The Golden Age – Episode 4: Software Freedom

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Michael Perilloux with special guest Luke Smith.

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  1. Serendipity, I guess. I just came across Luke’s channel yesterday. I suspect my interest in computers, programming, GNU/Linux and the philosophy of free software has followed a similar timeline to Luke’s.

    It’s funny, how a, by all accounts, left-leaning Jew, Richard Stallman, has influenced a fair number of “dissident”, “alt-right”, “extremist”, “racist”, “bigots”. At least when it comes to software, the main has principles. He certainly inspired me! He saw this dystopia coming decades ago.

  2. I’m three minutes in and happy that this is going to be a comfy listen.

    FWIW, Google Chrome is largely built on components available under a non-autistic free software/permissive license (Chromium). Hence there are a number of projects out there that rip out the evil Google tracking, and the blocking of great ad-blockers like Ad Nauseam.

  3. Guys. Guys. This feels like a sermon. I’ve bled in the trenches for FOSS for many years and this sort of stuff is really a disservice to the average user and their usecase. A lot of free software advocates have this literacy bug that echoes early Protestantism but without any real justification. Scripture is powerful, teaching my grandmother to use pipes is not. I won’t stoop so low as to post an arch comic, but this episode really needed a reality check.

    Also, talking about privacy and using discord? Come on guys.

    1. What would you suggest as an alternative to Discord? IRC seems to have gone the way of Usenet. People just don’t use it much anymore. While Discord is not private it seems to fill the whole that exists for people that want chat the way IRC provided it (and that Twitter does not).

  4. Free software is like communism: it’s great in some ways, but the financials just don’t work.

    1. Doesn’t Red Hat make it work financially?

      Hasn’t the BSD license historically been been better when it comes to people being able to profit directly from an open source derived project?

  5. Anthony DeMarco November 4, 2017 at 7:04 am

    “Nobody actually likes Windows.”

    Windows 7 is the best OS of the last two decades.

    1. I’d say ultimately that goes to Windows XP. It was supported for so long that it became the epitome of what it was.

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