This Week In Reaction (2017/02/19)

Mother-Daughter 30 Years apart got a lot of attention in the sphere: America, Then And Now. Deservedly so. Way more than a thousand words in that picture.

Oh, and this was the biggest streisanding we’ve seen in a while. First Douthat:

Sure, Ross. P. T. Carlo really meant the literal beltway. And then, Jpod, completely crushes 5 self-parody levels in a single tweet:

He hates Amerikaners. Truly hates them. More than Bill Kristol does? Hard to say. Well, Thermidor is now definitely on the map.

Let’s see… what else was going on?

Spandrell adds a couple of cents and a graph to the on-going discussion of the Cost Disease. The lesbian Premier of Ontario meets a strong hand of Islam: Penis Envy.

Spandrell’s big piece this week is Dunbar Feminism. He changes the name of his doctrine from “Behaviorism” to “Immediatism” and finds the perfect example to explain why in this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Members of Sweden's "feminist" gov't wearing hijabs. Good girls.

Members of Sweden’s “feminist” gov’t wearing hijabs. Good girls.

[T]hese Swedish middle aged women aren’t feminist in the abstract. They are feminist in their local environment. Which means that there are in a power struggle against their men. Not men in the abstract. But Swedish men. Their husbands, their brothers and their fathers. It is them who they want to spite. And to spite them they adopt “feminism”, i.e. they parrot feminist rhetoric, mostly imported from the USA….

Iranian men just don’t compute in whatever drives these people’s behavior. Even the Muslim men who are slowly invading their country don’t count for much. For all they care they aren’t real people. They’re just some abstraction you read about. Only the people in your Dunbar circle are real. So their “feminism” is about fucking with the men in their Dunbar circle. […] Progressives are in a power struggle against fellow white people: nobody else matters. “Agency” only exists in so far as progressives find it useful in order to achieve more power for themselves against their Dunbar-rivals.

Also from Spandrell: Why do people go to class. I.e., when they do. It’s certainly not to get knowledge.

Count ∅-face and Watson are joined by special guest Antidem for a belated Caligula’s Council Episode 6: A Christmas Digression.

Over at Dark Reformation, Vincent Hannah posts the previously missing How Trump Won Part 6: Trumping The Cathedral. In which he explains how the real part 6 ended up being this SM article. (A very good one, I might add.) And also explains how he got his (pseudo) nym. Among other things. The “How Trump Won” series continues with Part 8: Crack-Addicted-Communist-Clowns, Part 9A: The Clowns Who Gave Away The Circus and (obviously) Part 9B: The Crocodile Circus. (1500 bonus points if you recognize Hannah’s numbering scheme.)

Alrenous refines a bit of pol theory in Who Keeps the Laws?

Bill Marchant considers whether 24 Hour Dissident Radio is feasible. It’s something I’ve dreamt of for many years. Core NRx strategy has diverged greatly from pursuing such a goal, but I could easily see the TRS universe going for something like this.

Speaking of Marchant, Richard Carroll was kind enough to review his new book: Northern Reaction: The Dead-Tree Version.

Titus Cincinnatus, Apostle to the Normiecons, steps slightly outside of his usual oeuvre with Reactionary Ideas in Speculative Fiction. A review for the reactionary of eye of six different titles, a couple of which were quite below my radar screen. High quality effort here from Titus and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Shylock Holmes has (finally) joined the Froude Society and has a big dose of analysis in Carlyle Considered. Rich in excerpts with commentary especially on Carlyle’s “Great Man” view of history and government. Just a taste:


[R]eading through Latter Day Pamphlets, one continues to be struck by statements that defy description on the standard modern political spectrum. Authority is not only necessary, but wise and just:

I say, it is the everlasting privilege of the foolish to be governed by the wise

Carve it in stone. This is so far outside the Overton Window that we barely have words to describe it.

