This Week In Reaction (2017/03/05)

Quiet week in The Reactosphere… Just how we like it. Charles Murray’s run-in with Religious Fundamentalists of the Left was educational. Alas! Probably not to him. Next time: Pick Greg Cochran. Malcolm Pollack has news and opinion on the incident.

Over at Northern Dawn, Mark Christensen inveighs Against CANZUK. Sounds like another EU, except more English-speaking.

Let’s see… what else was going on?

Bad Billy Pratt is back after a couple month break. He lights upon yet one more thing that modernity is destroying: It Used to be Better: The Death of Masculinity in Professional Wrestling.

Alfred Woensalaer finds a fine example of Point Deer Make Horse in his outpost of USG. He’s also not extactly thrilled with Geert Wilders.

This too, a note of cautious optimism, from Alf: Pizzagate for the hopeful Trumpists. And a final word on The owning of Scott Aaronson… pronounced “pwning” of course. A sighting of Moldbug in the Wild is always a cause for celebration:

Aaronson thinks his scientific mind informs his political mind, while in actuality his political mind informs his scientific mind. The cathedral of course encourages this mindset until it decides that Aaronson’s science is insufficiently progressive. Moldbug keeps his banter friendly in this regard, but Jim pulls no punches: “You [Scott Aaronson] are in a bubble, and outside the bubble there is a whole raft of indicators, for example the collapse of the family, that the ratchet of human progress is having bad consequences that will shortly lead to far worse consequences.” Jim like Moldbug points out that politics trumps science and that Scott’s political affiliation with leftists is a deal with the devil. It is not Trump Scott should fear, it is liberals he should fear.

OK… not a final word.

Alf also goes there: King Trump.


[T]he only question on our mind is: will Trump pull off a true election, which is to say: will he put an end to the bloating corpse that is democracy and crown himself king of the United States, God-Emperor of the West?

Trump has made it into the oval office, but everything Moldbug and Foseti wrote about is still true. The permanent state holds power, which Trump found out when the courts overturned his executive order to guard his nation’s borders. The permanent state has drawn its battle line and says: these are the rules, you better abide by them.

So what will Trump do? If abides by the rules, he will be Reagan. Which is not bad, but not that great. We will still be in the same mess 8 years from now.

Nick Land draws our attention to this. So long as people aren’t cheering for it. Personally, I don’t see how “isolationism” causes war—post hoc ergo…—but who knows? Also a hopeful Quote Note on assortative self-sorting. It’s either gonna be patchwork… or genocide made hella lot easier. And this a Xenosystems: one more attempt to answer What is the Alt-Right?, given in answer to this, which I didn’t know even existed.

Land also digs up an old John Glanton gem. This one. Reminding us: In the real world, the battle is existential.

Social Pathologist has a some additional thoughts on Schneider’s Speech at CPAC. He also has a big review of A. James Gregor’s Marxism, Fascism and Totalitarianism.

The important theme that comes out of Gregor’s work is that just as Protestantism and Catholicism are rival interpretations of Christianity, so are Fascism and Leninism rival interpretations of Marxism.

Neocolonial as a burst of bullet points. First: Hard Sovereignty, as in, “The sovereign must be hard of heart to the individual, in order to be soft of heart to his people.” This too, filed under cutting reality at the joints, was particularly insightful: Deciphering Wormtongue.

In our classical tongue, the object referenced is ever the kin, the hero, the great. In Wormtongue, as the left use, the object is ever the other, the victim, the degenerate. The object is always dyscivic.

Neocolonial earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for that one.

Seth Long has been reading Ian Baker’s Heart of the World, which inspired this meditation on Migration in Shangri La.

Say it ain’t so… Atavisionary finds that Trump panders to feminists.

William Scott has a superb meditation in time for (and upon): Lent 2017. A taste of this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀:


Perhaps this is what separates the true New Right from the Lite Right; we don’t taste sweetness in the fruits of Modernity. The young can be excused for thinking anger and physical strength are sufficient reform. And though some of them provide encouragement through their zeal, most have no idea just how corrupted they are by the vulgarization of the Soul that decades of degeneracy have brought. Our goal is not to become something new for ourselves only, but to set the social conditions for those who come after us to do better. Ideally, for them, this generation will be seen as wretched sinners of whom they cannot speak without blushing. For our media and schools and even our own minds and mouths are full of what St Paul said;

. . . it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

Eph 5:12

If only there were secrets still.

