No Patriarchy Without Patriarchs

An observer of the Western world sees weekly reminders of the folly of women’s liberation. There are parades of women wearing vagina hats. There are women in vagina costumes protesting for no reason besides their party losing. Older women who passed on having children seek the mother experience by welcoming in and working with migrants from the Third World–migrants who are illiterate, prone to rape, and sometimes beat or kill their hosts.

As is often the case with European news reports, people ask, “Where are the men?”

These tragic news blurbs also inspire murmurs from men about the need for patriarchy. This grumbling calls out for its return as if some sort of mystical, ethereal entity will install it. If that is the longing, it’s easy to convert to Mormonism or Islam and enjoy the structural patriarchy enforced by those systems. Exactly how patriarchal does one have to be if the entire community is there to support and enforce one’s side in any argument? And yet, Islam still is not performing eternal vigilance if hymenoplasty clinics keep popping up in France.

To solve these problems, one must restore patriarchy. Not just the shell, but the entire cultural feeling. To summon the patriarchy requires patriarchs. We must admit that modern man is degraded and has shirked duties of leadership, in addition to being a target of the superstructure. As if building concentric circles, one has to first work on oneself, one’s family, one’s männerbund, one’s community, and one’s civilization. There must be a steady drive towards the Restoration because in the absence of a king, there is no power to secure one’s status as patriarch. As the king has responsibilities down the chain, so does a patriarch have responsibilities and duties up and down the chain.

To bring about the return of patriarchy and stop delegating the management of homelife and the means of reproduction to some progressive-controlled central authority, one has to discuss a subject that is often times a status eraser. To call for patriarchy’s return is presently a demerit. In this era of progressive dominance, voicing a return to patriarchy results in a deduction of total status.

As such, one must improve oneself. There must be no chink in the armor, no chip in the stone, and no weakness. View the idea of status as not simply the accumulation of status points, but the idea of a status indifference curve. In economics, an indifference curve shows how consumers will select different amounts of goods but will derive equal satisfaction from the combinations. If you voice contingently low status ideas, you must appear and exude high status to make up for the loss in them agreeing with you.

The Left has been relying on this for decades. They embrace the most wicked of ideas, the most disgusting, and most alien, but these ideas end up high status because the most educated, the wealthiest, or the youngest individuals mouth them. Because money, education, and youth are all elevated as prime status and the Left controls media framing, strange beliefs like gay marrying, Muslims being relocated to Michigan, or abortion on demand are considered superior or higher status beliefs. The hilarious manufactured meme of #SwoleLeft was the elite on the Left realizing that their side was the side of weakness in an increasingly dangerous time.

This all starts with you. Working on the qualities of a patriarch is your first task. Employment and having one’s finances in order is a must. How can one support a family or provide shelter as a patriarch, if one is a debt slave? Wealth grants status in our society, so achieving a comfortable level of living is desirable. Reactionary values from the classes of people that the Left derides on late night comedy is to be expected. To hear reactionary values from individuals from higher socioeconomic classes is jarring to the average person. It is a class rebellion.

Primacy is in the marketing of one’s messaging; physical packaging of the messenger matters for ideas. This means lifting weights and taking care of one’s appearance. In our degraded age, the molded bodybuilding aesthetic is a reaction against modernity. Training one’s body fills out the male form as it was intended and designed for: physical activity, manual work, fighting, etc. This is so antithetical to the progressive mindset that the mere sight of muscles is problematic. A male body with muscle is a body that is not taking the coward’s path or the modern path of least resistance. This matters in messaging. No one will listen to a doughy schlub calling for a return of male leadership or honoring and supporting male virtue.

Similar to developing physical strength, one must cultivate one’s mind. One does not need be a fully engaged researcher but a wise man eager to learn. The search for truth and wisdom of the ages. It is not simply reading old books, but absorbing and interpreting the knowledge, obvious and esoteric, within old books for practical application. This flows to another important trait to develop, namely that of good judgment.

As patriarchs will be granted authority, they will have to be good decision makers. This is not just for decisions made, but in decisions to delegate. This does not just involve being a learned or wise man. Patriarchs must be good judges of other men. Having a wide breadth of knowledge will make one a better decision maker and allow for quicker decisions. This will grant status within social circles. Someone who can be trusted is someone who can be granted powers, duties, and privilege. Intelligence is considered high status in our age, but the spread of credentialism has made people unsure who to trust. Demonstrating intelligence and wisdom can earn status as well as make you an anchor for others.

