Weimerica Weekly – Episode 72 – Redrawing The Family

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 72. The podcast airs every Tuesday.

This week’s podcast is on media trying to redraw the family.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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  1. The reason that the progs didn’t jump in full-force on the polygamy band wagon earlier, is because, in the United States, polygamy is generally associated with Mormons and Mormons tend to be socially conservative (relatively) and vote Republican. You couldn’t get Mormons to go along with all of the other sin and depravity that is required to be on the left.

  2. I’m currently in social work and the DSM is slowly making transgenderism – once GID, but now known as Gender Dysphoria – as close to normal as possible. It first comes with rationalizing that it’s not a disorder but something else – a dysphoria. Now, after dysphoria my bet it will be taken out of the DSM like same-sex attraction.

    Here’s an example of normalization + rationalization: my professor said that when a woman who believes she’s a man, and that if she likes women it does not men she’s a lesbian. Since she believes she’s a man she’s straight. It is not that her mind is wired wrong, but that her body is wrong, hence the argument that it’s a dysphoria, not a (mental) disorder. Given that logic, even if she liked men she’d still be disorder free since same-sex attraction is no longer seen as a mental or sexual disorder. The mind is fine. They’re just like “cisgendered” people. But if the person feels maligned it’s probably because of society (this was actually written in one of my supplement texts).

  3. I seem to recall Solomon’s solution to that custody battle was to propose chopping the kid in half. Wonder why that never comes up in modern jurisprudence.

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