Ascending The Tower – Episode XVIII, Part 1 – “St. Augustine Is Whiter Than I Am”

Returning to the Ascending the Tower sequence, Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony discuss American Orthodoxy and Catholicism with guests Nathan Duffy and Michael Pascal. In Part 1, the panel examines the premises Anthony laid out in Solo Climb #6 regarding Catholicism and American whites.

2:55 Introducing Michael Pascal and Nathan Duffy
7:32 Conversion stories from the panel
16:41 Examining the Premises from Solo Climb #6
21:09 P0 – One can stand up for a white nation in America and still be an authentic Catholic
30:35 P1 – The Lord divided them unto the nations, nations are scripturally ordained”
43:25 P2 – American White is a nation
P3 – No church should be hostile to its host nation
P4 – Catholic Church includes Greco-Roman, Hebraic, and Pagan influences
50:32 P5 – Christ was savior of all nations but also was of the tribe of Judah
56:38 P6 – “Neither Jew nor Greek” does not negate ethnicity
1:01:59 P7 – “Love thy neighbor” privileges one’s family and nation
1:09:21 P8 – Church tolerated/absorbed local/national rituals and customs

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Opening Music: “Vial (Reprise) – The Cassini Projekt (excerpt)

Closing Music: “Fiore d’Inchiostro” – Mattia Vlad Morleo

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  1. Love the plug from Ryan Landry. Did NOT see that coming…

  2. The fact that not all early church fathers were European seems like an off topic remark from that commentor. And most countries throughout history have been at least on an implicit level racialist or ethnocentric.

    I used to think much the same way in regards to Canada. What did it matter if we had a large Chinese minority because at least Europe was still overwhelmingly European and would always be so. Then I found out about the demographic changes going on there…

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