But if you were hoping for a defense of mainstream capitalist economics, you will not find it here. Carlyle is shocked and appalled by the level of poverty evident in Ireland. But unlike the left, he is appalled not only because of the suffering, but mostly because the indigence and misery is a sign of a catastrophic failure of governance.

A lot packed into this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Nick Land has an encouraging Twitter Cut. Encouraging, assuming you’re not a member of the news media. Long gradual trends tend to be long and gradual… until they’re not.

As per usual, profound and learned thoughts from Adam on Fathers and Sovereigns.

Alf sets out some very Menciian basics here: You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you. If your friend accuses you of “turning everything political”, ask if they project much. Turning things political is an international pastime, not to mention a global industry employing millions of people. Or rather an international pastime because a global industry… yada… yada. This part in particular was diagnostic:

So collectively deciding not to have a ruler simply does not work. It is like denying the existence of the colour blue. We’ve always had rulers and we still have rulers. Only difference is that our rulers are not really allowed to rule. So our rulers form conspiracies that secretly vie for power. Naturally they can never rule effectively because of their secrecy and so they are mostly interested in fattening their own wallets.

The Committee were happy to bestow Alfred Woensalear an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his excellent explanations here.

Mark Citadel skates in just before the This Week End-of-Week deadline with: Engelbert Dollfuss and the Tragedy of Interwar Austria. Well, it’s at Thermidor, so we’ll discuss it below the fold

By way of Isegoria… Flag Football Is More Dangerous than tackle. Why am I not surprised? Also there: Good grief, Zuckerberg! And he catches WSJ discussing The Benedict Option

Finally, CWNY’s Saturday epistle takes a substantial lift from diverse Anglophone classics: The End of Democracy Is the New Dawn of Europe.


This Week in Jim Donald

Jim takes a look into the Trump Administration’s Dumping Flynn. He wasn’t that thrilled about Flynn’s neoconservatism or advocacy of COIN, remarking:

There is no such thing as counter insurgency warfare. There is only warfare. The stronger force wins, the weaker force loses, unless a large outside power (the Soviet Union or the United States State Department) has its thumb on the scales. In warfare, you don’t worry all that much about hearts and minds, for if you have to choose between being loved and being feared, you choose to be feared. If choosing to be loved was a realistic option, it would not be war. It would be social work.

Humorous. Accurate. Jim.

He also has more on the “Cost Disease”.

Finally, long-term strategic (i.e., survival) considerations take a front seat in Defunding the left.


This Week in Social Matter

There are a lot of things Ryan Landry is expert in, but he is never more expert than when explaining complex financial systems. Especially overly complex ones. And his gift to us this week is The Modern Economy And The Consequences Of The Petrodollar. Hard to summarize, except to say, that he traces the sources of the modern FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) economy that makes extend and pretend a plausible, now multigenerational, accounting strategy. This was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Iulian Bretonescu gets a lift from a personal anecdote from Ceaușescu’s Romania in Communism, Fondly Remembered, Is Really A Longing For Tradition.

Nicolae Ceaușescu, his wife Elena, and their favorite son, Nicu, at the dictator's birthday 26 January 1980.

Nicolae Ceaușescu, his wife Elena, and their favorite son, Nicu, at the dictator’s birthday 26 January 1980.

To a reader who never lived in the Communist world during this time period, a few things stand out in this reminisce. The first, of course, is the fact of bread lines themselves, something that hasn’t existed in most of the countries of the West since the end of the rationing programs of World War II. The fact that the government-supplied food often ran out before everyone could be fed is another striking fact. As my mother-in-law tells it, the ration books she received theoretically provided plenty of food for their growing family (my wife being one of five children), but the real problem was finding all of the food to which they were entitled.

But just as remarkable is the fact that a six-year old girl and her two-year-old sister were allowed to walk across the city unaccompanied, and no one ever thought they might be in the least bit of danger.

Communism, to be sure, had its degeneracies. Which should not obscure the fact that the Neo-liberal “capitalism” that replaced it in Eastern Europe has introduced a whole slew of its own. Indeed…

[D]espite all of the rhetoric, by the time that the communist states actually fell, they weren’t to the left of the American mainstream: they were to the right.

