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One pathology of our age is a childlike credulity in the magical efficacy of complaint. Don’t complain, build. We have done well at complaining; so what? What have we built? – Mencius Moldbug

What does effective political organization look like, in the modern day, if we really want to save our civilization? Others have their answers, we have ours. The Hestia Society leadership has given me permission to write about our Chapter System, as an invitation for you all to get involved. So let’s take a tour. What have we built?

Our chapter system is a network of local men’s groups that meet regularly in major cities across America:

The chapter system, at its most basic level, is a distributed mannerbund: a network of men coordinating around shared interests, shared ethics, and a shared strategy to achieve their mission.

The mission of the chapter system is to be a robust social network of men dedicated to the task of Restoration, and a network of men capable of independent prosperous existence in its own right:

One of our men, finding himself in a new city, should have a ready social circle which he trusts, and which trusts him. He should immediately be hooked into social, business, leisure, church, and political networks.

As he settles in, he finds that a network of men loyal to each other is a huge leg up in life. They help him with personal struggles, introduce him to business contacts, teach him new skills, keep him accountable, push him to improve himself, and are there for him when he needs help.

When he finds himself in want of a wife, his new brothers make introductions, wing him on wife raids, push him to improve his own value, point out the flaws that he is blind to, give him courting advice, and show up to his wedding.

His wife also is socially integrated into the scene. She finds friends in the other wives, and their single girlfriends. Unlike her normie friends, these women get it, and aren’t going to look at her funny for speaking freely and having a politically incorrect husband. She knows that when she’s raising her own family, there will be a strong network to help and share burdens.

Our man attends the self-improvement functions of the chapter: book club, lifting crew, camping trips, and ideological and skill workshops. He grows as a man, and as a thinker and actor.

In his new friend circle, he knows he has loyal brothers who won’t cross him, will reliably work for his interests, and will help him enforce patriarchy in his family. This community lives by and enforces the social law of mannerbund and patriarchy: the foundations of civilization. Even as the world grows lawless and desperate around them, he knows that his family in this community at least, will live well and push through the chaos, like the strange hyperpatriarchal tribes that alone survived the bronze age collapse. He can be sure of this because this community is one that has the will to live and grow, and strength and wisdom to succeed at doing so.

In turn, he throws his effort and loyalty behind the shared cause of Restoration and the Society organizing to make it happen:

First of all, he gives back to his community in all the ways it helped him. He welcomes new men, helps them in life, helps them get married, pushes them to improve, and enforces a virtuous and lawful way of life.

With his brothers in the chapter, he does systematic research, thinking, study, and debate to develop the ideas of statecraft that will bring our civilization out of its current funk, and to the next level of possibility.

He writes articles, organizes his chapter, innovates new functions of the community, and runs useful projects with the men of his chapter. Through his effort, the community grows in sophistication.

He reaches out to key figures in the surrounding institutions and community, building a network of information and influence

He trains himself and his brothers physically and mentally for the coming challenges. They train towards the ideal of the Golden Age Statesmen, such that when their numbers are enough, their victory will be inevitable.

This is all already happening with the men of our chapter system.

Everything is at a preliminary stage, and there is much more work to do to achieve our ultimate vision, but that work now is no longer entirely fundamental innovation, but also largely scaling up what already exists by straightforward application of the social technologies we have been investigating and describing for years:

  • With mannerbund and patriarchy, the men, from their chapters, get a civilized and powerful community that provides for many of the needs of good life, and forms a hopeful substrate for the future of civilization.
  • Strong borders and vetting around the community ensure that high trust and loyalty is possible, and that the community provides the highest possible value to its members, because its members are uniformly decent and discreet.
  • Passivism and discretion ensure the whole thing stays quietly professional and focused on the task, without becoming distracted by public drama. This community is not about activism; it’s about building the future of civilization.
  • Chapters, from each other and Hestia, get a broader and stronger network, economies of scale, contacts in different cities, shared experience, help starting up, strategic direction, and centralized recruiting and infrastructure.
  • Hestia, from its chapters and men, gets a powerful base upon which to build the machinery of Restoration, a network of useful skills and information, and a body of reactionaries to be recruited for deeper collaboration.

