Descending The Tower – 12: Restoration

Returned from their summer break, Anthony DeMarco, Nick B. Steves, and E. Antony Gray welcome Social Matter writer Michael Perilloux to discuss his work in Theoretical Restoration, then the group fields some hard-hitting questions from the peanut gallery.

0:04:46 Introducing Michael Perilloux
0:14:55 Timeframe for a restoration space-faring civilization
0:25:05 Motivations for technological innovations matter
0:38:32 The American Empire or the Massachusetts Empire
0:59:43 Michael’s Thousand Statesman Strategy
1:13:34 Imperial Mindset and the missing warrior caste
1:29:00 Q1: Is Imperial Restoration terminally hubristic? – @Egon_Maistre
1:56:21 Q2: Should we restore the Papal States? – @PoliticalTragik
2:06:11 Q3: Has Charlottesville finally proven that right-wing activism can’t work? – @WalrusAurelius

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  1. Really appreciate you doing this. This is a lot of content.

    With due respect, I must express my strong disagreement that Man will ever have a spacefaring civilization. The stars are simply too far away, while the planets in our solar system are dead rocks. Compared with the open ocean on Earth, space is incomprehensibly more hostile. Imagine living inside an oven. That is the surface of the moon in full daylight.

    More interesting is why our technological and atheistic civilization spends so much creative energy fantasizing about space. Seems like it is intended as a substitute for religious belief for materialists. I would suggest NRx take a suitably skeptical approach.

    1. Our civilization spends so much time fascinating about space because it will at some point become necessary to disperse therein if humanity is to survive. The earth, as a habitable sphere, will not last forever.

      1. Accept your mortality. Immortality is of the supernatural.

  2. I think the only way for medical technology from now on to be beneficial in the long run is gene editing(CRISPR tech) of reproductive cells or embyros to eradicate inherited diseases from the genetic line entirely. Otherwise the mutations are just going to accumulate and accumulate and diseases will get worse and worse.

  3. Good talk gentlemen. I’ve had similar conversations with my west coast friends. Every part of this country is filled with secessionist sentiment, every part but the northeast that is (VT is a special case). Why? Because, the United States is a Yankee empire. When the rest of the country sees the stars and stripes they see the flag of the whole country or the flag of the government, but when a Yankee views it he sees his flag. Our attachment is similar to that of the southerner with his stars and bars. To the extent that there is a “white nation” in America it is the universal Yankee nation, and the decline of the US is ultimately the decline of the Yankee. Deep down the Yankee have always wanted an empire (they prove it with there every action). All they need to do is embrace it with all of it’s implications. Ultimately, the YQ is the real question.

    BTW. I’m glad you guys are back.

  4. Henry Kissinger August 25, 2017 at 4:41 am

    I read A LOT of your material and goddamn is your analysis of Geopolitics hot garbage. A German realignment with China is well underway. No wonder does the conversation stall out when you actually try to assess the world.

  5. Friend of Israel August 25, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Your podcasts would sound less amateurish if you could actually pronounce “kshatriya,” and “vaisya,” as they are in the original Sanskrit.

    1. Pick one name and stick with it. You’re not allowed to comment on the same post with multiple names. If you do it again, that’s a perma-ban.

    2. You should go on sometime and give your opinions. I can’t wait to hear your biting commentary on necessary articulation.

  6. We need to spoof a possibile extraterrestrial threat. A signal that could cause a re-prioritization.

  7. The empire needs to be abandoned lock stock and barrel. I am with PT Carlo on this.

  8. Name names, please: who are alt right Brahmins?

  9. I wonder what the “thousand statesmen” means in practice and for the legal system as a whole: A question the Schmidt-inspired R. Spencer always avoids when I am allowed to ask it of him.

    Does being competent to administer the American Empire mean the Executive/Deep State gets expanded or does it get shrunken to its Jeffersonian size?

    How about the welfare state, also administered by the outsized Executive? Does the Constitution matter? Does the Common Law matter?

    How will the activist judiciary be reigned in? What will lawmaking be based on? Collectivist racial theories? Imperial prerogatives?

  10. d i m f a t e

    of fancy
    in the brainstorms
    of the hoi polloi’
    downing ancestral fences
    the flagellating
    imagine keep them
    at bay
    from a perplexing
    ugly progress
    and not safe
    betwixt an eclectic
    array of
    bent on utter
    but hailed as
    Shangri-la cadres.

    grim fate
    all languish
    will linger
    silver spoons
    will rust
    their dazzle
    was seasonal
    the sugar
    the neighbour
    never returns
    and steals the salt
    helped by
    the council of elders
    but they love
    the traitors
    dumb stroke
    by snake handlers.

    dim faith
    crawls drunken
    in the night
    of their thoughts
    as a bright star
    is brought forth
    by kali like high wire
    equilibrist gerents
    and masked agents of change
    to boost in
    a brave new wondrous age

    but first pandemonium.

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