This Week In Reaction (2017/02/12)

A reader tells me I missed making note of “Boldmug’s” appearance over at Scott Aaronson’s blog last week. Indeed I did. Mucho apologizos. I am very reliant (perhaps too reliant) on email notifications from wordpress or feedburner or similar gadgets designed for old people like me, when constructing this column. What I needed was people whom I “follow by email(!!)” to write about it. And of course they did. The kind reader, Dharmāesthetics, has helpfully compiled Boldmug’s MUST-READ comments over at github. His service to The Restoration shall not go unrewarded. Lawrence Glarus also collects and collates Boldmug Says @ Scott Aaronson’s Blog for the benefit of posterity. Wow! That’s longer than a Moldbug post.

"Never hoverhand your wife," says 5-time Superbowl Champ Tom Brady.

“Never hoverhand your wife,” says 5-time Superbowl Champ Tom Brady.

This year… HuWhites won the Superbowl. Truth be told, I was rooting for the Falcons. I’m a Giants fan. I hate the Pats. But after that comeback, and their implicit whiteness, there’s no doubting the greatness of Tom Brady and the whole Patriots organization. I now hate them a whole lot less.

And speaking of Moldbug… This week played host to the latest set of Me-Too-Imma-On-Top-of-This-Thing mainstream articles about the Insidious Neoreaction. First Politico claims Trump puppeteer Bannon is having his strings pulled by weird evil people. Dylan Matthews at Vox says Probably not, but you can’t be too careful. Rosie Gray (doesn’t sound like a Jewish name??) got trolled by Moldbug, et al., and decided to make that the story over at The Atlantic. Stay tuned for the Fascist Nude Body-Building Demonstration on the National Mall this April. (Actually, that could happen.)

Let’s see… what else was going on?

Well, Mark Citadel is up at Katehon again with America’s Color Revolutionaries. I prefer the look of it on his snazzy new wordpress blog. Hey, maybe we do have an American Embassy in the US after all.

Shylock Holmes uncovers The Conservation of Group Conflict. He’s not going to win many reactionary sportzball fans with this one:

Sports tribalism is to actual tribalism what masturbation is to sex. The act being simulated is that of tribal battle. Of course, real tribal battle is generally frightening. You’ve got a high chance of being killed or maimed, and lots of people are too old, fat or weak to be usefully involved. So we’ve innovated ways to produce the same feeling by turning up and screaming for men to do ritualized battle on our behalf.

And anti-sportzball tribalism is to sports tribalism as…? Anyway, irrespective of the aptness of the analogy (or the level of arbitrariness in sports fandom… hint it’s usually not), Holmes has got much good to say on the rise of sports popularity along side the de-nationalism of the West.

William Scott, having debunked Left vs. Right polarity (as leftist), he moves on to The Justice-Mercy Polarity. And finds, again, the very notion of a polarity kills both in practice in this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀:

In our contemporary Leftist infused culture the logical dictates of Justice are too hard to take; too final and too judgmental. The nebulous convictions of the Kingdom of Sodom do not provide the requisite courage to perform righteous judgement and justice. Mercy did not water down Justice historically. Rather Mercy confirmed Justice, for it had no meaning on its own. Mercy without Justice is mere licence. And so we live in an age where pedophilia is being seriously considered as acceptable by our learned class; an age where it is unmerciful to deny any desire its fulfillment. Like the childish view of theft, moderns focus on the desire of the perpetrator, atomized from social ramifications.

Liberalism would seem to be little more than applied Hegelianism…

Scott also has the next installment of his Metaphysics of Meme series: Pt 4 : Belief: a. groundwork. (I guess that’s “Part 4-a”.)

Over at Dark Reformation, Vincent Hannah pauses his “How Trump Won” series with an Intermezzo: Has Scott Adams Been Reading My Blog? In which we learn Adams, or at least his blog, played a rôle in leading Hannah to the scriblings of Mencius Moldbug.

Adam at GA Blog, gets a lift from Eric Gans, and looks at sovereignty through the lens of Power and Paradox.

The paradox of power is that it is possessed insofar as others acknowledge that possession as preceding their acknowledgement. Power is both a priori and provisional, a location and its occupant. To imagine overthrowing the occupant is to magnify the location; attacking the location involves criminalizing the occupant and mythologizing the champion who would do the deed.