Much to the dismay of eGOP.

The American cultural left has proved itself a surer destroyer of tradition than the Bolsheviks. Because while the Bolsheviks implemented their revolutionary ideals and stopped, the leftward ratchet at work in the free world never came to a stop.

Bretonescu wins a coveted ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Silver Circle Award☀ for his superb work in this one.

Landry is back on Tuesday with Weimerica Weekly—Episode 59—Friendship Apps. In which he has a few remarks on the Moldbug-Decius-Bannon-BAP connection and the Media Circus.

For Thursday, Arthur Sarsfield returns with a superb and timely (and concise) article: Bannonphobes En Vogue. I don’t wanna steal his thunder, but this bit was so very Menciian:

[Progressive Brahmins] see themselves in Bannon. That sinking feeling you are experiencing? You are fighting an enemy you don’t know you can beat. The Left has treated the right like bacteria. Instead of being clean themselves, they’ve opted to use hand sanitizer over and over and over. Now they’ve got superbacteria and some of the most left-immune forms of the Right are in power.

Sarsfield takes away an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for this excellent piece.

Smith, Mason, Oslo, and Nicholson are back on Friday with their Myth of the 20th Century podcast: Episode 7: The CIA, Wilderness of Mirrors.

And in Saturday Poetry and Prose this week, it’s E. Antony Gray with some fresh verse: Disgrace Of Want.


This Week in 28 Sherman

Over on the home site, Ryan Landry considers the #Calexit Idea For Narrative Pushing. The official position in neoreaction (save the Anglophone Empire so much as possible) has come out against it, but there’s no doubting that #Calexit is huyuge problem for our enemies. And not much more than a fly in the ointment for The Restoration.

On Wednesday, SoBL looks for a Near Term Immigration Flashpoint. Arizona appears to be poised to get a whole lot hotter. It would be extremely easy for the Usual Suspects as well as (((Suspects))) to create a light brown army and make ICE’s job under the Trump Administration a whole helluva lot harder. And feel really holy at the same time for doing so…

Recaptured drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Mexico City, January 8, 2016

Recaptured drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Mexico City, January 8, 2016

Who has sovereignty? If they can enforce their will without consequences, the cartels do? If the government can, they do? This could be as simple as leftist activists handing guns to illegals. Because of the odd stew that is the border area, agents of chaos can play around and hide behind one another. The cartels could easily arm illegals under guide of activism. Activists can easily align with cartels to arm illegals. Leftists aligned with domestic terrorists throughout the late ’60s and into the ’70s. From a deontological point of view, supplying weapons to criminals is the right thing to do for a lefty foot soldier. Forget the consequences of armed conflict and a state or nation turned into a third world hellhole, what satisfies the need for holiness at this moment? A perverse possibility is lefty activists unknowingly arming cartel members or becoming a new source of weapons for the cartels.

Scary stuff. Landry earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for strong reporting and analysis.

This Week in WW1 Pics: Paintings by Power. Australian artist Harold Septimus Power that is.

Finally, a bit of good advice: Unplug. Lent starts next week… an excellent time to give your mind a leg up over your passions.


This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter kicks off the week in fine form with Finally, It’s No Fun. At issue is the relationship between costs and benefits. Or rather the burgeoning lack thereof.

It is true that both furniture thieves and illegal immigrants are just trying to make a better life for themselves. But only with one of these is it ever suggested that no shadow living should accompany the action. In fact, someone tuned only to the media’s oppression-mining operation could easily come away with the conviction that unauthorized aliens shouldn’t be molested at all. That is to say: illegality shorn completely of its costs. I hope my neighbor hasn’t grown too fond of his leather sectional.

“Oppression Mining” is, as near as I can tell, a new coinage. And one that should immediately be added to our lexicon.

He has pean to the diversity and strength of the dissident community in No Man an Archipelago.

