough rebuttal than I have time and space for here. (RF probably wouldn’t bother. Imperial Energy?) He gets much right—his analysis of left-wing activism is top shelf—but there remain critical points at which he misunderstands or misconstrues reactionary—i.e., actual right wing—thought. Crucially, he fails to see HLvM when it’s staring straight at him, muttering inchoate Cultural Marxist slogans. But at any rate Hines got the nod from The Committee with an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his important work here.

The Baffler has a surprisingly frank piece up about the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey, the usual suspects. I admit to being more than a little surprised by this one, just check this out:

In the 20th C, topic of adult male homosexual grooming of boys considered humorous.

In the 20th C, topic of adult male homosexual grooming of boys considered humorous.

Well, this all goes to the heart of the ambiguity particular to what we used to call “the gay community,” a sense of some kind of tolerable ephebophilia, an under-thought and over-believed cliché about adolescent sexual awakening at the hands of older men, as if we were some kind of unbroken continuum of desire from Plato diddling his students on an olive-shaded hillside in Ancient Greece through Isherwood first glimpsing Don Bachardy on a California beach to coke-and-vodka Hollywood Hills bacchanals where wannabe models and actors are plied into getting naked in the hot tub before getting tossed out the back of the truck and ending up as twinks in the SoCal porn grinder. But while we rightly look back on the days of heterosexual grab-assery, Mad Men chasing their secretaries around the desk, with disdain and embarrassment (and lament it where it continues to rear its pocked, Weinstein-shaped head), there is a certain gay nostalgia for the bad old days, when closeted young men were initiated into the erotic community by the figure of the more experienced, more cultured older man.

Is… is that really a leftist publication frankly admitting that adult men raping children and adolescents is at the heart of faggotry? A surprising admission indeed.

And taking home the award in “disgusting bullshit” is Jacobin with Sayfullo Saipov’s miserable job. Words can scarcely express the anger I felt upon reading this piece. A Muslim runs people over in New York City, what could have possibly motivated such an act? Maybe he had a crappy job. The whole thing is an exercise in “we’re not saying he killed people because his job sucked, but we’re going to heavily imply it”. Absolutely disgusting. Lots of people have to do crappy thing to survive, that’s called life you leeches, but most people grit their teeth and bear it, because that’s the non-terrorist thing to do. Folks, just look at this:

If we had a large union movement that could improve the truckers’ working conditions, would Sayfullo Saipov have led an obscure but reasonably happy life? Would his eight victims have gone on with their lives?

We will never know.

We do know that Saipov worked in an industry designed to keep its employees dependent on their bosses. From the old-fashioned trucking companies to the start-ups like Uber, drivers earn less and work harder now than they did just forty years ago.

I can’t help but wonder if Saipov was more like the perpetrators of workplace violence—who have characterized this country since the Reagan presidency—than like an Islamist terrorist.

So… Islamic extremists don’t kill people, suboptimal working conditions do. Or something.


This Week… Elsewhere

Nullus Maximus has a Review of Libertarian Reaction—a collection of essays which may of some assistance to those of our readers—and we know there are many—still struggling with the profound disability of libertarianism.

Greg Cochran relates the strange case of the Skoptsys, whose practices will not be completely unfamiliar to moderns.

Giovanni Dannato is quite perceptive here: The Class Divide in the Alt Right. Not least in this:

It takes a lot of guts and a disagreeable nature for anyone to actively go against what the rest of society is telling them to do, to reject false received wisdom, and seek out truth. When you get a bunch of people like this in a room, you can’t expect any organization they form to run like a corporate department. It’s only natural that it’s a bumpy ride and knees will get scraped.

On the whole, Dannato is liking what he’s seeing as Dissident Right groups gather momentum in the right places. And this too: Some ideas why the University Industrial Complex hasn’t gone belly-up… Scarcity of Social Capital Sustains Institutions.

The backbone of a society is not jobs, an economy, or even armed men. The central structures of society are ladders and funnels leading to high quality social capital like lifelong friends, stable social roles, family, marriage, or even just the bare minimum status to be seen as eligible in one’s dating pool. In a hunter gatherer band or a traditional agrarian village there are rites of initiation to test for eligibility and connect cooperators with the social capital they need to flourish. The nation-state institutionalized these networks on a mass scale of millions. The industrial revolution did not just lead to the mass production of goods, but also of culture and social status.


An “assembly line of souls” Dannato calls it. Brilliantly. And what can be used for great good can also be turned toward great evil. He snags an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for this one.

Zach Kraine proposes Red Neoreaction, which, tho’ laudable in many respects, puts an economic cart in front of the sovereign horse, failing to understand Neoreaction as a science principally of power and power structures.

Universal Dissenter ruminates, quite elegantly I think, On Mortal Sin and Deals with the Devil.

American Dad has an appreciation for the brilliance of the, apparently Sailerian term, “Frontlash”.

