Oh where to turn this fragile bow?
A star, shines bright upon our vow.
Alive, in grace but timeworn goals.
Invoke the nameless call unto our hungry souls.

So cross the bound’ry gallant fool.
Our temp’rate realm quaff righteous fuel.
Go draw the line in frozen flame.
In humble battle sure contest the soil profane.

A step in league with fortune’s call.
To join our brother’s sanguine brawl.
To cover ground in man’s long cloak.
Let breath our sons with freedom wear their lustrous yoke.

Across our sea they give no call.
Yet ‘cross our sands the laggard’s sprawl.
We hear their words with eyes awake.
Before we learn to give we fin’lly learn to take.

A corsair’s heart adorn our chests.
With gracious calm entreat our guests.
The price of peace was all too dear.
With tranquil warfare teach the dull the name of fear.

With sinew build the primate’s sway,
and never from our humor stray.
For sticks and stones begat our age.
Be short in patience: slowly time does make a sage.

At first we watch our loving home.
Then learn to mimic living bone.
In time to know just what we did,
And from our life extract what muscle long had hid.

So draw the waters from the sea.
So deeply steep the primal tea.
To bring the life from brackish surf,
And call the garden teeming from the fervent turf.

To build diffusing sturdy homes.
Disperse the gleaming golden domes.
Let draw the folk for labor sure.
So give the infant culture needed time to cure.

Conceive the long neglected breed.
And germinate the dormant seed.
We never chose eternal youth,
our legs were gravely stunted, sold for hollow booth.

The pyramid so points above.
From base to crown we learn thereof.
And from the pattern seek designs.
With polished sturdy roads we find our faithful lines.

And so we tack against the wind,
so hardly knowing where we’ve been.
For struggle marks our journey’s wake,
until the fateful surging tides our life do take.

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