Transgenderism Is Propaganda Designed To Humiliate And Compel Submission

This article offers an alternative hypothesis as to the reason why transgenderism has become the cause celebre du jour of Cathedral elites. The ordinary hypothesis, based on works like those of Paul Gottfried, says that transgenderism is an example of left-wing virtue-signaling and the escalating competition to be more holy than the next person. In an attempt to raise one’s status, the leftist must embrace more extreme signals of egalitarianism than others of his cohort. Thus, left-wing signaling is an arms race in which leftists are trapped by the terms of their religious status system in an escalating spiral to see who can find the most radical, most irrational expression of egalitarian ideas.

Instead, consider an additive hypothesis: the Cathedral elite know full well that transgender individuals are mentally ill and have chosen to embrace this cause for ulterior motives, as there is something inherent in the issue that provides them an advantage. Transgenderism is Type 1 Propaganda, and its primary targets are not loyal leftists, but individuals on the marginal Right capable of swinging either for or against the Cathedral.

What are these “types” of propaganda? In the collection of rhetorician Richard Weaver’s essays entitled In Defense of Tradition, Weaver describes the different forms which propaganda can take and their intended effects. Type 1 Propaganda is the “Big Lie” of the Soviet Union or Orwell’s 1984. The nature of the “Big Lie” is that the lie should be so big and so obvious that no sane person could believe it.

Superficially, this form of propaganda would be similar to the Chinese loyalty test referred to as “Point Deer Make Horse.” The difference is how the lie is used. As a loyalty test, the “Big Lie” is meant to distinguish those who will lie from those who will not lie for the authorities. As a form of propaganda, the loyalties of the targets are already known: they are enemies. Instead, the lie is a form of psychological torture meant to degrade and demean members of the opposition. Consider the following quote from Theodore Dalrymple:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Weaver explains that this form of propaganda is aimed at demeaning, humiliating, and eroding the self-respect of those who oppose the regime. It is an expression of pure power, in that the propagandist can force the victim to repeat a doctrine that both people know is untrue. There is no potential gain for the propagandist except insofar his enemy is psychological broken and defeated. There is no intention for the “Big Lie” to have any effect outside the torture chamber.  Whether or not transgender individuals are accepted by society is irrelevant to the exercise of power by the Cathedral elites over marginally right-wing individuals.

The best illustration of this type of propaganda is the famous scene from 1984 when O’Brien asks Winston how many fingers he is holding up. O’Brien knows that he is holding up four fingers.  He knows that Winston knows there are four fingers. O’Brien is not trying to torture Winston to the point that he will forever be incapable of distinguishing four and five fingers. O’Brien is simply exercising power by demonstrating that Winston is utterly powerless and that his very words and actions are controlled by the Party. As soon as he walks out of the room, O’Brien does not care how many fingers Winston sees, only that Winston recognizes the power O’Brien, and by extension the Party, wields over him.

In the end, Winston’s broken state is such that he no longer feels the capacity to resist the Party. When Winston says that he “loves Big Brother” at the end, this is not to be taken as an act of will, that somehow he has been “brainwashed” and now believes in Ingsoc. Winston has been hollowed of the capacity to love at all. The only thing he is capable of doing is mimicking the commands of the Party. Insofar as he “loves” Big Brother, he is simply repeating the motions commanded by the Party robotically.

Likewise, the promotion of transgenderism is aimed at instilling such a state on the members of the marginal Right, which the Cathedral understand to be subject to radicalization. The Cathedral understands that the Outer Right will outright reject the propaganda, but doesn’t need transgenderism as a kind of loyalty test. The Outer Right has outed itself in a multitude of ways prior to this particular propaganda campaign. These days, one merely needs to look at a person’s Twitter or Facebook to identify them as loyal or disloyal to the Cathedral. Instead, this propaganda is aimed at religious and socially conservative or moderate individuals who are politically centrist or center-right. The threat is implicit: either admit that the man in a dress is a woman, or we will take away your job, take away your respectability in the community, send CPS after your children, and otherwise destroy your life.