Vanessa Hudgens is apparently famous for something.

Vanessa Hudgens is apparently famous for something.

[F]orging rhetorical weapons is actually a secondary role for these frontier garrisons. Much more important is how they impact one of any war’s most critical elements: morale. Morale is critical. It imbues men with the confidence and courage that so often determines an outcome. And morale comes not so much from having the superior riposte than having the superior side. Most men have a need to believe their cause is just, but every man has a need to believe his cause is shared.

Porter finds certain totems that are quite worthy of desacralization. In principle, a healthy society benefits greatly from the definition and enforcement of blasphemy laws. But when the law says Thou Shalt Blaspheme, it’s time to slaughter some sacred cows. He shows how.

Finally, You Never Get Rid of the Dane. Denmark’s parliament passed a comically weak bit of anti-immigrant legislation, certain to garner, in spite of its modesty, accusations of Hitler-Fascist from the left (because everything, when you get right down to it is Hitler-Fascist), and worthy of guffaws from anyone to the right of Tip O’Neill. Being in the latter category, Porter does the guffaws.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X looks at Why are People Poor? A Response to Bishop Camara. Mucho graphs.

Next up: Do Chilblains Affect Blacks More than Whites? An interesting question in its own right, which leads to the even more interesting question: Why the hell does almost no one want to even know? In the end though, she does find a dangerously “hateful” answer.

The Official Evolutionist X Wednesday Open Thread includes Haplogroup D and Cost Disease, and whatever else folks wanna talk about.

Evolutionist X has her own, quite solid, take on Cost Disease and the Alt-Right. And not a little to say about the indicated demise of the so-called “conservatives” of the eGOP.

Finally for Anthropology Friday, the finale to Slavery Narratives (pt 4/4). It’s been both a charming and eye-opening series.


This Week in Quas Lacrimas

Quincy Latham has a version of briefly noted: February 2017 Lightning Round: State of Exception. It’s brief… for him.

It’s gotten really quiet over here all of the sudden. I hope all is OK with Quincy. I hope he’s working on great research.

This Week at Thermidor Mag

Over at our sister publication, Ben Dixon argues for eminent domain, and for strong government generally, in Arguing With Libertarians.

P. T. Carlo’s Socon Signaling is a direct shot over the bow to several, whose names you’ll recognize, within the Professional Right. We only spank them because we care. And P. T. spanks pretty hard:

5'1" Vanessa Hudgens

5’1″ Vanessa Hudgens

In short, Social Conservatives both Catholic and Protestant have been bamboozled by Liberalism, which they have mistakenly assumed is compatible with Christian anthropology. The most immediate effect this has had is to create perverse incentives for Social Cons in positions of prominence.

These aforementioned individuals are under the delusion that they can function as “salt and light” in otherwise Ideologically Liberal institutions, thus acting as a “voice of reason” to the heathen coastal dwellers. Of course, in reality, they are relegated to the role of designated loser and rhetorical punching bag.

Douthat is perhaps the best example of this, as it seems his position on the NYT editorial board exists primarily for two reasons. The first is to give the board an illusion of ideological diversity (to be the token conservative) and the second is serve as a Boojum who is occasionally trotted out to titillate and scandalize the Liberal readership, with milquetoast and PC friendly “conservative” bromides. Thus, in a sense, they are able to get the pretense of hearing an “opposing view” without actually encountering something which is fundamentally at odds with their sacred Liberal presuppositions.

At it has certainly raised desirable reactions.

… where any reaction is probably desirable, or at least better than nothing. Carlo takes home an ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ for his fine argument and fine triggering here.

In the days leading up to Lent, Nathan Duffy considers Asceticism of the Wagecuck. Rational rule over all our base passions and instincts is tantamount to virtue and true holiness. Modern life hasn’t made it any easier.

Carlo and Mark Citadel are on the Thermidor Podcast: Episode 7: The Bannoning.

