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 Hans Lander, Hank Oslo, Adam Smith, and Nick Mason (for a special After Dark episode)


Major events are seldom without motive. In the American criminal justice system, means and opportunity are additional requirements to establish guilt in a criminal proceeding. In the case of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, however, the motive at the present time remains extremely unclear, if one can even assign blame to a single prime suspect. The lack of clarity also illustrates the dangers inherent in making sweeping changes without a thorough investigation, and demands careful, critical examination of not just the facts as they are presented, but even to the credibility of those that provide them. The mass media – especially that which is controlled by major organizations with ties to the New York and Washington power elite – remains as highly suspect as those whom they themselves point their fingers at. They have the means and opportunity – but always question their motive.


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  1. The speaker who uses “like” every other word is ruining the show. >:(

    1. I will work harder, comrades.

  2. Hank is an intelligent guy with a quirk that’s not worth quibbling about when you consider what he’s bringing to the table. Definitely has some interesting perspectives on guns in episode 2 of Michael Perilloux’s podcast The Golden Age.

  3. Stop saying “like” and “uh” every other word, it’s intolerable

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