Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 33: Red Hollywood, Enemies Foreign And Domestic

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Hollywood – America’s beacon to the world at home and abroad. Who controls it, and what they say – has been integral to the United States’ sociopolitical culture since the movies became a major American pastime in the Great Depression. During the Second World War and shortly thereafter during the Cold War, the writers, producers, and directors in Hollywood received close scrutiny from Washington DC, most notably by actively collaborating with producing war propaganda after America’s entry into WWII, and then later bringing nearly 300 Hollywood notables before Congress to testify as to the communist influence in the movie industry. Those that refused to answer the infamous question ‘Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?’ became known as the Hollywood Ten, and were sentenced in 1950 to 1 year in federal prison for contempt of Congress. The day after the House of Representatives voted to cite the Ten for contempt, film industry executives issued the Waldorf Statement, stating they would not employ anyone known to be Communists or anyone refusing to swear otherwise. This then became known as the infamous blacklist, which later reached iconic status in American popular culture as a group unjustly persecuted for their political beliefs. Yet the motives behind the blacklist are less clear, as were the those of the Ten, as the subsequent decades have revealed other forces at work beyond those most commonly cited.


1915 – ‘The Birth of a Nation’ released to American theaters, captivating audiences, becoming one of the most controversial films of all time
1917 – Russian Revolution by Bolshevik Communists, headed by an overwhelmingly Jewish leadership destroys the Czarist monarchy
1919 – The Overman Committee is established to investigate growing Bolshevik activity in the United States.
1910s-1920s – Establishment of 8 major film studios by primarily Eastern European Jewish immigrants, transforms the US film industry. The studios were 20th Century Fox, RKO Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists.
1922 – The Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) is formed by Will H. Hays, a Protestant. The MPPDA would later become the Motion Picture Association of America in 1945.
1927-1928 – The advent of “talkies”, or films with integrated sound elements, drive immense demand in the growing American middle class for Hollywood entertainment.
1930 – The Fish Committee is established to investigate foreign Communist infiltration of the US government.
1935 – V.J. Jerome, Cultural Commissar of the CPUSA, travels to Hollywood to develop a branch for conversion and recruitment of Hollywood professionals.
1937 – A major leader of the Hollywood Communists, John Howard Lawson, travels out to Hollywood on the orders of the CPUSA.
1939 – The USSR invades Finland, prompting the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League to rebrand and inadvertently support the Third Reich.
1944 – ‘Song of Russia’, an overtly pro-Soviet film, is released to the American public, developed in part by several crypto-Communists and members of the Hollywood Ten.
1947-1948 – The US Congress, with what later becomes known as HUAC, begins deeply investigating Hollywood and suspected collusion with Communists, calling forth dozens of high profile individuals to testify. Later that year and into early 1948, the Hollywood Ten are found in contempt of Congress and subsequently fined and “blacklisted” from the industry.
1950 – The Hollywood Ten are sentenced to 1 year in federal prison for contempt of Congress


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  1. Chiraqi Insurgent September 3, 2017 at 9:00 am

    It’s very telling that the whole #oscarssowhite campaign a few years ago wasn’t directed at Jews, rather at whites. Shows you that even blacks won’t name the Jew for fear of being blacklisted (no pun intended). This is yet another reason why I have little respect for blacks, except for Farrakhan.

    1. Farrakhan has his moments.

    2. I dunno about that. We’re talking 80 IQ here m8. There’s probably only a handful of Blacks who even knows what a Jew is. The vast majority would just that they look h’white to them.

      Also, thanks for the episode guys love the show etc.
      I think an obvious event of the 20th century that has been done yet is of course the Vietnam war.

      >It ain’t me starts playing

  2. A small request. Could you include or link the names to the twitter handles of those involved with each podcast? I know it’s on the about page of the 20c site, but I think it would be good to include it on each SM post as well.

  3. Quigley and Sutton settle all this. See my lectures. Communism and Marxism are tools of the banking elite.

  4. With content like this freely available on the internet, it would be a great time to be an inquisitive kid in high school.

    This episode made me want to go back in time and tell off my teachers who got all weepy over Arthur Miller.

  5. More and more, M20 is getting what John Derbyshire calls the “Jew thing.” Rags to riches story is a Jewish cultural trait? Have you guys ever heard of Horatio Alger?

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