And there’s more…

A “high” culture is one with a high tolerance for sustained paradoxicality, from which tolerance flows all of the intellectual insights that make moral, esthetic and historical knowledge possible: we are all sinners and yet/therefore we might all be saved; we are nothing and we are the jewel of creation; in terrible, soul-crushing defeats we find the seeds of future victories; in present victories lie the seeds of future defeats; the seemingly insignificant can be of great moment and what consumes us now might be forgotten tomorrow; and so on.

Adam, you’re not talking about Thee Current Pope are you?

Instagram famous, Jessica Ricks

As soon as you throw in your lot with those dividing power, who must present sovereign power as limited and parochial, and must therefore project some imaginary mode of sovereignty to be realized in a more perfect future, in which all the partial and scattered views somehow totalize themselves, you initiate a catastrophic lowering of tolerance for paradoxicality and hence of high culture. Insisting that the integrity of your particular position is an essential element of some body of knowledge to be collected impersonally and revealed in the indeterminate future leads you self-sanctify that activity and therefore to cultivate intolerance toward paradox.

Anyway, excellent work from Adam. He earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀. (He could use a new blogspot template, though.)

Nick Land catches Mencken Naming the Puritan. Also by way of Xenosystems: SAT be rayciss. (Actually, it is.)

Alf pays his deep respects to Heartiste, Ultimate Shitlord.

Our friends down under Sydney Trads have up an editorial on Social Media Networking and the Suspension, and Reinstatement, of GAB.

Speaking of Bannon and the Alt-Right, mainstream media mandarins should be reading Mark Citadel’s One Of Us? Bannon is, of course, not. But Mark does a fabulous job of explaining Bannon and how he’s not. Timely and quite important and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Silver Circle Award☀.

Malcolm Pollack takes a look at this black ju-jitsu the left has in The Devil You Know. We don’t believe in God anymore, but we believe in the devil. And his name is Hitler. Which happens to be precisely not the way to learn the lessons of history.

By way of Isegoria The dangers of status competition, actually quantified (for fighter pilots). Also: What Steve Bannon Wants You to Read—the sort of stuff the Dissident Right has been reading for years. And, filed under Of Course The Pope’s Communist: Introductory psychology textbooks lean left.

Finally This Week in CWNY, he discusses The Higher Law. I.e., the one that liberals decide to obey when the legal order isn’t on their side.


This Week in Jim Donald

Jim comments upon The first confrontation between the Trumpenreich and the permanent government. He’s rooting for the showdown… provided Trump stays unstumpable:

If Trump, vivat rex, appeals to the supreme court and wins, a Pyrrhic victory. But do not fear, there will be many more confrontations.

If he appeals to the supreme court, loses and cucks out, then he is, like Reagan, just another speed bump in front of the progressive steamroller.

If he appeals to the supreme court, loses, and ignores them, a huge victory.

Next, the problem with health care and a zillion other things is The cost disease. Jim takes the goodthinkers and handwringers to school.


This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry’s usual Sunday missive went missing this week. So the week gets Officially Kicked Off instead by Smith and Oslo (and company) in their superb new “Myth of the 20th Century” podcast: Episode 5: The Philippines, Crucible of Empire.

Undrafted free agent Quincy Latham joins the starting rotation at Social Matter with: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Virtue Signals. It’s not more than I ever wanted to know, however. Probably the most comprehensive treatment of the phenomenon yet in print, and certainly within the confines of The Reactosphere®. It’s simply impossible for me to excerpt my way to a summary here, but some of these bon mots are too delicious to ignore. Like:

English actress Eleanor May Tomlinson.

English actress Eleanor May Tomlinson.

[I]n the end, virtue signals are the death of any political movement. Again, concessions and virtue signals do have some advantages. But they are short-term advantages that minimize the costs and risks of short-term political disputes. The moral authority they confer on our enemies never goes away.

A good solution to this is to never send any virtue signals. Not only do you avoid conferring moral authority on your opponent, but as he starts to learn you aren’t a dancing monkey and won’t do tricks, he gets discouraged. The disadvantage is that you may lose your virtuous reputation: bad monkey, no banana. Now, you are literally Hitler.

Virtue signaling is needs a language—preferably a high-status one:

The only thing that all students learn as undergraduates which outsiders cannot easily mimic is the glossolalia of politically correct babble. This becomes a sort of prestige dialect of the English language which all American graduates can speak. (As far as I can tell, this applies to English and Canadian graduates as well.) A lower-class interloper could try to mimic it, but he would find it difficult and very trying.