Alrenous considers what Progressivism hath wrought in Attitudes to Math vs. Logic. Also a bone(-like entity space) to pick with Less Wrong: Carving Reality, Not Butchering It.

Vincent Hanna continues his epic, link-rich “How Trump Won” series at Dark Reformation with Part 10a: Moldbug Versus the Minotaur, Part 10b: Moldbug Versus the Minotaur (continued I guess). Jumping off the integer 10, it continues with Part 11:Sam Altman is Still Not A Blithering Idiot (he doesn’t blither); and Part 12: Political Re-Education for Progressives. At this point, Hanna should consider renaming his blog: Rats! I see that one is already taken.

Titus Q. Cincinnatus has a major contribution On American Ethnonationalism, or ethnonationalisms as the case may be.

[S]peaking of “white American culture” is FURTHER complicated by the fact that we can discern two more or less distinct “white cultures” in America. I’ve delved into this on social media previously, but to recap, the two cultures are essentially that of “middle America” (i.e. “regular American culture”) and that of the “SWPL” whites. I also wrote about this on this site a few months ago. Essentially, the first is what we would think of as “normal” America, and it is largely descended from the Scots-Irish/Borderers (SIBs) and southern Cavalier (to use David Hackett Fischer’s terminology) components of Amero-British culture, respects authority and hierarchy, is more religious, is more traditionalist, prefers rurality, and was based off of Baptists, Methodists, and southern Anglicans for the most part, and largely makes up the South, the lower Midwest, and much of the Mountain West. The second (the SWPL), descended from the Yankee Puritans and Quaker-derived Pennsylvanians, is more urbanist and cosmopolitan, progressive, rejects tradition and authority, and is religiously derived from Puritanism and Quakerism, which degenerated by the early 19th century into Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and makes up the Northeast, the Northern Tier, and the West Coast.

Non-whites only play a small role in the large-scale centuries-long conflict between these two huwhite groups in the Anglosphere. That’s why staying “White” isn’t enough. And getting bent out of shape about non-whites is goring the cape. Cincinnatus snags The Committee’s richest plum: ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀.

By way of Isegoria: One Nation, Divisible by What Scares Us Most; if empathy is a finely tuned evolved response “it might have unintended consequences in the modern world” (maybe just maybe); and Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving (just ask Jesus).

Finally this week in Cambria Will Not Yield: For God, for Hearth, and for Race, and an impassioned broadside against Conservatism, Inc.


This Week in Jim Donald

Quiet week over at Jim’s blog. Tho’ he has put out a couple new articles since the Sunday “This Week” deadline… which we’ll get to next “This Week”….

Last Sunday he has a brief note on Warmism and the old Gods of Mexico:

The demons were worshiped through cannibalism, sodomy, and transvestism. (That is how you can tell that they were demons, rather than angels or saints.) While we no longer have literal cannibalism, the food to fuel program has similar results, and we still have sodomy and transvestism as priestly acts demonstrating priestly holiness, as for example in Earth Worship conducted by Less Wrong.


This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry notices a bit of a sea change happening in The Left’s Unstable Coalition Is Ceding Culture Creation To The Right. Almost everyone worth joking about is cultivated victim client at Progressivism’s hi-carb table.

Ana de Arnas is very white.

Ana de Arnas is very white.

The political progression has transitioned from “your school is too white,” to “your company is too white,” to now, “your neighborhood and even family is too white.” Likewise, political programs and signaling have moved from equal opportunity to broadcasting #BlackLivesMatter and rainbow flags whenever the political moment arises. Progressives are watching large firms react to President Donald Trump’s immigration moves for public disavowals.

This filters down to the cultural aspect, where the only cultural commonality for the Left is to be anti-white. Mocking whites for their appearance, making whites the antagonists in films, making white towns harbor dark secrets below the surface, and even commercials that portray whites as the goofy, non-serious figures, play into this. It is the one thing that the entire Left can rally around.