This was pretty interesting Blade Runner 2049, Eve, and the Garden of Eden, despite its reductionism and various sci-fi induced heresies.

Al Fin explains Sweden Needs Robots! Lots of Robots! Of course, the trouble for Sweden is that robots are extremely racist. Also another bearish look at China.

If “Thoughts and Prayers” won’t solve gun violence, the neither will “Candlelight vigils” solve Moslem violence. Also from Heartiste, astute thoughts on the subject of Daughter Guarding.

As well, a magnificent pictorial for the One Year Anniversary Of The Trumpening—aka., “The Biggest Fuck You in Human History”.

Thrasymachus writes candidly on the recent death of his father, up-close and personal, in An Oncologist Stops By……… Our deepest condolences. Also there: Who Can You Trust?

Roman Dmowski takes stock of Trump’s First Year.

Real Gary speculates on a possible, and intriguing, Calm Before The Storm.


Welp… that’s all folks. Many thanks to Based TWiR Staff regulars for invaluable contributions this week: David Grant, Egon Maistre, Hans def Fiedler, and Aidan MacLear, you guyz are the best. Don’t be degnerate. Keep on reactin! Til next week: NBS… Over and out!!

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  1. Greenmantlehoyos November 15, 2017 at 8:01 am

    On Alf and Jim

    The extreme youth of women being married at such young ages is more myth than history. Sex before estrus in particular has always been considered perverse in the Christian West. Trial and error also taught us that even after estrus pregnancies were difficult and dangerous before full physical development had been completed. Nutrition also greatly influenced when development in males and females occurred, with variances in age range at times spanning half a decade.

    Anecdotally, I was more than capable of being fascinated by the beauty of a particularly beautiful babysitter as a child, while having no real understanding of sex at all. Any fascination of young girls with older men as it exists is probably in this vein. They don’t have the bodies or minds to fully understand what is happening in the way that an 18 year old might.

    Jim is looking more and more like a pervert looking for an excuse. Sexual fascination with eight year olds is just so goddam unsettling and it seems like few have the balls to say it lest they be thought not red pilled enough. His descriptions of the supposed mindset of such children sounds like exactly what a pedophile would say to himself to justify it.

    Here’s hoping he’s all theory and no practice.

    1. Did you even read the quoted material? The whole point is that it’s ambiguous and highly variable when girls take an interest in men. Age of menarche is only an approximate indicator and is itself highly variable, inversely correlated with SES, and positively correlated w/early sluttery. The point is… GUARD THE GIRLS, fer chrissakes. Because you may not get a clear warning sign that your sweet innocent little angel is abt to turn into Lolita.

      1. I did and while I understand your response, I’ve also read stuff from Jim that sets of alarms in the back of my mind. Can you honestly say you’ve never heard Jim say things about this that didn’t do the same for you?

        1. I’ve read Jim for quite a while, and when he makes a point like this, the age he uses for an example has gotten younger and younger over time. It’s a tool of rhetoric used to shock the tradcon out of a portion of his readers.

          The idea that 12 year olds were consistently being married off in premodern times is a myth, but it did happen. Most likely, when a girl acquired her secondary sexual characteristics, she was fair game as an object of courtship. Some girls are obviously still children at 15, and some of them look like supermodels at the same age.

          The point is not the age at which women acquire sexual agency, (my answer, from experience, is never) but that absent the patriarchy, people will mate like they did on the veldt: all the women for the highest status 20% of men. In the female id, dangerous and dominant men qualify.

        2. SecretForumLurker November 16, 2017 at 8:45 am

          I do recall Jim used 12 year olds a few years ago but recently he has dipped down to using 10 as the example of sexually charged youngsters. Reading this combined with his odd focus on browser history and tracking recently makes me think he is hiding something. I now don’t read him except thru this TWiR filter so I can avoid his gender commentary that Heartiste does better. Someone should tell him when a man gets an erection holding a 10 year old, it does not mean the 10 year old is interested.

  2. “Hines needs a much more thorough rebuttal than I have time and space for here.”

    Amen! PT Carlo suggested on Twitter that we learn from his piece, especially about the hard work of organizing mass movements. But I found Hines’ piece just rah-rah boosterism about how hardworking and worthy leftist organizations are. Sorry, no, if you look at any specific example, they are obvious parasites. AFSCME is a racket to extort money for government employees from their fellow citizens. And it only works because of universal suffrage.

    Burnham’s distinction between authoritarian and liberal as between top down and bottom up is useful here. Truly rightest institutions are top down, but this is impossible in the Current Year because all institutions from the USG to the Catholic Church have been converged. Bottom up rightest organization always risk becoming the NSDAP, as Moldbug observed.

    1. Yup. Carlo himself has not quite exorcized the demotist demon, but of course we remain quite proud of his progress.

  3. Nick, Twitter has made your profile even worse than shadowbanned. Since yesterday if I view your profile while not logged in it displays a warning: “Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content.” A button below reads “Yes, view profile.”

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