The Twilight Angel

Whence come I, this darkness surrounding
At once, the nightmare angel does protest.
My spirit clambers towards the light, resounding;
My troubled soul his force arrests.
Writhing about, this muck profounding
Overthrowing, among us, even our best.
The twilight angel stands before us, mocking;
Presumptuous demon, he’s always knocking.

Recourse to reason, he begs us draw
This fatal sweetness ours to catch.
Alas, this essence is his Fall,
I reach to grab it, ever his wretch.
The trap now sprung I heed his call,
Cursing our fateful act – arms outstretched.
Now repugnant; chaotically gnashing
My mind in chains, forever thrashing.

Woe is he who aims his bow
At this clever trick, I write.
‘This sentence is false’, you claim to know;
Now murder your soul, out of spite.
Wagers, bargains, for the answer I’ll show,
In arrogance, we measure our might.
The strongest muscle cannot break them,
In faith alone, can you shake him.

In youth, this wisdom does not take;
Humbled and cautious the children are not.
What led us to this fatal mistake,
Where the seeds planted already rot?
The field, once ours, we must remake,
A fiery chasm burning white hot.
A tree needs pruning, now and then;
Time is short, I must begin.

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