But it is its weakness.

Alf says, “Sure. But not so fast”.

Landry returns on Tuesday for Weimerica Weekly: Episode 60—The Tragic Weimerican Male. In which we meet Bruno Clement from Michel Houellebecq’s The Elementary Particles.

And the Bay Area Boyz are in place on Friday with one of the bigger (and more useful, bigger because useful) myths of the Myth Of The 20th Century: Episode 8: Origins Of The Great Depression.

For Saturday Prose and Poetry, E. Antony Gray offers an ode to the great Van Ryn.


This Week in 28 Sherman

Over on the home blog, Landry has a hopeful punctuation mark on this debacle: Milo Might’ve Killed The Pedo Push.

This is a risky thought, but consider what Salon did the moment the hit on Milo started. Salon deleted their old articles that were pro-pedo. The articles about Todd Nickerson were removed. They did not want their hypocrisy revealed. Consider what Milo even said though with regards to the age of consent laws. He mentioned dropping them to 13, which is something the Left’s pro-sex advocates have been hinting at with the “kids can choose gender, mentally ready”. The Left is setting people up to think if kids can choose gender at 8, can’t they legally consent at 13, 12, or 10? Suddenly, what he said is bad, which might take it completely off the table.

He shines a light on WaPo’s Hypocrisy. “Democracy Dies In Darkness” saith the Cathedral sloganeers. On the one hand, the tense is wrong: Democracy (as in actual power to people) died in darkness over a century ago. On the other hand, the myth of Democracy lives on only by the strength of truth suppression by Big Media™ of which WaPo is a chief mandarinate.


[G]overnment secrecy is grand as long at the media gets to decide the exception. Media is making itself sovereign with that point of view. By the mere editorial power it has with what to print or not print, it shapes everything. This is why the cry over democracy dying in darkness is a joke. They have shoved plenty into the dark and been accomplices to crimes domestic or international. Even the libs admit that Watergate was a coup that the media, specifically WaPo, acted as courier for between the different nodes of Beltway power.

Now if we can just aim that femtosecond laser. Meanwhile Landry takes home yet another ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

This Week in WW1 pics: “The Temptation”. Mexicans, who resisted the lure of German propaganda to attack the US, ironically proved perfectly willing to undertake the reconquest at the behest of American politicos who needed to “elect a new people” only a couple generations later.

Finally from SoBL… The Future Liberals Want. “They have stumbled around through irony for so long that they cannot seriously defend anything anymore.”


This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter follows the clam-like musings of former Obama White House “Communications” Director Jen Psaki: Without Alt-Right Bloggers Democracy Dies. It is, of course, a purely rhetorical (and increasingly ham-fisted) deployment, but what I wanna know is… how many times are we gonna hafta kill democracy before it stays dead?

Next up, an understanding, but not thrilled review of President Trump’s speech before Congress: Out of Many, Many.

Albanian stunner Antoinette Kalaj in "Date Look" outfit.

Albanian stunner Antoinette Kalaj in “Date Look” outfit.

These speeches are not primarily intended to convince skeptics of their own perfidious eyeballs: no one actually becomes “one people having a shared destiny” with a stranger because they just broke into his house. The more common and unstated purpose of presidential remarks is to reduce political viscosity—to lubricate the gears of their agenda. Trump needs substantial popular and political support for the ambitious platform he seems inclined to pursue. And cultivating that broad support, while calming reachable elements of the center-left, is what I like to believe he was doing last night. Though whatever his intent, the execution was superb.

If making the democrats looks like idiots was Mr. Trump’s goal, he succeeded wildly there as well.

Finally from Porter this week: The Flight of the Cadgers, where he takes on a few of the more transparent talmudic incantations of the open borders crowd…

Like all inadequate sophistries, the immigrant one leans heavily on misplaced sympathies of the fearsomely credulous. The most common appeal to sympathy being the presumption that borders must be opened for those “fleeing war and poverty.” This phrase has been committed to pixels so often that I presume journos simply installed it as the new function of their “x” keys for sake of efficiency.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X asks: What Mental Traits does the Arctic Select for? Besides depression that is.