The monastic life is not what we seek here, as patriarchs must be men of their community. To steal from the Greeks, patriarchs should not only cultivate wisdom but also cunning or crafty thought. Modern readers may know Athena as a goddess of wisdom, but this is not quite the truth. Athena was the goddess of cunning. Greeks hammered the point home by making Athena the goddess of craftwork. As the daughter of Metis, she inherited that crafty intelligence.

Channeling this concept, one should not just be book smart but street smart, that is, understanding human nature and all its permutations. Thinking fast on one’s feet is a goal to strive for, as it grants status as a man to have in a pinch or a friend in the foxhole. In the practical realm, having hobbies and skills that people can call upon or that one could share and pass on is key to becoming a patriarch. Odysseus was not simply smart, but crafty enough to outwit the Greek gods and mythical challenges on his way home. One becomes not just another man, but an indispensable man to the community.

A patriarch is not a stone-faced man in the home or in public. A leader can harness his emotions. As the West has more broken homes with boys being raised by women, these boys model behavior after what they see: the feminine approach to emotions. Whether raised with a father or not, men must learn to control their emotions and express them appropriately. The patriarch is the rock for his family, his männerbund, his community.

There is another trait from the Greeks that we could consider: thumos.

Thumos was the idea of the passion or spirit in the blood. There could be debate about a warrior’s thumos. He may win or lose, but did he fight with thumos? Even in American history, one recognizes the behavior, the gallantry, and the spirit that Confederate soldiers fought with against poor odds. In our modern era, how many men float as if icebergs in the sea of society? The drive for life is sorely missing in the comatose, zombified, and atomized men we see walking our streets.

Fostering and developing these traits builds one’s family. A man who strives for development and exudes these virtues will attract women. Not just women in general, but the type of women who seek male leadership and will value it in the home. Women want a man they not only respect, but that their social circle respects. A man calling for patriarchy who has a wife leading around by the nose is a false prophet. The community will instinctively recognize this and tune him out.

What this also speaks to is the need for refining rhetorical skills. Not everyone needs to be Al Pacino or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, but being able to effectively communicate and persuade matters when exploring illiberalism and other ideas unwelcome in Modernity. Speaking confidently comes natural to some, but public speaking is a skill that can be developed. Consistent practice of even the smallest things can make one a more effective presence. Pacing, elegant use of hands, target engagement, and controlled, measured tones can all convey even the most ridiculous of messages in a method and manner that is high status.

To deny that rhetorical skill matters is to deny that we live in a society that overvalues verbal skills. Former President Barack Obama’s entire political career rests on that fact that he was a black politician who spoke so well. President Trump would not be in the Oval Office right now if not for his unique way to message to the masses. Simply yelling ‘cuck’ at people will not do. Darkly enlightened ideas such as patriarchy will pierce initial defenses if spoken in a confident, calm tone. Delivered from a frame molded by lifting and a mind refined by reading, one’s message will become much more persuasive.

It is also important to see these traits in others and reinforce their development. As part of the trait of good judgment, seeing these traits and encouraging their development creates a virtuous cycle. Debating the levels or even existence of agency is a pastime in our circles, so how important can the smallest of encouragements be for anyone attempting to walk the path that society mocks and derides? Simply picking up a barbell and caring about how one looks is a rebellion. Small compliments and story swapping will push a man to return to the gym, pick up a book, or pushback against the high priests of the nation.

Finding allies and seeing friends develop or even turning strangers into friends is important not just for them or you, but for your community. The age of irony is partially built on the fear of being vulnerable and sincere in enjoying something. People constantly fear the loss of status anywhere. While small circles, especially circles with the presence of progressives, may chide one another for seeking wisdom, reading old books or developing a skill, one can blaze a path to Restoration by simply approving another man’s small quest. Nudging an atomized male out of his dazed sleepwalk is a small step in forming a männerbund.

A man who exemplifies these virtues will be the type of man capable of building a männerbund or being useful to men who already have formed one. To build a männerbund involves having the wisdom to be an excellent judge of men. It also requires the ability to carefully cultivate a circle of men to strengthen a community and harden it against outside influence. At each infiltration of progressive ideas into a community, there was someone with the courage to open the front gate. A community that works together under male leadership will find a man with these traits useful. This is the type of community that will hear a man speak the truth and rather than object or cry out ‘hate!’ will approve.

