WHEN the Lord spoke to she who was without sin
his rede to the temple came gently in
that master of voice, that Seraphim
Gabriel was he, no mouth of tin
Who told Moses how it did begin;
Greeted her, blessed among women
In that time when all was in a din
And royalty under the usurper’s grin
Did bow low, was wan, was thin;
Passing from fear to doubting then
Was she, reclining, seeing him
He declared God’s sojourn among men
How, she asked, could it have been?
Impossible; but is it when
He who made the world to spin
Declared the stars, made oceans brim
Made light light and wind wind —
Says he will be born among us men?
When the King asks, so it is, then
For succor she required of Him
Daughter of Anna and Joachim
But also now the Queen of Heaven
Yes, even the throne of the Cherubim;
No woman, no matter what she shall win
In sport, in prize, in pecuniary whim
Can best her simple “amen, amen”
Wail therefore, all you mouths of tin
Who to earn this prize are leaning in
But she made us free, when did begin
That Great Work announced by Seraphim–
Good News was the word then rushing in
When the Lord spoke to she who was without sin.

Author’s note:

“Evangelismos tes Theotokou” is the Greek phrase for the feast we call “The Annunciation” which is traditionally celebrated on March 25th, exactly nine months before Christmas. Some believe that March 25th was the exact date of the Crucifixion the year in which our Lord died, fulfilling a certain legend that people always die on the day (Calendar day) of their conception. Evangelismos clearly contains the parts “ev + angel” meaning “good news” – for the Annunciation is a private announcement of the Good News itself.

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