The Golden Age – Episode 5: Mission Command And Romantic Heroism

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Michael Perilloux with special guest Rafael.

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  1. The more thorough Mission Tactics wiki page:

  2. Interesting podcast. Are you planning on making episodes where you deepdive into the way economies might be run under a better world order? How abortion, contraception and birthrates may be adressed aswell as how they tie into and affect sexual morality? (there’s a recent, decent Darwin Digest episode on birthrates but I want to hear thoughts on solutions)
    Smaller issues like public transportation? Socialization of medicine?
    How to keep nations away from eachothers’ throats outside of this decultured, deracinated total-interdependence-neo-liberal-nihilismocracy?

    Personally I’m afraid that our degeneration is directly tied to our level of technological progress – that our inventions shield us from the consequences of our sins and that this is inextricable. That our high productivity thanks to industrialization and automation will be able to mask the economic dysfunction wrought by importing or otherwise carrying the third world.
    Or for example that automation may lead to the necessity of something like UBI which causes all sorts of problems. Dysgenics, class grievances, sloth.
    How control over reproduction (pill, abortion) may ultimately prove incompatible with human nature (unsustainable birthrates), impossible to regulate, dysgenic etc.
    The innumerable problems with transhumanism.
    How to deal with the third world’s unsustainable population trends? Bio-weapons?

    I believe tech will be our downfall but Butlerian Jihad and top-down imposed primitivism is probably not an option realistically nor would it be a good idea to stymie technological development as we’re gonna have to leave Earth at some point or die here.
    I also think genetic engineering (GMO humans, and here we are having reservations about GMO tomatoes) will be a necessity eventually. I believe natural eugenics (perhaps barring totalitarian mandatory breeding/deathsquads etc) can only do so much for the genepool. Even assuming a theoretically scientifically eternally sustainable eugenics program, even that can be corrupted or brought down politically.

    I have more big questions swirling in my head than I have answers.

    As to your discussion about how western warfare is getting lax – I have thought the exact opposite when considering the ridiculous field battles of old where you basically collide two huge rectangles of festively clad bodies compared to the seemingly more desperate struggles of the 20th century. I always wondered why they didn’t utilize camouflage, guerilla warfare and night raids etc to nip at the edges of the seemingly stiff and immobile armies of the 17-18th century.
    Maybe I’m uninformed about ye olde warfare but I’ve always heard that the monolithic technicolor fieldbattles were set up that way for reasons of honor and propriety.

    To feed your narrative you could call the famous WW1 Christmas trench-truce the first nail in the coffin of the west’s total-desperate-war-doctrine I suppose.
    I believe Hitler considered that phenomenon an affront too. War is after all supposed to be total, desperate and lawless struggle.

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