Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 34: Saddam Hussein, Legacy Of Violence

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Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Hans Lander, and Nick Mason.


1901 – oil development begins in Iraq under Ottoman and British guidance
1915-1917 – Sykes-Picot Agreement, dividing the Middle East under British and French rule
1937 – Saddam Hussein born Tikrit, Iraq
1941 – Saddam’s uncle adopts him
1945 – World War II ends.
1958 – Baathist coup by army officers lead by Abd al-Karim Qasim against King Faisal of the Hashemite House
1959 – Saddam attempts to assassinate General Qasim with his commrades, but ultimately fails and goes on the run
1963 – coup against Qassim launched by Baathist partisans and military dissidents. Saddam returns to Iraq and begins using CIA resources to execute and torture Communist partisans in Baghdad.
1963 – A quasi bloodless coup removing Baathist officers is undertaken by General Arif.
1964 – Saddam imprisoned
1964 – Iraq National Oil Company (INOC) formed with Iraqi state backing after the ousting of pro-Soviet elements from the Baghdad government
1966 – Saddam escapes prison
1968 – bloodless coup launched by Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr & Saddam removing Abdul Rahman Arif. Saddam becomes deputy president after some time in shadows settling scores (e.g., shooting lawyer who had refused to release party funds to him earlier)
1979 – Saddam assumes full control of Iraq by declaring himself President, followed by a series of purges to eliminate dissent in the Baathist Regime
1979 – The Iranian Revolution is undertaken against US allies in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Shia fundamentalists.
1980-1988 – The Iran-Iraq War
1990 – The Oil Shock of 1990 nearly doubles oil prices as a result of disruption from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
1990-1991 – The Gulf War is fought between Iraq and an international coalition led by the USA, leading to Iraqi forces being expelled from Kuwait after a month long air campaign and 100 hour ground operation
2003 – US President George W. Bush leads a small coalition of forces to fully invade Iraq
2003 – Saddam Hussein is found alive in a spider-hole near the city of Tikrit
2006 – Saddam Hussein is executed after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by a special court in Iraq


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  1. Good episode. Brought back memories. My gen was subjected to an enormous amount of Saddam propaganda.

    Also, what’s the music just after the Saddam quote in the beginning? Its driving me crazy, I’m sure it’s from a David Lynch or Oliver Stone movie…

    1. “Arabic Battle Music” by Antti Martikainen

  2. There are people here who don’t support genocide of all Kurds? I disavow.

    Several independent Kurdish states should have been established without geographic continuity within Sunni areas, to increase the chance that all Kurds become Good Kurds as much as possible.

    1. The Kurds are an interesting group, in my mind.

      Long, sullen history of being utilized as useful idiots by neighboring powers. Increasingly being utilized by ZOG.


  3. Great stuff, guys. Ya’ll are killing it.

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