The Bridge Of Stars

The stars await us, yet their bridge unseen
Those languid orbs, and pins still pale in night
The upworlds hang about them new and green
But dismal science chased them from our sight;

So shall a rich man make a coffin fly
And claim them where his wealth is made a pittance
Winter taxes stores both great and high
Deep heaven makes of all of them good riddance;

Brag again – you cannot make a pencil
Will you make a city by persisting
Draw a plan with nothing but a stencil
Wish a way out there to keep existing?

Night is deep and heaven is a war
A war of cold and dust and solar fire
And which of us could cross from shore to shore
Supply a chain now drawn a tiny wire?

And death! So speed can not avail you here
Do dream awhile of space and time enfolding
What you lack, regain in pain and fear
And realize now the men the future’s molding;

Sleep or dream, Sunflower, this I’m asking
Dream the bridge of stars as all are seeming
Now forget the destiny that’s passing
Languid squares of moonlight are your dreaming;

One last time you reach but fail to grasp
As time is not a progress from the past;
And poor we will become for heaven’s teeming–
Leap that sea — and bridge the stars at last!

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  1. I think more puncuation would help the reader read. This is true especially between lines.

    1. Punctuation would destroy the message of flight and movement. Often times, punctuation can be a barricade. This is one of those times.

    2. If I seem frustrated, it’s because I spent a long time making sure the stresses were lined up just so.

      As it’s not prose, punctuation is optional. My general idea is that each line (verse) is itself a poem, so coupling it too strongly to the stanza might reduce the ambiguity between its individual distinction and its integration with the whole, each line is ‘eternal’, their arrangement provides the text.

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