Politically correct jargon has additional features that make it well-suited to its role as a prestige dialect. The Cathedral gives forth more extreme and bizarre ideological fantasies all the time, so the most prestigious schools can busy the minds of the sharpest (or most Talmudic) teenagers with the most complex and abstruse strain of the dialect, which is thus the most prestigious. Less selective schools race to catch up with the latest fashions, but generally settle on slightly older ideology which their professors have had time to boil down into empty clichés and meaningless formulas.

RTWT! Another masterpiece from Latham, made sweeter by his publishing it here on this bitboard, and an ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀.

On Tuesday, Weimerica Weekly drops: Episode 58—A Politicized Super Bowl.

Another undrafted free agent, Vincent Hanna also makes his SM debut this week with Reactionary Political Theory On Contemporary America. This serve as a brief introduction to Moldbug—a gentle introduction to A Gentle Introduction if you will.

And our Friendly Neighborhood History Guys are back on Friday (apparently their new normal day) with the Myth Of The 20th Century podcast: Episode 6: Rhodesia, Last Days of Empire. Definitely the story of two kinds of whites there: The right kind and the wrong kind.

And Mark Yuray makes his second contribution here in as many months: How Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ Hides A Religious Narrative.

The Trial is the story of a prideful sinner’s battle with God, told through the eyes of the sinner himself. The lack of sense in K.’s never-ending trial is not real, but the perception of a lack of sense as seen by the addled mind of K. The Kafkaesque plot is not an indictment of the legal system, but a consequence of a mind riddled with sin that is confronted with a judging God.

I’m not literary enough to know how novel this interpretation is of the, well, novel, but it generated a lot of traffic and discussion.

In Saturday Poetry & Prose this week it’s poetry. A fresh one from the pen of E. Antony Gray: Nothing-At-All.


This Week in 28 Sherman

Over on the home blog, Landry describes at least one way how #NeverTrump Lies. Trump wasn’t going to pick a conservative replacement for Scalia. #NeverTrumpers are ideologues. They somehow didn’t notice that Trump isn’t.

Wednesday’s piece: Trump Reveals Reality: as in the campaign, a fortiori in office. And the reality is: Trump really isn’t in charge. At least not yet…

Lily Collins, heavily retouched, but still...

Lily Collins, heavily retouched, but still…

Trump took on the media for over a year. The media is a major vertex as it is both powerful and unaccountable. The media was weaker than it has been in decades, and new methods of meme transmission have popped up making battle with them easier. President Nixon would have loved the power Twitter could give him to go over the heads of the media as it was exactly how his administration used press releases to weaken the media’s grip on information flow. As Trump himself even tweeted years ago, he loved Twitter because it was like owning a newspaper but without the losses.

Trump may have slayed the media beast or at least mortally wounded it, but the permanent government is another matter. It is an important piece of the system. Americans say they hate DC and the Feds, but do they really want to see a wrecking ball taken to it, the swamp drained and the earth salted. A lot of people gripe about bad relationships that they never leave.

Landry takes home an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for this one.

This Week in WW1 Pics: Letters In The Trenches.

On Friday, Landry reaches out as the “Official” Social Matter Recruiter. He’s good at it.

If you are a subject matter expert, now is the time to share it. The media complex is dying. We do not know what comes next. What we do know is that every single news article is written by someone who does not actually know the subject they are covering. If we can find experts, then we can provide analysis and explanations that are reality, are the truth.

The loss of credibility in the news means the loss of truth for many. The educated are even reaching the cynicism of the masses in its hatred and distrust of the media. The New York Times is not even as trustworthy as it once was for the SWPL set. People still cling to the media because there is no alternative.

We want to be the premier right wing media outlet. We also want to give people something they cannot find anywhere else. We also want high quality output. If you are interested, let me know.

Amen to that!


This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter has coverage of Judge Robart’s “restraining order” on the President’s Travel Ban in King of the Cascades. It is unclear how many divisions the 9th Circuit Court has.

[T]o address the matter more contemporarily, the judge is stating–with a straight bow-tie–that American public finances and education are “irreparably” injured by a curtailment of Sudanese squatters. This being the sort of fantasist jabberwocky that belongs on Tumblr blogs or the Washington Post, not publicly-sanctioned courtrooms.