A serendipitous inheritance is to be be thanked for Cathedral Round-Up #19: You are the Hope of the World–The SJWs of 1917. Tho’ the hatred of whiteness and maleness (and straightness and cisness) was very far from set in, Hermann Hagedorn’ tract articulates a fanatical devotion to capital-P Providence… and capital-P Progress.

Wednesday’s Open Thread contains an announcement of some “butt kicking” IRL changes, recent advancements in average height, lethal chimpanzee aggression, and a bunch of other stuff.

Evolutionist X considers briefly the problem of Antagonistic Selection and Invading Armies.

If there is—as some folks around these parts allege—an instinct which makes women submissive to invading armies, then it likely affects some men, too.

No doubt.

This Week in Anthropology Friday: It’s Reindeer Economies (Part 2 of 4). In which the learning consists principally of Evolutionist X taking issue with the knee-jerk Marxian gloss with which her interlocutor wants to spray everything. If pastoralism isn’t more efficient than hunting, it would seem rather difficult to explain its existence at all.


This Week in Quas Lacrimas

Quincy Latham, who did not die, posits a few: Hypotheses on Religion and Informal Power from a Historical Perspective. Much food for thought on 4 questions. Very interesting and a somewhat unorthodox (compared to “Classical NRx”) take on them.


This Week at Thermidor Mag

Thermidor Magazine rehosts Mark Citadel’s fine (and award-winning) article from last week: Reconsidering Nostalgia.

P. T. Carlo is a man of many talents. But tireless and fierce attacks on the Respectable Well-Remunerated Right® is one his very best. This week’s victim: David Brooks: Pundit Of The Last Men.

Brooks’ methods are dangerous because they are effective. Accordingly, his work stands in stark contrast to the precious naivety and childish passion displayed by the contemporary Left. Compared to the bimbo snark of Jezebel or the teenage wit of Slate and Salon, Brooks seems like the proverbial “adult in the room.” Even the shrill screeds spouted by the harpies at The New Yorker are but sound and fury compared to Brooks’ subtle and relentless propaganda.

An retired old lefty priest, who still says occasional masses in our parish, admitted just the other week: his “friend David Brooks is one of the good kind” (of conservatives). He exists so that liberals can pat themselves on the back for their openmindedness. David Brooks is the proverbial “black friend”.

Astute commentary from Carlo on the apparent cultural sea change we’ve been witnessing over the past few years: Jacobin, Frogtwitter And The New Avant-Garde.


After all, when was the last time someone was fired from their job for being a “Leftist?” The answer is: sometime in the late 1950s. Contrast this with the status of right wing Samizdat, possession of which will almost certainly lead to immediate dismissal in almost any professional position.

Thus, the Right has now become the de facto avant-garde for a new era. Only it has the vital energy to genuinely challenge the Modern West’s decaying paradigms and to regress the codes of life-denying puritanism which our effete coastal dwellers have buffoonishly mistaken for a legitimate system of morality.

If even in the late 50s…

Maravone warns of tradition in the abstract in his article: Tradition And Its Image. He doesn’t think (and I’m tempted to agree) that the Dissident Right right has come to grips with just how far we, especially in the Anglo world, have fallen from anything resembling an authentic particular tradition.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

Matt Briggs adds some carrot to his typical stick approach to statistics and offers The Alternative To Null Hypothesis Significance Testing. And: commentary upon The Unexpected Hanging Paradox.

Also at Briggs’ place, the irrepressible Ianto Watt kicks off a new series: The Ultimate Conspiracy Part I. He notes:

Not only is there the Russian (a.k.a. Communist) conspiracy to enslave all mankind, there are also innumerable others. Let me count just a few of the ways: the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons, the Bilderbergers, the Jews, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Jesuits, and of course, Wal-Mart. My money is on Wal-Mart.

Like I always say, the only thing conspiracy theorists really get wrong is they underestimate the operational security of the conspirators.

Briggs is over in The Stream with: Catholic Cardinal Introduces Pagan Environmental Sin. They’ve pulled out the H-word now. So you know it’s bad. And filed under You Used to Call it This Week in Doom: Men’s Fashion Dies A Horrible Death.

