A soft and spongy blushing egg,
Afloat in silky glow.
So ride the waters lonely beg,
For parents does it crow.

Necessity and time’s first child,
No fate could part the pair.
The serpents for their offspring smiled,
They came to soothe their heir.

Their deathless bodies babe embrace,
And squeezed with loving touch.
They wrapped the egg from tip to base,
To life they seemed to clutch.

Too tight were their durations coiled,
The egg began to bend.
Malformed and squished its wall were foiled,
Beginning met its end.

So from the shell life took its flight,
A horned, two-nature weld.
With golden wings that brought forth light,
And scepter not long held.

The egg was split into three parts,
A dome, a disk, a pit.
So from the gaps disorder charts,
Its fitful winding skit.

The happy parents circled round,
To drive the wheel of time.
Necessity did leave behind,
The daughters of her prime.

With life, comes death, the mortal pair,
And need to know the spans.
The distaff lacks the thread to spare,
A spindle lay the plans.

So spin, then measure fin’lly cut,
The quota of the breath.
The door lay open fin’lly shut,
The world has welcomed death.

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