Illegal immigration is the easy problem, the damage it does currently pales in comparison that done by legal “diverse” immigration. Porter notes: It’s Not an Excellent Driver… of economic growth, or even cars really.

Next up a fervent wish for detent with Russia: Fix The Inside First… or at least an end to American mouths writing checks thtat American fists cannot cash.

And Porter returns to the subject of law by the barrel of a judge in Chronicles of the Kritarchy.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Richard Toler, age about 100

Richard Toler, age about 100

Evolutionist X’s chartered bus tour of human genomic distances finishes up with Race: The social construction of biological reality, pt 3. Well, not quite finished up. She has an addendum to it here. In which she carves out a moderate position on the subject—somewhere between race denialism which is retarded… and race fixationism which is also retarded.

Next up, some thoughts on rhetorical zones appropriate to social media (and beyond): The Echo Chamber, the Forge, and the Fire.

Wednesday’s Open Thread is on 770,000 genomes and the American Nations, and much else.

Finally, for Anthropology Friday (the rare non-Marxist kind), more from the slavishly dialectically transcribed Slave Narrative Collection (pt 3/4). The dialectical transcription is certainly one of its great charms. Which, of course, makes it totally rayciss. (Which it is, but that isn’t really a bad thing.)


This Week in Quas Lacrimas

Over on the home blog, Latham follows up his excellent SM piece with a Parergon: Group-Dynamics of Virtue Signaling (Covering Fire, Purity Spirals). Or the potential up-sides of being “Literally Hitler”.

On Friday, he engages in a bit of Metablogging. Which is fine… so long as you’re sure to wash your hands when you’re done.


This Week at Thermidor Mag

Hyuge week over at Thermidor this week. P. T. Carlo has a retrospective on Francis Fukuyama’s Dream Of The 90’s.

Carlo’s Deep Identity In The Amerikwan Wasteland chronicles the late innings of American materialism, rootlessness, and ennui. And possible ways out. He’s not optimistic:

The abused orphan, the homeless addict, the victim of unspeakable crimes. Those who have faced the possibility of their own extinction. It is only these few who truly know what it is to be “Amerikwan,” those who have been tossed or have tossed themselves, into the abyss. Only these few, the despised, know its secrets. And it is only these few for whom a transfiguration and a salvation are possible.

Nathan Duffy brightens up the day as he looks at Reaction in the Prestige Drama. Throne and altar meet in the recent and highly touted dramas The Crown and The Young Pope. People seem to be drawn to the beauty of restored order, even if they cannot, or are forbidden to articulate, exactly what makes it so attractive.


Pius [XIII of The Young Pope] combines a flair for the dramatic and ostentatious with a sharp wit and devil-may-care style in personal interactions, confident in his own convictions. Sounding practically Moldbuggian at one point he quips: “The word ‘Harvard’ may impress people around here (i.e., the Vatican) but to an American it means one thing only: decline.” This style taken together with his being a cigarette-smoking American orphan who struggles to believe in God, and we have a distinctly postmodern reactionary. As Matthew Schmitz keenly observes, it is precisely Pius’s background as an American orphan abandoned by hippy boomer parents that makes his staunchly upholding tradition and rules on matters of sex and family—something his parents steadfastly refused to do—intelligible.

Lots of good stuff here from Duffy in this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

P. T. Carlo is joined by veteran reactionary hangouter Lue-Yee for Thermidor podcast Episode 6: Chinese Democracy.

And, in lieu of the violence of anti-Trump and anti-Alt-Right protestors Jake Bowyer makes a case for more rightist muscle in Boots and Suits. Something that we at Social Matter simultaneously very much want and very much want to keep hidden… until it’s too late to do anything about it.


This Week in West Coast Reactionaries

A quiet week over at WCR, but we were treated to an article from one of the sphere’s best new(ly discovered) minds. Gio Pennacchietti delivers The Formless Found: Heidegger & the Landscape Insurgency Against Modern Art. With a helpful dose of Roger Scruton included.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

Mark Richardson catches a “center-right” pol being honest: Spanish PM: “I am not in favour of borders”. And Mark has a word of caution about the infiltration of classical liberals: Being politically disarmed . Also there, let us count the ways Bill Kristol is wrong.