At The Orthosphere (proper), J. M. Smith had me at the title: The Art of Dropping Out. Expansive commentary on this (looking sharp… in Typepad no less).


Those whose failure was out of sync with the academic schedule were branded as “dropouts,” and those who managed to fail at one of the designated dropout points were called “graduates.” Of course, some small portion of these graduates moved to the next heat of the academic race by advancing to college, or graduate school, or an academic post—but most graduates “threw in the towel” and “closed their books” at one of the approved dropout points, and turn their mind to other things.

Also there, Kristor finds some research in social psychology that suggests Scaping Goats is Lots More Fun than Repentance… and worse than useless. Of course, replicability in social psychology has been an enormous unadvertised problem, but these aren’t the conclusions you were looking for.

Enlightenment politics as actually practiced is entirely a process of scaping goats, so as to maintain an in-group.

As Girard so clearly saw, the only workable alternative to endlessly reiterated scaping of goats is the personal confession, repentance and reformation so central to Christian praxis.

And Bonald is at The Orthosphere as well, with Faith is honesty in doubt.

Mathematical certainty is not to be had in this life outside of mathematics. The difference is that the Christian is forced to be conscious of his act of faith. His faith is a gift. If certainty could be had, there would be no need for a supernatural gift of faith. It is not religion but liberalism that manifests a discomfort with doubt, discomfort to the extent that the liberal must shield himself from acknowledging the questionability of his beliefs.

Oz Conservative Mark Richardson has a well-formed indictment on the no harm principle. Also, filed under You Keep Using That Word: Left finds normal things… toxic. I think they think it just makes ’em sound smart.

Sunshine Thiry has an Uncle Waldo (the duck) horror story.

Knight of Númenor considers The Battle of Châlons, and its significance to the Right today.


This Week in Arts & Letters

Speaking of Mark Richardson, he is over at Sydney Trads with a brief bit of verse: “Evening Trees”. And there’s more where that came from: “Dear Sisters” (which I particularly liked) and “I Remember”. I guess it was Poetry Week at Sydney Trads this week. Long-time contributor Luke Torrisi also shows up with a wry (and astute) one: “Who Are You Mr. Powell?”. And also some advice for Mme. Le Pen: “How to Save Boiling Frogs”. Richardson’s “In the Cool of the Night” may be the best of the bunch.

Chris Gale seeks The repair beyond breaking, and concludes with an inspiring Kipple. Regular, controlled breakage (a la, hormesis) is likely an underexplored avenue anti-fragile living. And a bit of John Milton for a retiring ex minister. Finally, another Sunday Holy Sonnet from John Donne.

Filed under Like That’s a Bad Thing??!!—Mayor de Blasio talks of “eerie parallels” between President Trump and Richard Nixon. One man’s “eerie” is another man’s “Hell Yeeeeahhhhh!” I guess.

A Timeless Essay over at Imaginative Conservative: Awakening the Moral Imagination. And this (also timeless) from T. S. Eliot: “Ash Wednesday”. Also there, from James Schall, S. J. (the only Jesuit I’d trust farther than I could throw ’em down a flight of stairs): praise for Shakespeare as Political Thinker (1981).

This too from Imaginative Conservative, an extended meditation on humility and service: Christian Liars: The Most Dangerous of Them All? Very deep.

Finally: Should Christians Watch “The Young Pope”? (Hint: Yes.)

Harper McAlpine Black, at Out of Phase, has a brief mediation on two contrasting female archetypes in Marine Le Pen Unveiled. And, for something even more completely different: commentary upon 19th Century architect Own Jones’ A Grammar of Ornament.

Also at Out of Phase, Black is clearly a man after neoreactionary hearts with a detailed review of Carlyle’s masterpiece: Sartor Resartus.


The finest edition of Sartor Resartus is that featuring some seventy-eight illustrations by Edmund J. Sullivan. This was Mr. Sullivan’s greatest undertaking as an illustrator. He had illustrated other works, but not of such high repute. The original publication of the book was in Fraser’s Magazine where it was serialised and presented without any indication to readers that it is a work of fiction. The work’s first readers, that is, were under the impression that the entire account is true. The original full edition of Sartor Resartus sold some 30,000 copies—a huge readership at that time. Edmund J. Sullivan’s 1898 edition also sold in great numbers. It is remarkable that such a work, once so celebrated, is now rated as irredeemably obscure. Carlyle is reviled; Sartor Resartus is forgotten.

