Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 30: AIDS, Cause And Effect

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Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Hans Lander, and Nick Mason – also joined by very special guest Cathy Princess.


HIV/AIDS, which by the late 1980s had come to dominate media stories in the United States concerning a growing epidemic, has ever since remained a consistent topic of American and increasingly world health officials as the disease has spread globally – particularly throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia. What is less talked about, however, is the sharp contrast in how certain populations are much more likely to contract the disease, in particular the homosexual community, compared to the general population. Despite less than 1% of the American population having HIV, the disease receives over 5 times the funding per person as does cancer, which is more than 10 times as common – raising questions as to why a special group receives such disproportionate funding over others.


1976- Norwegian sailor Arvid Noe dies after frequenting prostitutes in ports in Africa
1977- Danish physician Grethe Rask dies after performing surgeries in Africa
1978- “Faggots” released by Larry Kramer
1980- Syndrome starting to be prospectively ID’d
1981- Clusters of pneumonia & Kaposi’s Sarcoma ID’d in groups of gay men
1982- Gay Men’s Health Crisis founded, AIDS defined as a thing
1982- CDC changes classification of syndrome from GRIDS to AIDS
1983- HIV first isolated in patient in France
1983- Larry Kramer resigns from GMHC on the theory they’re not political enough
1985- First available HIV test. “The Normal Heart” released
1987- ACT UP founded
1987- AZT drug first offered
1988- Surgeon General sends report on AIDS to all 107 million US households
1988- World Health Organization declares World AIDS Day
1992- Combination therapy / drug cocktail developed


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  1. I guess the only way to deal with AIDs is to let it run wild among the gay population. Since every attempt to treat it makes it much more worse.

  2. Where is some acknowledgement by the gay community about how self-destructive behaviour brought on their problem?
    Why do gays blame straight people for not doing enough to solve a problem that is their own fault?

    1. Something to do with their female solipsistic brain, I would venture to say. Why heteros respond as beta males to basically a shit-test is another question.

    2. There have been some homosexuals who have acknowledged that it is a gay problem. This of course endangers AIDS research because all that is needed are two trends for AIDS research to be reduced dramatically:

      1.) Gays admitting that this is their fault and most prevalent within their community.
      2.) Heterosexuals to acknowledge, en masse, that gays are destructive to a nation and need to be kept severely in check.

      One thing naturally leads to another, and you’ll have public support for reducing AIDS research increase dramatically if enough people see what homosexuals actually spend their time doing.

  3. Likey McLikeFace August 15, 2017 at 9:24 am


    Sorry, i couldn’t, like, listen to this to completion after i, like, noticed the CONSTANT use of this word. It’s too much. Please take some articulation classes.

    1. So do you goons do this shilling for free or is Something Awful paying $0.05 a post?

  4. The Last American August 15, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    God is trying to help us out, we just won’t listen…

  5. US Federal government spends $34 billion a year and rising on AIDS. This does not count State and Local government spending or insurance policy holders spending due to Obama Care requirement that pre existing conditions must be covered

  6. I’m currently in graduate school for an MSW and if I said to one of peers who works with AIDS/HIV patients that a good idea to tell their homosexual/bi clients is to restrain from sodomy I’d either be stigmatized as “that bigot” in my cohort or be met with a strong warning from the dean of my department.

    On another note, my mother’s an OR nurse. I use to volunteer at the hospital where she works in the social work department where I overheard the medical social workers say that there was an STD rate above 80% among the black communities on the South Side of the city after taking a survey. In fear of what would happen if they published that number (accusations of racism, accusations of institutional health neglect to minorities), whoever was in charge of publishing lowered it. Putting aside the ethical concerns over this lie, I told my mom about this and I said why couldn’t they just tell the people that entered the clinic to not have sex? She chuckled cynically. “Oh GRA, we can’t tell them that.”

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