La Mordida

The bite! Do you not feel its sting?
Do you not bleed as I bleed
Is any man not in need
Where that dragon is on the wing?
It bites its own tail they say
And though blood still will flow
Neither head nor tail know
The letting that’s underway;

The circle of life! Or of death?
A question to set the teeth
A begetter of terror and grief
A circle of bites nonetheless;
Informally, I’d have to say
As when you are being bitten
With sadness don’t be smitten
Innocently, look another way;

All must be paid, I think
Or is it that all must work
Be paid to work? Such a perk
To be paid for but letting ink;
A formality, is what they say
Of their citations and such
And I’ve heard as much–
To pay is to clear the way;

The bite goes much deeper I fear
Than bribes or all the rest
The bite is what men love best
The bite is what men hold dear!
This corruption, men now say
Is charity, though I wonder
What things are written-under
By taking the bite away?

Money moves, such is its law
From patron to ward and then
From ward to patron again
Moving also: the dragons’ jaw.
Be honest about what we say–
“By their fruits you’ll know them”
Or razzle-dazzle and snow them
And take their money away?

“There are ways,” the dragon said
“To compel by monopoly–
“Of belief and thought, you see.”
Their ledger: not in the red;
Consider enow what I say
As pertains to dragon-bites
A medical kind of advice
Put in a sarcastic way:

Call all things what they are
–and know what they are–!
What else did you think I was going to say?


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  1. Ends strong, begins strong- but the middle has really painful angles (ex. “a begetter of terror and grief”)

  2. Painful indeed! Ouch! The bite!!!

  3. Very nice.

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