Finally, Mark Citadel has an historical overview of the largely forgotten Engelbert Dollfuss And The Tragedy Of Interwar Austria.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

A flurry of activity this week from Kristor. This one is only slightly longer than its title: Revealed Religion Compensates for Our Epistemological Limitations. Also by Kristor: It’s Logoi All the Way Up. And a theological note on Philosophical Skeleton Keys: Person versus Entity.

Matt Briggs has a metaphysics primer in Induction & Essence. And he’s also over in The Stream with There Really is a Climate of Violence on Campuses. And no he’s not talking about rich white frat boys doing gang rapes upon broken glass.

Vanessa Hudgens has a natural and winsome smile.

Vanessa Hudgens has a natural and winsome smile.

Also at Briggs’, Headline: We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans. Amen: We Did. All for “good” cause of course. (And how many additional suicides?) He has not a few words on Randomness & God, not least that they cannot be taken to be synonyms. And the illimitable Ianto Watt returns with a Part 2 of Russia’s (Soft) War With The West.

Adam Wallace calls it quits, or at least long hiatus, for the venerable West Coast Reactionaries: All Tides Recede. Much talent has cycled through there over these two years (Really? It’s only been two years?), and much still remains. There are other sites with more consistent activity that will happily publish these folks. The Orthosphere, Thermidor, and right here at Social Matter come readily to mind. There’s no reason to expect these voices to go silent. It was a very good run. We continue to wish Adam and the crew over at WCR the very best. You can still catch Adam at his sparkling new blog: Ex Ægea Albion.

Well who could have predicted this: UK Millennial men earning like women? Oz Conservative, Mark Richardson has more to say on that issue. The signs of decline are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. No doubt one reason why the Dissident Right continues to grow. Whether that may do any good remains to be seen.

Bonald finds one bright spot in this otherwise pretty dismal pontificate: A papal rebuke to globalism. Mostly because globalism is not communist-y enough, but still…

Cato the Younger kicks off a Reading Material Of The Week series.

Mark Richardson finds much to admire in A rad trad criticism of liberalism.

On Sunday, Richard Cocks is back over at Sydney Trads wondering Is Western Civilization Misogynistic? Not by a mile…

As it is, the more typically feminine value of compassion is destroying society. Thanks to feminism, masculinity has largely withdrawn from the cultural scene. Despite the feminist rejection of femininity, there is a de facto hegemony of the feminine in education, the mainstream media and the ruling elites. Reality will not be denied. Power-seeking women use what they have available to them and the feminine emphasis on compassion and motherliness becomes a weapon. Pretended compassion for supposed victims becomes Zeus’ lightning bolt with which to strike the opponent; the new scapegoating that poses as anti-scapegoating. Proof that the compassion is a mere pretence can be seen in its selectivity. For instance, in a recent hiring search that I know of, the search committee was given a list of approved races fit to jump the queue – the rest were to be as thoroughly ostracized as white men. The rejection of Christianity with its revelation of the scapegoat mechanism embodied in the Passion of Christ also contributes to the rise of scapegoating.


This Week in Arts & Letters

Harper McAlpine Black looks into Agatha Christie and the Latin Mass. She, of course, quite famously defended the Tridentine Rite, even tho’ she, as an Anglican, should have by all rights had no horse in that race. The truth of the matter is that Christie, and every other person in the Western World, did had much to lose from the protestantization of the Catholic Church, which is exactly what the reforms of Vatican II accomplished.

Over at Imaginative Conservative, Bruce Frohnen Should Everyone Go to College?. The answer is no, of courshe. But the pathologies that lead some to think so are the questions behind the question. He hits several nails directly on the head. This one was particularly well struck:

[T]he insistence that college be made the sole means of upward mobility has undermined our economy.

Also there, the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins: Spring. And a “Top 8” of Musical Love Letters from the Great Composers. Only one of which I would’ve guessed. Clyde Wilson discusses in great depth American Populism and the Power of the State.