To take it one step further, examine the various media pieces about how straight men are bigots because they won’t have sex with transsexual “women.” The implicit threat here is chilling. The message from Cathedral mouthpieces is that the time is coming when dissenters will be told that they must copulate with a transgender or be punished by the regime. What could be a greater exercise of pure power than forcing your opponents to participate in soul-destroying sexual depravity and to pretend to enjoy it? Can one imagine a more powerful means of psychologically destroying an opponent than to command them to defile their body and call it an act of love?

The typical individual this is aimed at is a moderate Republican who thinks John McCain is a hero for his military service, attends a traditional church but wants a little compassion for homosexuals, and who lives in a 90%+ white neighborhood, but says race has nothing to do with the flourishing of his community. He is understood by the Cathedral to be potentially disloyal, even if he is not disloyal at this moment. If he gets robbed at gunpoint by a young black man or if a member of his church gets sued for not baking a gay marriage cake, he could very well radicalize. Therefore, the Cathedral needs to get to him first. While his children can be converted via public education and mass-media propaganda, it’s much harder to change the mind of a grown adult. Therefore, the Cathedral focuses on blackpilling through propaganda.

As described in the Dalrymple quote, being forced to call Bruce Jenner a woman is only part of the blackpilling effect of Type 1 Propaganda. Being marched into the boss’s office and having to lie about one’s beliefs do erode the self-respect of the victim. What makes this form of propaganda more insidious is that every person who submits to it participates in the attack on other dissenters. Type 1 Propaganda is more than just O’Brien and Winston in a small room; it’s the Two Minutes Of Hate in public, as well. When our moderate Republican submits to intimidation and spouts the transgender lie, he participates in pressuring others to submit to the lie, give up their self-respect, and resign themselves to apathy and helplessness in the face of Cathedral tyranny. In his assent, he becomes an agent of the Cathedral and an ideological Stasi agent no different than the one who attacked him.

Transgender individuals are puppets of his system. Their ultimate fate is irrelevant to the question at hand, and any discussion on the right about “compassion” or “understanding” is a non sequitur.  Just like the Civil Rights movement, once the Cathedral gains its objective, the superficial justification for the campaign is cast aside. Once the Cathedral demolished the ability of local competing political elites to resist the power of their national institutions, the plight of the black community was no longer relevant to left-wing politics, except insofar as they could be leveraged for further objectives, such as nationalizing and centralizing law enforcement.

Likewise, acting like transgenderism has anything to do with helping actual transgender individuals makes one a participant in propaganda and a willing dupe.

Ultimately, the goal which the Cathedral has set for transgenderism is to blackpill the marginal Right into silence and compliance. The terror of retaliation by the political elites is used to instill the kind of hopelessness and passivity which would prevent individuals on the Right from breaking out of the false consciousness of Cathedral ideology and recognizing their true interests in removing the Cathedral from power.

They don’t need the men on the Right to physically cut off their genitals because the Cathedral is commanding them to do it psychologically.

How many genders am I holding up, Winston?

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  1. I see this as a sort of sorting mechanism. We live in an era that tests indomitableness.

  2. Well done. This is an excellent read – I think it’s one of the best articles this site has published.

  3. Reading this piece was like having so many drops of acid drip, drip, drip on the reader’s brain. It’s chillingly true. Is such a society even worth living in anymore? Where’s the hope?

    1. But I with my grip
      Shall fight with this fiend and over life strive,
      Enemy against enemy; there must trust in
      the judgment of the Lord, whichever one Death takes.

      Gaéð á wyrd swá hío scel.

    2. In order of increasing radical-ness: turn off your television; go for a walk; spend a disconnected week in a national park; sell your useless stuff that you don’t use and didn’t need anyway; move to a foreign land; found a family; delete your social media.

      1. Founding a family shows a confidence in the future which, sadly, I can’t share. But I have no truck with social media, can’t remember when I last turned on the television, and spend much time walking in parks.

      2. Contaminated NEET September 29, 2017 at 7:09 am

        Delete your social media is supposed to be bigger than starting a family and moving to a foreign land? I can tell you from experience: it’s not.

  4. How does this explain the horrid parents of mixed up kids who are willing to mutilate them hormonally and physically and emotionally? Including the supposedly conservative Catholic parents of that girl singer Jackie Evancho.

    So many people, including children, who are highly suggestible are now ‘transgender,’ that it is like a mass hysteria akin to the Salem Witch Trials.
    Something is seriously, seriously wrong with our society.

