The Left’s Unstable Coalition Is Ceding Culture Creation To The Right

Something has changed. You can feel it. It’s not just limited to a few people coming out of the shadows to voice concern over the Left’s overreach. It’s the switch in how the Left acts and how everyone else reacts to it.

The reaction is a combination of people and technology. The Internet in all its forms, but especially old book depositories like Project Gutenberg, is sparking a fire that threatens the Left’s domain.

It comes down to how the Left built its coalition. The modern Left was the fresh, hip, and new thing. It was the future. This framing took hold in the ’60s, as Boomers were even told that they were Time’s Person of the Year. The idea of teen culture was built in the ’50s, but the idea that it could have adult effects with regards to the nature of politics, government, and economy was not clear until a decade later.

Since the Left already held the cultural levers, it was merely a matter of making sure the people who rioted in the streets in Chicago in ’68 became the managers of the system in later decades. The ’68 rioters became the ’72 McGovern coalition voters, who became leaders in media, academia, and the Democrat apparatus, as the old Solid South switched to the GOP in the ’80s.

President Clinton was a good ‘face’ to trick flyover for a while, chosen explicitly for what he appeared to be, not his accomplishments.

The emerging Democrat coalition, and future one man, one vote, one-time majority, if all trends hold, is a coalition of the fringes, coalition of the victims, or Jenga tower coalition. This weakens the Left’s internal culture. The Left dominate the arts, but how can it satisfy everyone? It cannot, except in one regard. Assembling its coalition, though, is its central problem, as it must connect white progressives, homosexuals, blacks, Asians of every stripe, Hispanics of every stripe, unions, the rich, the out of sight poor whites, Muslims, and recent immigrants.

Once again, how can the Left build a robust culture with such disparate groups?

Adding to the Left’s cultural creation problem is its multi-decade process of placing all groups out of bounds from not just noticing dysfunction, but even joking about the basic traits of each group.

In Living Color was a black comedy sketch show that performed well and moved the cultural needle, including a short stretch where it ran circles around Saturday Night Live. In Living Color could not be made today. It is not simply for the over the top lampooning of gay culture in one of its most famous sketch series “Men On…” but for black cast members merely mocking blacks. This is symbolic of the broader removal of any Democrat coalition member from the pool of acceptable objects of derision.

With so many groups off-limits, the range of acceptable humor is extremely narrow. The comics have to censor themselves in advance or suffer purging.

Stand-up becomes just a rant about something that is the progressive cause du jour. Has Donald Glover ever told a joke in his stand-up career, or simply stated a progressive meme and then finished it with “Wow, I neva even considered dat“? Established comics even fall into this trap because even they must apologize if they misstate something. What if a joke is ableist? Similar to progressive arguments being point and sputter or shouting at opponents, comedy has simply devolved to derision or point and snark.

Good comedy is now implicitly right-wing.

The cultural products became watered down. Everything feels simplified. How is Saturday Night Live going to connect with the Spanish voting bloc watching Univision or Telemundo, anyway? Can the jokes cross the language line with all immigrant blocs? Movies are blockbuster schlock. Nothing is quotable, because who cares about a joke, since Hollywood relies on the overseas box office now for profits. Nothing Hollywood makes has any lasting effect. Even its biggest blockbusters are rarely discussed after the initial week of release.

Hollywood is producing disposable cultural items.

Progressives can cling to old tropes of the Left being full of pretty people by portraying the Right as fat rednecks, but the reality of the Left’s coalition stares out at America and the globe every day via social media. It is a strange conglomeration of the losers of society that are using politics as a revenge on the Laws of Gnon, which does not care for their flaws, their pain, or their victim badges.

Little binds them together.

But one central item stands out. What binds all of the pieces of the Left’s coalition together is an embrace of the antithesis of the traditions of Western civilization. None of the pieces of the Left’s voter pool want to play in the Western system, but they want material comfort and lower levels of violence and crime. Each member wants to rebel against it, fight it, destroy it, and mock it.

What was once a request or plea from a victim class to get a seat at the table is now a clapping and stomping protestation for the elimination of whites.

The political progression has transitioned from “your school is too white,” to “your company is too white,” to now, “your neighborhood and even family is too white.” Likewise, political programs and signaling have moved from equal opportunity to broadcasting #BlackLivesMatter and rainbow flags whenever the political moment arises. Progressives are watching large firms react to President Donald Trump’s immigration moves for public disavowals.

This filters down to the cultural aspect, where the only cultural commonality for the Left is to be anti-white. Mocking whites for their appearance, making whites the antagonists in films, making white towns harbor dark secrets below the surface, and even commercials that portray whites as the goofy, non-serious figures, play into this. It is the one thing that the entire Left can rally around,

But it is its weakness.

Each step the Left takes allows counter-propaganda to step in and sweep up more whites. Whites are the elastic voter pool. Politically, in order to maintain power in the democratic system, the Left has changed what simply was considered a policy debate for most into a struggle for survival.