Black has included quite a number of those illustrations in this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Silver Circle Award☀ winner. Do RTWT.

Heather Mac Donald is up at City Journal has eyes on the Trump DoJ under Jeff Sessions: Law and Order, Under New Management. Also there, Gregory Ferenstein takes notice of the Grey Tribe in The Disrupters: Silicon Valley elites’ vision of the future.


This Week… Elsewhere

Fred Reed cheers A Budget without Russians: The Empire’s Nightmare.

Al Fin predicts: War is Coming to Sweden Thanks to Swedish Government, assuming, of course, Swedes put up a fight at all. This was pretty interesting: the winners & losers in net millionaire migration. Lips l

By way of Unorthodoxy: Isaac Simpson’s Raining Frogs: Is Twitter banning threats or ideas? (Hint: ideas.) Simpson seems like a normie liberal. For how long doe?

Also there, Unorthodoxy finds the NYT making some NRx points: The Cathedral Wants Its Narrative Back. Seems the Grey Lady has found some religion:

[O]ne can only laugh at a leftist writing about “the decay of traditional moral and ethical constraints.” Do you have a moment to speak about Jesus Christ?

It’s easy to call for unbridled “democracy” when you hold the puppet strings of consent. Of course our “Will of the People” is carefully cultivated. Ed Bernays set out to do, and accomplished, this very thing. That control is slipping from the hands of those accustomed to having it is really the only news here. Saith Unorthodoxy:

Gratuitous pic of Antoinette Kalaj would probably look nice right about here.

Gratuitous pic of Antoinette Kalaj would probably look nice right about here.

[I]f you believe in these institutional controls, then you don’t believe in pure democracy. You admit there must be limits. If there must be limits, then let’s discuss what the limits should be. Limiting the franchise to white males is a limitation and would preserve all of the “traditional moral and ethical constraints.” The loss of a sense of social cohesion a result of mass immigration, the decline in state competence a result of mass immigration, affirmative action and progressive idealism. But you see I am violating what can be said, and who can say it, and where, and so on.

Once the Who-Whom is seen, it is transparent everywhere. It cannot be unseen. Malcolm Pollack’s take on the NYT’s strange tone.

Neolithic farmers may have more than just farming tech working in their favor: Charm Offensive.

This was hilarious and also true: Your Daughter on Berkeley.

Afro-Traditionalist has a Fireplace Chat with Sam Burnham.

Nice to see I’m not the only one who occasionally indulges in Public Radio… PA was prompted to wonder: What Are Liberals So Afraid Of?

[W]hy would a patrician custodian of high culture be afraid of the regeneration of Western nations that the past four administrations had made a dire necessity of and that Trump’s presidency promises to deliver? This isn’t about one radio host at this point, but an entire class of liberal Whites.

PA counts the reasons why.

Roman Dmowski is keeping eyes on how the Deep State Attack Continues.

So too are the Eyes of TUJ.

A century after Wilson and FDR warped the country by following Comte’s Progressive script, their beloved Progressive FedGov agencies have been revealed to be what they were always meant to be: a corrupt Fourth branch of government with tyrannical ambitions to become the only branch of government.

As degenerate as current events tend to be, The Committee could not refuse naming this one an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Everything Hank Delacroix writes makes me depressed. I think it’s intentional.

AMK delivers the next installment of his Neocameral Future: Chapter 1b, Proving Genetic Rift.

Lue-Yee really goes there: A Defence of Christian-Bol.

Elfnonationalist considers Regime Options for the restoration.

The latest issue of the always beautiful Regina Magazine has dropped: Volume 22: Catholic Homeschooling Divas (and a lot more). It requires Adobe Flash 11.3 or higher to view properly, but individual articles may be viewed as html pages.

Zach Kraine pens an open letter to Dear Conservatives.

This was interesting: Let Them Eat Each Other, or: How to Defeat Oligarchs.


That’s it for now. Keep on reactin’! Til next week, NBS… Over and out!!

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