    Welcome to Mouse Utopia.

    1. I think that there is room for both interpretations.

      Internally, the left uses these kinds of issues internally for signalling purposes such as convincing his 8 year old that he is really of the opposite gender, against people peripherally interested in politics or non-political as described in this article, and against the genuine right as an excuse to deprive them of resources/take police action against them.

    2. I would interpret this as a case where the unintended recipient of the propaganda broadcast – the leftist parent – is reacting out of the intended context. If we saw Chelsea Clinton or George P. Bush doing this to their children, I would agree with your claim. The people who actually do this, however, are the upper-middle class strivers, the “congregation” of the leftist religion.

      In this case, you have a handful of the equivalent of ultra-orthodox leftists who are supposed to know that their role is to point and sneer at the rightists, yet get their wires crossed and adopt this idea as an article of faith.

      It’s similar to the way that upper-middle-class Evangelicals know that the left-wing globalist heresy coming from their elites is not aimed at them, but at humiliating and out-grouping working class and poor white Baptists. The vast majority understand that they’re expected to cut a check yet in no way alter their lives to benefit Africans or South Americans. Yet a handful of fanatics go so far as replacing their own children with Third-World adoptees or implanting African embryos in their wife’s womb. They’ve misidentified the signal from their elites as a command for further ideological purity rather than a signal to out-group their enemies.

      – Art

      1. Yours is a most excellent comment indeed.

    3. The propaganda aimed at liberal parents asserts a 100% correlation between juvenile suicide and not recognizing a child’s latent “transgenderism” and acting on it as prescribed by the paramedical clinicians who do this stuff.

      In other words, they are told that if they fail to “listen and believe”, they will inevitably find themselves sobbing over the corpse of their nine year-old child and the blood will have been on their own hands.

  5. Unlike Orwell’s Oceania, the Harvard Consensus does not have a total monopoly on deadly force. Leftists are immune to logic but they are not immune to ridicule. We’re all set from birth as to which gender we want to have sex with, but always free to choose which gender we want to be? Whatever you say, Comrade!

    It’s much easier to teach my children not to listen to the Jews media when what they say is so transparently ridiculous that a five-year-old can see through it.

    In case any Leftists are reading this, I choose to identify as a lesbian black woman, so if you attack me, you’re transphobic, homophobic, racist, and sexist. My boss gets a competent employee and four quota-points at the same time. Suck on that!

    1. This is why protecting gun rights from the (((Cathedral))) is necessary at absolutely all costs.

  6. I must admit, this perspective on the who transgender insanity never crossed my mind.

    This is even more disturbing now. If we don’t follow each and every command of the state – Cathedral – then we will be beaten down in everyday until we do. It’s basically a deliberate and long game move to ensure that everyone is subservient. No reasoning, logic, or even emotion required in support.

  7. Very glad someone wrote this. So important.

    Transgenderism is like Kim Jong Il hitting 11 hole in one shots on a golf course.

    After so many years of rejecting the farce of critical theory, it has been our very lack of an articulated critical framework for that kind of insidious nonsense, that has been used to encircle us.

    Transgenderism isn’t an actual thing, it’s a political loyalty test. These essays are critical tools. When we can look at these and other things for what they are, as wedges and litmus tests, we can respond in kind.

    1. Contaminated NEET September 29, 2017 at 7:13 am

      >Kim Jong Il hitting 11 hole in one shots

      You know that’s not actually true, right? Not that Kim hit 11 holes-in-one, but that the Norks ever claimed he did. It’s a ludicrous piece of propaganda about how our supposed enemies are suckers for ludicrous propaganda.

  8. This is practically a shoo-in for TWIR Best of the Week. Excellent work.

  9. One of the better articles posted on this site, the best in recent memory for sure. You’re so clearly correct I can’t help but simply agree.

  10. YES.

    To acquiesce to a lie for convenience weakens the will and makes one further susceptible to future intrusions and manipulations of the will. Transgenderism is a political, and perhaps more importantly, a spiritual power play intended to detach people from their very ability to engage with reality and Truth.

    Excellent article. Peter Jermann has a number of useful and lucid exegesis which indirectly address this topic on the Catholic online Magazine “Crisis” where he uses Theology of the Body as the lens to interpret the madness.