In the long term, our vision is that this network will become the high quality hub of reactionary thought, networking, and community, with a lodge in every major city in the Anglosphere. This is and will be the body of the Restoration.

This is a big project, and will require the dedicated contribution of many good men. If you are the kind of man who has talent, and more importantly serious motivation to lead and save our civilization from chaos and darkness, then we invite you to get involved.

This is a grand project we have chosen to undertake, and it will require all of us to step up and get involved as deeply as we can. There is no other way to victory. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Apply now to join Hestia in our mission.

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  1. Twice I tried to contact the Vancouver Chapter, and never received an answer.

    1. Michael Perilloux August 4, 2017 at 5:33 pm

      We’ll look into it.

  2. Bravo. Godspeed. I recommend everyone submit an application and get involved. There are more of you than you think.

    1. And if there is no Hestia Society chapter in your area, I recommend you follow Fuehrerprinzip and start one yourself in coordination with the Society.

  3. This is sounds great. I would apply to put my city in the network but I’m relatively young and new to this type of worldview, so I’m hoping that someone with more experience will apply in my area.

    1. Michael Perilloux August 4, 2017 at 10:30 pm

      Get in touch and we’ll see if anyone else turns up in your area.

  4. Is there any space for women without reactionary husbands?

    1. Send me an email here:

  5. This sounds great , I would be very interested should this grow beyond North America and across the Atlantic.

  6. Thrice I attempted to rendezvous with Rafael of the New York City chapter, back when its website titled itself a “bookclub”, to no success. Glad to see the project has not floundered.

  7. Looking to start a Chicago chapter? Or one in St. Louis? About the only places I could reliably get to.

    1. I’m in Chicagoland, loyal reader, first-time commenter. If you’d be interested in forming something, maybe send me an email at

  8. I wish all participants good luck and hope this will grow into a fruitful endeavor

  9. Interested in a Midwest / Michigan / Chicago chapter.

  10. How long does it usually take Hestia to get back in contact?

    1. We have a ton of applicants right now. We’re working through the stack as fast as we can.

  11. We have something similar to this in the South with Identity Dixie chapters.

    1. Michael Perilloux August 12, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      Get in touch, maybe we can collaborate in some way.

  12. Are you interested in European applicants? I’m sure we could work something out on our own if you just help coordinate the thing.

    1. Neoreaction is a mostly American phenomenon, but we in Europe are likely to see the first societal upheaval. It’s time we began to network.

      E-mail me at

    2. Michael Perilloux August 12, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      Yeah. Send em in. We’ll invade Europe if we have to.

  13. I applaud this initiative by the Hestia Society.

    We can only have an impact on the future if we get beyond the closed system of the blogosphere and start to develop real life connections. Our ideas have evolved Yugely in a the short time that Neoreaction and the Alt-Right have emerged. We are starting to have a big influence on the online culture. But it will come to nought unless we establish an actual real life presence and a ‘Mannerbund’.

    I’ve sent in my application. What are YOU waiting for?

    Men of the west, now is the time to stand up.

    1. Not to mention, strong Mannerbund in your life most likely will have immense benefits for you as an individual.

  14. Application sent. Let’s build the world we wish to live in.

  15. Thorgeir Lawspeaker August 24, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    If I may pose a question about the pseudonym piece: Is there a public / general consumption source for the thought process on the use of real-sounding pseudonyms and at what point it’s viewed as appropriate to move to a real-names basis? On the one hand, there are obvious reasons not to want one’s real name associated with a project like this outside a small and trusted group, but on the other, the project contemplates the members of the mannerbund being or becoming responsible members and leaders of their communities.

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