Matt Briggs has some thoughts from Pascal On Confession… and a few of his own. And over at The Stream, there’s a scoop NOAA Whistleblower Claims Data Were ‘Adjusted’ to Make Global Warming Seem Worse.

Lily Collins, quite a bit less made up. She is about 1/4 Jewish--all of it in the eyebrows.

Lily Collins, quite a bit less made up. She is about 1/4 Jewish–all of it in the eyebrows.

Briggs has a review of Thomas Barlow’s A Theory of Nothing, which is pretty funny. Funny because true. Also yet another bone to pick with an Edge answerer: The Big Bang, Eternal Inflation & Many Worlds. And Briggs offers his chair to the incandescent Ianto Watt who kicks off a new series: Russia’s (Soft) War With The West, Part I.

Donal Graeme’s Masculine Monday has given way to Tuesday Tips- #4 It’s The Economy Stupid (Part 2). Still reads like a Masculine Monday to me.

It’s always good not to have illicit sex. But there are good reasons not to, and then there are worse reasons.

Over at The Orthosphere proper, Kristor dons his full neocameralist hat in Completing the Groundwork of a Feudal Hierarchy of Sovereign Corporations. This continues with Evolving a Feudal Stack of Sovereign Corporations. For the pair, The Committee is pleased to bestow an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Kristor also dons the diagnosticians cape: The Wages of Moral Nominalism is Rage.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Sydney Trads have published their 2017 Symposium on “the future of Western identity: problems and possibilities, obstacles and opportunities”. It is simply magisterial. Many familiar names and fellow travelers. You will lose many hours there, but it will be time well spent.

Bonald picks up where Quincy Latham leaves off in noting The Right vindicates common sense distinctions.


This Week in Arts & Letters

By way of City Journal, a report from the social experiment laboratory known as the public schools: No Thug Left Behind—Obsessed with “racial equity,” St. Paul schools abandoned discipline—and unleashed mayhem. Discipline be rayciss. (Actually serious about that. It is.) And Heather Mac Donald is there with the comprehensive case against UC Berkeley: From Culture to Cupcakes.

Imaginative Conservative has something completely apolitical: Lost Soul of History’s Greatest Yacht Builder. Also a refreshing bit of de-revision: Tom Sawyer: Hero of Middle America?

Also there: Pat Buchanan thinks it’s about Time to Clip the Courts’ Wings.

Chris Gale has some commentary on current events with a Kipple The Dykes. They’re not just lesbians anymore.


This Week… Elsewhere

Greg Cochran waxes nostalgic over technological Spinoffs, that don’t seem to be happening much anymore. Could it be leading indicator of a civilization that’s past its prime? Also, have they found some Missing Heritability?

Olga Kurylenko, who is apparently famous for something.

Olga Kurylenko, who is apparently famous for something.

Speaking of overplaying leftist hands, Giovanni Dannato sees that happening in Trump vs. The Courts.

Apposite remarks from Heartiste as Audi Enters The White War.

Unorthodoxy notices Multiculturalism Leads to Identity Politics in Malaysia. Of course, all politics is identity politics, but multikult is definitely the nuclear option.

Appalachian Reaction has a couple of podcasts out this week: Episode 4—Industry vs. Labor: Outsider Exploitation and Episode 5—Coal Camps.

Roman Dmowski has a couple of pegs to knock out from under Judicial Supremacy.

AMK has a reading recommendation: A Manual for Defeating the Left Already Exists. Also there: In many ways progressives are right. And he’s right:

Americans are racist. America is built on white supremacy.

Americans, in fact, are so racist and so white supremacist that the best and brightest of them barely even notice the race of those doing most of the heavy civilizational lifting.

Al Fin has a joking (not really) question: Should Journalists be Assassinated? See also: Idiots Think in Words: A Global Revolt Against Pseudo-Experts, with a full day’s supply of Nassim Taleb.

Loretta the Prole has a modified thesis: Alcohol, not Lactose, Defines Europeans and Explains Why Without Christianity Europeans Are Doomed. This was also posted Thermidor Mag.

Elfnonationalist has a mashup in Tolkien’s Elves and r/K Selection Theory with not a little Nietzsche thrown in for good measure.

Afro Fogey wishes a Buon Compleanno Leontyne Price.


That’s all I had time for this week. Best wishes to everyone this St. Valentine’s Day. Please celebrate with someone you love. Keep on reactin’! Til next week, NBS… Over and out!!

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