Ascending The Tower – Solo Climb 7 – In Praise of LARPing

In Solo Climb #7, Anthony goes into more detail regarding a thought from guest Michael Pascal in Ascending XVIII: LARP it till you make it.

0:05:37 Pro Wresting as the ultimate LARP
0:17:42 LARPing isn’t “fake”: the Cult of authenticity
0:27:27 Breaking down The Nazi LARPer meme
0:37:16 LARPing doesn’t mean you aren’t building
0:47:39 Closing advice – all new identities start as a LARP

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Opening Music – “Metal Jig” by Fenrir (excerpt)

Closing Music – “Cooley’s Reel” by vvsmusic

La Wik on The Ultimate Warrior

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  1. Best self help book ever yet so far!

  2. This was very good. Cerrainly the most practical podcast episode ever to appear on Social Matter. Keep ’em comin’!

  3. Please let Nick Steves know that he has been shadow banned by Twitter.

    He doesn’t show up on searches anymore.

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