Lue-Yee offers some short, but effective I think, original poetry: Cut Off

Chris Gale has some more poetry, but of the wrong kind: The Revolutionary Shitty Poets:

Mayakovsky said that his poetry should be read like a newspaper. As if clarity does not require art.

Indeed. He also some of the good stuff… from John Donne: One.


This Week… Elsewhere

Big social data fans will find Xavier Marquez’s Propaganda as Literature: A Distant Reading of the Korean Central News Agency’s Headlines pretty interesting.

Heartiste finds some things to admire in a rather vituperative obituary, or rather the late target of the vituperation. One lesson: If you really hate someone, don’t wait until it’s too late to tell them. That’s a real beta move.

A very perceptive piece here from Giovanni Dannato on Trump Foreign Policy: Post-Unilateralism. “Do without doing.” Lotta wisdom in those fortune cookies. Also there: The Trump Era And Iran.

TUJ has a range of musings on The Supreme Court, Using Protesters to the Advantage of Trump & Fun with the IRS. And on General Flynn & the Temptation of the Lazy Left to Miscalculate

This too from Mr. Undiscovered: The Response to Civil Service Resistance? North Koreanization of USG. He thinks it would be a big improvement:

A gratuitous pic of Nina Dobrev would look splendid right about here.

A gratuitous pic of Nina Dobrev would look splendid right about here.

Assuming he bothered to humor a transgender rights activist for a few minutes instead of having ‘it’ dragged away to a reeducation center, Chairman Mao would interrupt and ask “… what the fuck do these perverts have to do with COMMUNISM!?“.

These transvestite perverts have nothing to do with Communism, Chairman.

These perverts have to do with Comte, the founder of Sociology, Bureaucracy and what turned into Technocratic Progressivism.

Comte did not create the pussyhat.

What Comte did create is our real problem: Government of the Bureaucrats.

Democracy is seen as a coercion market in The Principle of Rerouting and Entrenchment. Yet another, if not the signal, failure of divided power. Also at AMK’s: We have all missed something massive in our discussions of patchwork. Other than the fact that patchwork is an incoherent and unrealizable ancap-induced pipe dream, perhaps.

Unorthodoxy has been reading Bruce Charlton’s brilliant Addicted to Distraction: Psychological consequences of the Mass Media. Written in 2014, it has, safe to say, been given new relevance by this and the previous current year. Also there, filed under Ain’t Intersectionality Grand: Black Genocide in Detroit.

PA: “They danced on our graves too soon”. Quite good.

Elfnonationalist is going to be Taking a Break. But not before scoring some valuable points on masculinity and aesthetic beauty.

Roman Dmowski is keeping us updated in the on-going war: Trump vs. The Cathedral.

Another monumental article from Those Who Can See: Progressives: the New Race Realists. They’re actions deny their words on racial equality. And TWCS has the data that shows how strong that denial is.


Welp… that’s all I had time for. It’s closing in on tomorrow in the state of Alaska. Don’t talk to the press. Don’t talk to the press about not talking to the press. Mea maxima culpa! Keep on reactin’! Til next week, NBS… Over and out!!

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      1. I always thought Selena Gomez had the perfect Disney face.

        1. Yep. Her too. Cut from the same cloth. Every smiling pic (which is most of them) looks perfectly natural and genuinely happy. Disney must select very aggressively for this look. And it is true of their blonde teen types as well.

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  3. William Middleton February 23, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    Regarding the rising cost of things…the “Cost Disease”, just compare the cost of Interstate Highway System in 2015 dollars ($511 billion), something with real tangible benefits, to the cost of the 2009 stimulus bill ($831 billion).

    Please name a single tangible benefit that came from the latter…

    1. Seriously. There’s a road in Berkeley, CA, (coincidence?) which had a big sign on it thanking President Obama for the Federal Stimulus bill around 2009. Meanwhile most roads in the Bay Area remain potholed and overburdened. I kept waiting for them to announce infrastructure as part of their recovery program.. and kept waiting and waiting..

  4. Great job on this, Nick. Thank you for preparing these.

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