Ascending The Tower – Solo Climb 4 – Are Whites a Nation?

Anthony DeMarco, like Garibaldi, has returned from self-imposed exile for episode #4 of Solo Climb. Continuing his exploration of ethno-nationalism, he outlines cases both supporting and opposing it. He then looks at the difference in the European and American conceptions of Whiteness.

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5:01 Arguments For and Against Ethno-Nationalism
17:45 Congress of Vienna Set Up 20th C. Euro-Nationalist Game Board
26:38 The competition of European cultures for American dominance
35:17 The Thedish European vs. the Euro-Mutt American
41:25 Whither White Nationalism?

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  1. As a Finn, I have collided sometimes a smidgen with the inner quarrels of American Whites. Eg. if I have said innocently in some context that I am White or that Finns are Whites, I have been accused directly or indirectly about wanting to “invade” Anglo-Saxons, Western Europeans, American Whites, etc. I have understood this via the American experience. In America all the White ethnic groups have been invaded again and again, and they have intermarried considerably. This creates defensiveness and jealousy, other White ethnic groups try to take away, assimilate into or assimilate ones own White ethnic group. Those ethnic groups, which have the weakest ‘borders’ around their ethnic groups and/or which have been invaded the most, seem to be the most defensive, at least verbally. Because of this, American Whites tend to interpret fairly often neutral or a tad ambiguous comments related to these issues negatively. I say that Finns are Whites just because they are white, ie. they have on average whiter skin than Anglo-Saxons and lighter colored eyes and hair. I am satisfied with my ethnic group, and I have no intention of ever “invading” any American White group or moving to the United States. I want to live among my own people in Finland, and I want to die in Finland and be buried to the Finnish ground. But I also feel sympathy with Europeans around the world, and I am glad to help them with my knowledge. It is nice to have conversations with Europeans around the world, I recognize many similarities in our way of thinking and I feel instantly at home in
    European thought world, but I notice also some differences.

    If these kinds of things comprise large part of the underlying problems preventing cooperation between Whites in the United States, then perhaps Whites could be interpreted as political unity of to some extent different and separate White ethnic groups. This would require strengtening the tenuous borders between groups, reinforcing the ethnic identities together with the White political identity, mutually recognizing both the separateness and unity of Whites, and acting accordingly. If liberals can glue mostly eg. Latinos, Blacks, Muslims and liberal intellectuals to the same coordinated political coalition, then certainly American Whites can do the same for themselves. The most of the Whites already vote in the same way, so the job is to intensify already existing propensities. I understand that politics is not the main issue or goal of NRx, but it would be foolish to leave the political potentials of Whites unused, and in optimal situation these political streams are directed increasingly to NRx directions. With White cooperation other good things can be done too, eg. economic, cultural and living area cooperation.

  2. … Here in Finland we have traditionally found it to be good to say all the underlying and unsaid problems matter of factly, without insults and explicitly. That is the first step towards solving them. Whatever is the problem knot, unravel it wholly.

  3. It highly depends on how one defines ‘Volk’, the most common are Herder’s version (shared language/culture) or the NS conception (biological/phylogenic traits).

  4. Reeee german “v” is pronounced “f” reeeee!

  5. Chiraqi Insurgent March 26, 2017 at 12:23 am

    This is what the Richard Spencer types need to understand, and they will in due time. That trying to call white Americans Europeans and getting them to identify as such doesn’t resonate at this point in time because most white Americans don’t view themselves as an extension of their European cousins. They are too far removed from the old country and have intermarried to the point where being American is their only identity. The ethnic part is simply a caricature, like St. Patrick’s Day or Dyngus Day. Your average white American still believes in muh flag, muh constitution, etc. and will not easily let go of that idea even though it has already been thoroughly hollowed out. Whites will have to reverse atomization, rediscover their ancestry and forge an American identity that will be generally based on race (without ties to any particular Euro ethnicity) yet differentiated by religion. Dixie being the one exception, as you said, because it already has an identity. OT, there was a great interview with Sam Dickson on Red Ice recently where they discussed similar issues as in this podcast. Anyone who frequents this site should have a listen. I look forward to the next episode breaking down our religious divisions. And just to be clear, the non-Catholic Christians are all going to Hell. Seriously, someone had to say it. LOL

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