  11. Very thoughtful.

    Since we cannot read other men’s minds, we essentially are stuck constructing narratives to explain the antics of our opposites. This is a good narrative. Framing transgenderism as police action/resource extraction vis-a-vis the conversion and subjugation of red empire children (as Andrew Walsh put it) in combination with the Big Lie/demoralization narrative would be interesting as a counter strategy, if you could get mainline Republicans to listen.

    1. “Framing transgenderism as police action/resource extraction vis-a-vis the conversion and subjugation of red empire children (as Andrew Walsh put it) in combination with the Big Lie/demoralization narrative would be interesting as a counter strategy, if you could get mainline Republicans to listen.”

      Good luck with that. I doubt that any mainline GOP could make it through your sentence without losing track of the argument. Just sayin’

  12. Brilliant.

  13. This realpolitikal argument can also be leveled against feminism, feminization of men, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the promotion of sexual deviancy, the breakdown of religion, the promotion of cultural and racial diversity, vegetarianism etc. The central question is if it is a coincidence that everything the left currently promotes or deracinates crucially reduces a state and a people’s ability to defend themselves.

    1. True about not eating meat, if not abstaining from all animal products – as food and fashion. It literally is a secular religion, this “food movement.”

  14. This is a great article. As someone who’s preparing for a career in the “helping field” I have to deal with the LGBT+ “rights” narrative all. the. damn. time.

  15. Generally agree with the analysis, although I think the target is feminists. Third-wave feminism is now all about how the most oppressed women are the ones with penises, and so-called “cis” women have “cis privilege” for being born female. Men – especially dangerous men, who often “change gender” and identity to conceal previous sex crimes – can now infiltrate women’s spaces, and women who dare to say anything are ostracised and called bigoted. Lesbians who don’t want to sleep with a “ladyd!&k” are coerced into sex by being told they’re transphobic. A hundred years of progress in equality of the sexes is set back – and by whom? Women, who want to be empathetic and inclusive, and who are gaslighted into believing that someone else’s struggle is always worse.

    Who’s running the propaganda machine? Conservative media. Iran – a country where it’s illegal to be gay – has the highest rate of sex reassignment surgery in the world. American parents would far prefer their child be trans than gay or gender non-conforming. And trans ideology reinforces, rather than challenges, the conservative notions of sex-based traits, that boys who are “feminine” must actually be girls. Adolescent girls who hate that their bodies have been over-sexualized by adult men hide away by identifying as boys.

    Meanwhile, real feminists – the ones who believe that women are oppressed by men and who dispute the idea of a “female brain” are excluded from our own movement and banned from social media for speaking out against the nonsense.

    1. I mean, if you need to write “conservatives” in as the villains, I ain’t going to stop you. All hands need to be on deck in pushing back on this. I’ve followed radfems on this closely and so I know that leftwing womens’ spaces and organizations were the first targets of this propaganda.

  16. lithuanian magic brigade October 27, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Here’s an alternative explanation:

    Having an opinion on transgender at all is just a shibboleth for having the right kind of politics and most people (including you) aren’t informed enough to understand it.

    You signal you have cathedral politics by unconditionally supporting it.

    You signal you’re edgy and therefore properly reactionary by unconditionally showing disgust for it.

    The truly wise don’t know.

    1. Gas yourself kid October 31, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Is this the Enlightened Centrist or the Eternal Agnostic speaking?

      I thought we’d left “I’m so above taking sides in binary debates because the truth is always in the middle” and “I’m agnostic about everything” back on Youtube circa 2012.

  17. How I hate the term “Cathedral”.

    Without addressing biology and probably biological changes in the last few decades involving soy, birth control estrogens, and other altering agents in the environment there is not deep substance to the ideological analysis.

    There is something to the increase in people who are trans- or variant of the norm.

    If people are more trans/variant then there will be changes in social discourse and rules around that reality.

    If you think people are not more trans biologically I would have to disagree.

    If you agree more people are more trans/variant the question is what do you want to have for social rules and discourse in this new reality?

    It wouldn’t make sense to have the rules from 1950 for a changed reality.

    The government always compels submission on idiotic points. This is nothing new.

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