From here, the goal of striving towards the Restoration and the return of kings is a logical extension. There can be no patriarchy without the king, and no king without the patriarchy to model. As one is a steward of one’s home, so will one be a steward of one’s civilization. Proper care and leadership within one’s home will demand proper care and leadership in one’s community and civilization.

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  1. What old books do you suggest people read?

  2. Chiraqi Insurgent April 9, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    “Ryan, I made $970,000 last year. How much you make? You see, pal. That’s who I am, and you’re nothing.”

  3. This is an excellent article and an easy BOTW candidate imo. Very good analysis and action plan. That being said my criticism is this:

    While almost all of what you’re saying is true i.e. the need to gain status in order to legitimize an idea like patriarchy. The problem is how one gains status in the Kwa while remaining right wing. Perhaps this is less of a problem in the business world (although that seems to be changing fast with new Prog corporate policies) And so at least for the time being for some it can work, assuming business is your thing.

    However, in our present culture status isn’t merely defined by financial worth, rather it is increasingly defined by “cultural capital.” As loathed as they are by many on the right, the famous author, screenwriter or media personality has much more influence on cultural attitudes than the business/pillar of the community type, even if that person has significantly more money than the former group.

    This wasn’t true in the past for the simple fact that Mass Media didn’t really exist, so all politics was local.

    So the only way to control these meme dispensers is to climb the ladder in those field, but the ladder is, for now controlled by Liberal Commissars. That is the main problem as I see it.

    1. Didn’t get to it until today. But yes, thus far a very strong contender for Best of the Week.

      A cut above Landry’s already very high quality style and content.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey April 9, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Man up you men! Self-improvement is great, but for men (young and old) to take their rightful place in the community there has to be a community to begin with. Modern world is a wasteland. Also, status will be won not by flexing muscles and quoting obscure authors and showing off fancy college degrees, but by fighting and killing one’s competitors. Any community that develops will have to be conquered, not just persuaded or dazzled. Same applies to getting women.

    1. Laguna Beach Fogey April 9, 2017 at 8:25 pm

      When looking at these questions always keep in mind that we are entering an age where gangs, mafia, and Bronze Age war-bands prevail.

  5. Average Reactionary April 9, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    I think you underestimate the importance of the community to the traditional structure of the patriarchy, however – it set clear expectations and limits on everyone, including the head of household. The entire design was hierarchy: as wife was to man, so man was to overlord, so overlord was to king, and king was to God.

    Sure, this kind of passivism advancement might work – especially if a new community is setup – but its fundamentally novel.

  6. You’re missing an umlaut in your männerbund. Otherwise, excellent work.

    [Fixed. Thanks. -Ed.]

    1. The word should also be capitalized.

  7. Ryan – I like your stuff, and enjoy Weimar weekly. But I don’t see a solution – even with your “action plan”. Perhaps I’m not as optimistic and young as you are. But maybe that’s why you have an action plan. (Can’t say I did when I was your age.) The world created, at least in Canada, has no room for what you are talking about and what I grew up with has been destroyed. Remember, the nail that stands up gets hammered down. And trust me those in power that wield the hammer, will deal with you accordingly. But if you want to stand on principle and go to war, make sure you have a good lawyer and a good retainer – as jail time is probably in your future. Don’t mean to be the “metaphoric” bummer. But maybe that’s what age does.

  8. Pseudo-chrysostom April 12, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    >Not just the shell, but the entire cultural feeling.

    And to do that, you need grumbling calls for its return. Perhaps by some sort of mystical, ethereal entity even.

    Meme magic is the truth and the way; it is preparation of the ground and the opening of the door for Great Men of history. Without the meme, they have no object towards which they may direct their Thymos; they will choose some other great project that is highly validated by the times and customs (in our present age, such totems tend to be incorrigibly perverse).

    The ‘action vs debate’… debate, is confused. Memeing is acting. For most people, memeing about how great something is in fact the thing, that more than any other thing they could do, that makes it that much more likely for the thing they desire to come to pass.

    It is the potential; where exists meme magic, there agents will appear, to conjure it into being.

    If some one, some where, in some random internet forum, says how great some thing is, and some one else says, ‘i agree’, that is an unqualified success.

    The fire rises.

  9. Love it. 2013, my mother died and I let my body go. Late that year, started lifting weights and everything changed for the better.

    Already was in good shape financially.

    And totally agreed we need men to be men again, not these abominations they are now – either the beta male or the cartoon male.

    Like the Homer reference. You’re well read. Would be interesting to hear your opinion on Western music

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