Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 31: American Cauldron, Immigration and Its Discontents

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Is the United States a nation of immigrants? On a long enough time scale, isn’t every country? Human migrations have been a consistent part of history – but equally consistent has been a clear set of rules and controls for allowing certain individuals in, and keeping others out. Much like a home has a lock and key for the residents, a nation loses all integrity if its doors are flung wide open. Those who do not own the home – such as visitors or even temporary residents – are much less likely to take good care of the building. Anyone who has lived in an apartment knows this. So selecting who is allowed in becomes key. But in a country like America, and increasingly the rest of the Western world, the residents are being told they must share their keys with the neighbors, and give them free meals and room to stay. The citizens have consistently voted against this, but the true owners of the country – the wealthy and their paid politicians – have decided they want more servants. The citizens are angry, yet their voices are ignored.


1607 – English Puritans arrive in Jamestown, Virginia, marking the first major settlement by Englishmen of North America.
1765 – American Revolution officially begins with serious divisions between America and the British Crown over tax policy and legal representation in Westminster.
1783 – The American Revolution is ended with the Treaty of Paris.
1788 – US Constitution fully adopted upon ratification by New Hampshire.
1790. 1795, 1798 – First Naturalization Acts of the United States of America, declaring clearly that the United States immigration and citizenship policy should be directed primarily at those of “good character” and European-racial stock.
1820 – United States experiences severe emigration to Canada, Europe, and Britain as a result of the Revolution. Official legislation crafted on recording of immigration metrics and rules on port entry/exit for passengers for the USA. Majority of immigration to USA is German, Scandinavian, and English.
1840-1860’s – The Irish Potato Famine, economic declines, political instability in Germany and papal insurrections create impetus for millions of Europeans to descend upon the United States.
1864 – Congress immediately centralizes control over immigration under the Secretary of State’s office.
1875 – SCOTUS rules that immigration is primarily a concern of the US Federal Government; individual states lose ability to control migrant flows.
1870-1890 – Majority of immigration is still Western/Northern European, with exception of high levels of Italian immigration. Several pieces of legislation banning the immigration of Asiatics are passed, halting Sinocization of the American west coast. Criminals, prostitutes, contract laborers, convicts, lunatics, polygamists, drunkards and anarchists are all banned from immigration to the USA.
post-1890 – Large numbers of Germans, but immense numbers of eastern Europeans, as well as Jews, begin immigration to the United States.
1917 – Immigration Act passed by Congress virtually bans all Asiatics indefinitely, introduces a literacy test, and bans illiterates, psychopaths, immoral women, and vagrants.
1921 – National Quota Law is passed by Congress, introducing quotas amounting to 3% of the given number of foreign-born of any nationality from entering.
1924 – National Origins Act is passed by Congress, instituting 2% limits on each each nationality present in the United States.
1952 – Immigration and Naturalization Act reaffirms national origin quotas and primary goal of maintaining founding stock; new grounds for deportation added.
1965 – Passing of the Hart-Cellar Act, completely gutting the national origin quotas.
1986 – Immigration Reform and Control Act is passed, granting amnesty to 3 million, predominately Asian and Hispanic illegal migrants.
1990 – Immigration cap increased to officially 675,000 annually.
2001 – Legal Immigration surges past 1,000,000 for the first time since 1986, trends continued unabated since.
2042 – Demographic projections assume none-white plurality becomes majority of population. Game over, white man


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  1. Try getting a library card!

    Colorado has it bad. I remember all kinds of people who moved there from California. They loved Colorado. They just couldn’t find anyone to cut their lawns…

    1. “All civilizations collapse when they become reliant on foreign labor.” -Arthur Kemp

      1. Historically, civilizations have been built to great heights when they import workers.

  2. Chiraqi Insurgent August 20, 2017 at 11:45 am

    The best line describing the U.S. was “The United States is the U.N.” What those of us in the know need to do is start acting like minorities in order to increase resilience during the upcoming disintegration (whatever form it might take).
    Also, there’s a great book about immigration entitled Why Europe Leaves Home by Kenneth Roberts written in the early 1920’s. It was very enlightening for me personally, as I was able to put myself in the shoes of the WASP nation and feel its disgust at the influx of Catholics and Jews who forever changed the character of the country. It’s the same disgust I feel now when I see Arabs, Asians and Latinos coming here to take over. Since we can’t change anything legally, these invaders must be fought culturally.

    1. Build local, build trust, build real relationships. I agree – we’re not in power and it’s up to us. Because the system – and the other – will not help.

  3. This was a really interesting podcast. The idea of a ” nation of immigrants”, a nation which has no immutable ethnocultural character or historical consciousness is a contradiction in terms. A nation can’t function as a tabla rasa with successive waves of immigrants imprinting their own identities and experiences upon territory as if it were a blank canvas. And it’s impossible to collectively articulate a shared sense of national identity when a polity exists in a state of demographic fluidity. Of course most nations are originally founded by migrations of peoples, in which a process of ethnogenesis takes place, but the idea that nativist opposition to Pakistani immigration in the UK is somehow morally delegitimized because anglo-saxons originally colonised Britain is absurd as it is nauseating. The “nation of immigrants” narrative is a deliberate attempt to deconstruct and ultimately dissolve the native population’s identity and their psychological attachment to their ancestral homeland. Its only been introduced to societies which are undergoing demographic replacement; even Germany a country which historically defined itself in explicitly racial terms has had a proposition narrative introduced to it.

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