Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 32: Silicon Valley, The Shadow Of Technocratic Control

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Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Hans Lander, and Nick Mason with special guest Titus Flavius.


Recent events in America have demonstrated the government’s selective willingness to uphold the 1st Amendment rights of its citizens, and an almost universal suppression of dissent rightest voices over the privately owned aspects of the internet. Despite the universalist principles fought over and passed into law by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public – hotels, restaurants, etc.” people within the alternative right movement have been summarily banned from using services such as Uber and AirBnB. Payments systems have denied access, as have employers dismissed their employees for merely attending a public demonstration or having the wrong opinion. When a man can no longer earn a living, speak his mind, or simply participate in public society – he is no longer free, if he ever truly was. The difference, perhaps, is now we have proof.


– Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell (1949)
– Neuromancer, Gibson (1984)
– De-Google-ify Yourself from #GOOLAG, Black Pigeon Speaks (2017) –
– Fired engineer on being a conservative at Google: ‘Really, it’s like being gay in the 1950s’, CNBC (2017) –
– Cloudflare CEO on Terminating Service to Neo-Nazi Site: ‘The Daily Stormer Are Assholes’, Gizmodo (2017) –
– The Tor Project Defends the Human Rights Racists Oppose, Tor Blog (2017) –
– Dan Harmon: I’m Not A N**** Rant! RANT! (2017) –
– WATCH: Man with Confederate flag, AR-15 comes to Charlottesville to ‘honor’ Robert E. Lee, gets confronted by protesters (2017) –
– Google says AI better than humans at scrubbing extremist YouTube content (2017) –

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  1. Episode 32? Did I miss one or have you made a mistake?

    1. Was an error. Switched to Ep 31.


        Think there may be an error on the website, as that is what I have for episode 31.

        1. Okay, what happened is that Ep 31 was not categorized properly. All good now.

  2. There’s one glaring weakness to expansive corporate censorship. These corporations aren’t acting in any official state capacity so they aren’t able to bring police and military action to follow up with their censorship. These corporations also don’t have VIP security details like state actors do. If you read the first paragraph of chapter 18 in The Prince you’ll have an understanding of how corporate censorship isn’t going to last for long.

    Corporate actors are extremely vulnerable to a determined clandestine opposition. And considering how censors have been dealt with historically all I see is these people putting targets on their back. When it comes down to it corporate censors will fold like a house of cards when it comes down to the choice of enforcing their values or keeping their safety. They have no “rule of law” to uphold like the legitimacy of the state is necessary to uphold no matter the cost. A corporation can fold and not face a legitimacy crisis but a state cannot.

    Having said that I think the corporate actors that made the call to be the censors of us all are in over their heads.

  3. I love your show I have followed it from the start. What’s the name of the track at the end.

    1. “Technology” by Destructo.

  4. I really dig this additional format! You’re all extremely well informed on a variety of topics, and opening up a broader, less structured discussion definitely plays to that strength. Myth of the 20th Century is invaluable for the depth that you provide, and this was essentially fascinating in the same way due to the breath of angles that you came at it from.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Yeah, the after dark take on current events was fun – if something major comes up again we’ll probably convene another.

  5. It should be noted that Hilary Clinton promised free wifi for every household in America.

  6. I liked the “After Dark” format just as much as the rest of your shows, which have been a great way to inform myself on recent history. If the time does come when I repeatedly refresh this page and nothing comes up it would be a dark day indeed

    1. Chiraqi Insurgent August 30, 2017 at 3:41 pm

      Concur. We lost Landry and can’t afford to lose the Myth crew, too. Btw, for our hosts, it’s Weltanschauung. Please excuse my grammar youknowwhat-ism.

      1. I was crushed that Landry bailed. I hope he’s doing something worthwhile and not just holed up in a bunker somewhere.

        Keep up the good work, Myth crew!

  7. Myths After Dark was great. Do more like this.

  8. Your best one yet. Very reactionary. Do more like this.

  9. Its not “weltenstung” you imbeciles, its welt-a-n-s-c-h-a-u-n-g. Every dictionary page has an audio file for every word you can listen to.

    Weltenstung… fuck me what the hell.

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