The Genius Of Fire

IN THESE DAYS, our eyes are full of dreams
Too many of them nightmares it seems —
What he says, when he is called to speak
Is not the same from week to week;
“While you have the light, walk in it”
Is there any light in us yet?
Is there salve for the illness we keep
Is there a tincture to wake us from sleep?

We move now, caught in ecstasy’s grasp
Time and life slip away at the task
The everflow; we must crash on ahead
Remembering silence in what was unsaid;
Does the past — change behind as we go
We once had a history that we could know
Flash under flash, it passes away
Burn bridge burn, clear us our way;

Had we known, we’d not have made the trade
Devils in details above our paygrade
Stone under stone, O fast-roaring wheel
The wail of the turbine is what we now feel
Build with a gasp, breathe deep of the night
Releasing the wind in the brim of your might
Quick is the clasp, the button is red
Red is the coalfire with which it is fed;

Eater of earth, ancient eater of death
I am the engine that traverses the breadth
Small is my girth, squeezing out air
Thundering out fate with the fell and the fair;
Flow to the sun, full of red-burning flame
Light again furnace! Be called by your name!
“Run, rabbit run,” a rabbit no more —
O Genius of fire! Burn evermore!

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  1. Excellent poetry as always.

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