Weimerica Weekly – Episode 82 – Reagan Tokes

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 82. The podcast airs every Tuesday.

This week’s podcast is on Reagan Tokes, a girl who was murdered by a rapist released from prison.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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  1. I believe in criminal justice reform. Public executions for rapists and helicopter rides for communists.

  2. When I saw the title of the podcast I thought it was some kind of snark about our 40th president smoking weed.

    1. Chiraqi Insurgent August 9, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      Dude, same here. LOL

    2. There was a swag bag going around the White House at that time definitively. Its part of the inventory now like the painting of Jackson.


  3. Florida kids recently with so many arrests? Reform has to happen on a local level. Unless it hits the internet and then the prosecutors and judges see that their job might be on it there will no change. This goes back to the basic idea of firing people that do not do the job. “Wait for the next election etc.” I am not sure how one can solve the short attention span on all of this unless this hits home. The problem now is the fact that all of the victims will play it out that they are the most victimness ( I think we need a new term for the most possible victim that can occur possible ) of anyone and thus should retire with benefits because their neighbors or others somehow did not protect them. I am not sure who this will ever end.

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