This also creates a counterweight to the Left, which is far more unified. A de facto white or pro-civilization group will share more in common due to its homogeneity and shared values. The memes created will spread faster by simply having a similar worldview and not having to worry about offending coalition members. As the Left has put its protected groups off-limits, it also forces the Right or anti-left to be more creative with how it attacks. The cultural dominance and schoolmarm enforcement of politically correct speech codes allows for the Right to portray the Left as joyless harpies.

In late 2015, the University of Missouri had a series of protests that centered around a hoax involving a ‘poop swastika’. This caused resignations of administration, dedication of more money to diversity programs, and lower enrollments the next year. Even in 2015, the Right had columnists and essayists attacking these activists, but portrayed them as white. The race angle, which was the key component, was whitewashed out of fear. Fast forward to early 2017, and even the broader right is pointing out the insane demands and hysterics of elements on the Left and pointing out tribal affiliations.

This is a function not just of the teams involved, but also of the technology. The Left’s domination of mass media transmission meant it had to fit information and meme packaging for incredibly wide, divergent audiences that could claim offense at the slightest deviation from current language rules. The Right found new avenues to spread its ideas and stay nimble. Post-election moves to attack propaganda sites, fake news, and even suppress speech further on Facebook and Twitter reveal the Left’s helplessness in the face of this new enemy, except to suppress it.

The Right is sharper and with its unified group can crank messages out and inundate the space with ideas and jokes.

Technology also has one final blow to the professional Left. It is impossible in this day and age to create a myth like MLK again. The elite Left’s foot soldiers can be exposed, due to the technology in those useful idiots’ hands. Men like Deray and Shaun King cannot be elevated to modern day MLK’s or Malcolm X’s, not just for lack of talent, but due to technology revealing them for who they are. MLK’s private antics (plagiarism, adultery or orgies with hookers) would be exposed and used to destroy his holiness in one week’s news cycle.

Each potential martyr to the progressive cause like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown is exposed as an angel with a dirty face. The progressive molding of heroic black females leading hospitals, law schools, or fixing the president’s problems is destroyed by the cornucopia of WorldStarHipHop uploads, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts in the hands of black women.

The Left has but one avenue, and it is one that activates anti-bodies. It is also one that must be elevated and escalated to maintain effectiveness. It will either spark a fight it’s not prepared for, or will create an inward collapse, creating a necessary re-orientation for the Left.

The Right should welcome this potential collapse and withering away of the old cultural levers of power and aim to capture shell-shocked white progressives for the purpose of building a new alternative to both the Cathedral and demo-bureaucratic superstructure that have fueled degenerative, internal political divisions in the American empire.

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  1. Enemy advances, we retreat.
    Enemy retreats, we advance.
    Enemy halts, we harass

    Our culture war insurgency strategy in a nutshell

  2. There’s been a new poop-stika, this time in Rhode Island. The poo swastika moment has yet to pass.

  3. SecretForumLurker February 27, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Had the Left been smart, they’d have stopped immigration in ’86. Amnesty but stop the flow. Then be patient and wait an extra 10 years for everything to click.

    1. For that matter Muslims would have been smart to have NOT committed acts of terror and formed groups like ISIS; at the rate we were going they’d have out bred the West in 40 years.

      The current struggle being played out is a blessing in disguise for what was once Christendom, what we now call in secular terms, “the West”. It is both chastisement, and a last chance to affirm existence. God’s mercy and justice poured out in one cup.

  4. The Right should welcome this potential collapse and withering away of the old cultural levers of power and aim to capture shell-shocked white progressives for the purpose of building a new alternative to both the Cathedral and demo-bureaucratic superstructure that have fueled degenerative, internal political divisions in the American empire.

    Welcome and also hasten it . Although white progressives may be beyond repair though unless their economic support systems (the govt.) are cut

    1. Higher-ed, especially. If it weren’t for the college industrial complex, funded by the government, many of these progressives would have to get real jobs and renter the atmosphere of reality

  5. Fascinating read.

    I got a degree in History in the early 90s and was brainwashed into the Left. Then, started making money. Lots of money. And started to realize that not only did American capitalism work, it’s the most fair system ever created.

    So I started to question the brainwashing. Gunowners are evil racist assholes. Then started meeting gunowners and realizing they’re the warmest, friendliest, and most honest people you’ll ever meet.

    One by one, each piece of Leftist brainwashing evaporated. Became a proud American.

    Then, started questioning the anti-America stuff they put into my head when it comes to culture.

    America and Europe produced the Romantic era of Classical music, which is hands down the best music ever created by Earthlings. Nobody with any brains argues against that.

    America created Blues, Jazz, and Rock n Roll. England created Heavy Metal.

    I started to combine all those musical art forms together to get where we’re at now.

    The Left used to create good art. Not any more. They’re too caught up in their political correctness and get so offended by pretty much everything that they cannot create anything lasting.

    That leaves us, the Right, as the surviving artists.

    It’s going to be interesting in the next decade. I’m pretty sure this is our time.

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