Miri’s Song

WE ALL at some time must come here
I stand at the edge of the dusty pier;
We are pierced with sorrow at the end
I do not know what word I would send;
If a word I could send out to you
Wherever it is you have gone to be;
We are moored to earth, though wind flew
Again and again over water to the sea;

We were lucky, some were less, in life
Only we do not know them standing here;
I traded peace for war, joy for strife
Now the sun shadowed, now the wind is sheer;
Cutting me as the wind cuts the wind
As the wind cuts the sea, sifting tide
But we are not water going-out, coming-in
Resting fury on sand or pier-side;

In part we are two places at once
But I am sitting here as time runs;
Part of us is hidden beyond our ken
All of me seems to wait, tide coming in;
But I wait for myself, myself alone
I wait for evening to come make an end
We are a beginning, where have we gone
We are a falling sound gone around the bend;

We wait in the failing sun and the cold
I desire to leap the sea: tumultous, old;
We are a spring that must be wound again
I will leap the sea, not if, but when
I will swallow the ocean in a draught
When I find a way to pass to where you are
The world is too much for me, but not
For us; For us it is too small by far.

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  1. My opinion is that this is one of your best. The language is more natural then it can be, but it doesn’t lose any pathos by it. The line:

    I will swallow the ocean in a draught

    reminds me of Prufrock.

    1. Thanks, I was self-conscious about the irregularity of this poem, but couldn’t find a way to fix it that didn’t ruin it.

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