The Age Enslaved

In the age before Ages;
The dawn before Dawns;
Where night was brighter than blackest dark;
A future, becoming, before the present.

Where time or space,
were space and time;
When the act of is,
was not a thing that is.

But that which now is,
and yet may be;
now un-free,
and then did live.

Rising there and here,
venturing beyond and below;
Eternal he was—immortal in death;
And everywhere is was, and yet may be.

A ghostly hauntfree lived we;
Un-dead—a mere specter,
Nay say thee!
That which hungers, phantasmically.

The is un-covered,
now un-found;
She was the shadow,
a ghost un-bound.

This present-past future beyond our view,
until the last dusk heralds re-newed,
a rebirth of Men thus un-afraid;
Then forever shall Man remain enslaved.

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