NRxWave Evolution II: Mining Expedition To 433 Eros

Settle in, check your rad monitors, because you are sitting on 150 tons of LH2 and 50 kg of Uranium-235 and your nuclear thermal rocket is about to reach criticality. Next stop 433 Eros.

Following in the footsteps of Armstrong and Musk, Man had assumed his rightful place in the heavens with colonies established on Mars, Europa, and Titan. Massive stations were under construction at Earth’s Lagrange points. All these projects were hungry for resources. A Royal Charter was extended to the Near Earth Asteroid Company, a joint-stock corporation organized for the purpose of asteroid mining. Following extensive unmanned survey missions, 433 Eros, an S-Type asteroid laden with iron and platinum group metals, was selected for resource harvesting. After five years of missions to pre-position mining assets, the first manned expedition to 433 Eros was conducted by the twenty crewmembers of the SS Golden Hind. Intended to be a skeleton crew, they would oversee construction of crew-quarters, initiate robotic mining, and eventually return to earth, their names to be remembered forever.

Systems Check Complete. Hohmann Transfer Orbit Calculated. Turbopumps Activated. Full Thrust Achieved.


1 / 0:00:00 / STARFORCE – Omniversal Oscillations – Simulation 2099 (Feat. Peter Thiel)

R O C K E T S H I P S – Launch status check – We have Ignition

2 / 0:05:00 / Makeup and Vanity Set – Wilderness – Eidolon (Feat. Chris Lewicki)

Second Stage Burn – Stable Orbit Achieved

3 / 0:08:20 / Gregory Alper & Jeehun Hwang – MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear’s Legacy – Chandler (Strike)

Refueling with LH2

4 / 0:10:43 / Dynatron – Aeternus – Fluorescence of the Cepheids

Uranium Criticality – Firing the Timberwolf 350 Nuclear Thermal Rocket

5 / 0:15:00 / Starcadian – Sunset Blood – Sunset Blood

Hohmann Transfer Orbit

6 / 0:19:30 / Lost Years – Black Waves – Phoenix Rising

Adapting to Life in Deep Space

7 / 0:24:49 / Lazerhawk – Visitors – The Voyage

Establishing the Hydroponic Greenhouse

8 / 0:29:12 / Renz Wilde – City Boy – Redemption (Feat. Syntax)

Course Correction Maneuvers

9 / 0:31:56 / Lazerhawk – Dreamrider – Neon Dawn

Feeling the Caress of a 300 Km/s Solar Wind

10 / 0:36:37 / Pilotpriest – Darknet-Original Soundtrack Recording – Wounded Bird

Observing the Heavens through a Port Hole

11 / 0:42:35 / Solar Fields – Mirror’s Edge OST – Introduction (Feat. Peter Thiel)

Routine EVA

12 / 0:47:56 / Andy Fox – FCR Compilation Vol.VI – Wonder Dog

Two Hours of Exercise Per Day

13 / 0:53:48 / STARFORCE – Age of Nano – Age of Nano

Solar Flare

14 / 0:59:10 / Deck Rickard – Night City Dreams Ep – Neon Highway

Attitude Control Subsystems Active – Prepare for Braking Burn

15 / 1:03:19 / Nightcrawler – Metropolis – Spacecraft

Orbital Injection Successful- Welcome to 433 Eros

16 / 1:07:07 / Dynatron – Escape Velocity – Pulse Power

System Link-Up with Eros Base

17 / 1:12:32 / Hybrid – Morning Sci-Fi – Gravastar

All Assets in Place – Prepare for De-Orbit Burn

18 / 1:17:30 / Waveshaper – Magnatron – Crystal Protocol

Full Systems Check

19 / 1:20:45 / Stilz – Judicator – Scanner (Feat. The Encounter)

De-Orbit Burn- Himeros sighted

20 / 1:26:37 / Robert Parker – The Singles 2013-2015 – Interstellar Traveller

Touchdown on 433 Eros

21 / 1:32:29 / Waveshaper – Retro Future – Cabin Fever In Space

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Successful

22 / 1:36:15 / mitch murder – Selection One – Lazerhawk- Arrival (Mitch Murder Remix)

Deploy the Bots

23 / 1:41:53 / Vibrasphere – Archipelago Remixed – Baltic Resonance (Solar Fields Remix) (Feat. Chris Lewicki)

Disassembling SS Golden Hind

24 / 1:50:28 / Destryur – FCR Compilation Vol.VIII – Gradient Dream

Robotic Ore Collection In Process

25 / 1:54:22 / Bourgeoisie – Space Tapes And Vice – Industrial Sector 3083

Rock Crusher is Active

26 / 1:57:55 / C Y B E R N ∆ Z I – Galactic Lebensraum – Aryan Future (Feat. Elon Musk)

Criticality Achieved – Nuclear Thermal Smelting

27 / 2:03:05 / Dallas Campbell – FCR Compilation Vol IV – Life In The Colony

The First Platinum Ingot

28 / 2:07:05 / Vector Hold – Night Marauder – Analog Sunrise

1 Down, 20 billion Metric Tons to Go

29 / 2:09:14 / HOME – Odyssey – Resonance (Feat. Peter Thiel)

A Celebration in 0.6 MilliGees


I’d like to thank all the artists in the Synth/NewRetro/Fash/Electro/Outrun/Wave communities for making electronica great again, please check out their tracks and albums. Thanks to Peter, Elon, and Chris for inspiring this mix. As always, big thanks to Hestia Society, Post-Anathema, and the rest of Team NRx.

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  1. I included this thymopoetic mix in my latest post on ‘Air Superiority’. Hails.

  2. Nice songs, but what does this music specifically have to do with Neoreaction? Seems completely arbitrary to me – and the same goes for most of the recent “creative writing” published on this site.

    1. It has everything to do with neoreaction, which is just as much an aesthetic vision as it is a political philosophy. We have Post-Anathema for the visual representation of this worldview, and now we’ve started moving forward with a musical one. And if you don’t understand what purpose the creative writing section serves on Saturday, you’ve definitely missed the point of the whole site.

      1. I would like to see an explanation of how Moldbug and Land’s writings by any interpretation point in the direction of an “aesthetic vision”. Now, I’m not saying you guys can’t do what you want, I’m simply questioning the relevance.

        I say arbitrary in regards to Post-Anathema and it’s content also, which seems to be mainly heavily manipulated nature photography, sci-fi architectural artwork, classical sculpture, and military technology/gear. You may think these things are cool (I don’t mind looking at it), but slapping them together and proclaiming it a “worldview” comes off lazy and pretentious. And now synthwave (an ironic internet genre of music that plays on 80s pop-culture nostalgia) is supposed to fit into this? I honestly don’t see how. Because space exploration/extraterrestrial human civilization? To me it seems that you’re stepping out of boundaries by trying to be something you are not.

        As for the creative writing Saturday, my view is pretty much the same. It would probably be best to give up on trying to make your fringe political philosophy an all-encompassing cultural movement, and stick to writing essays. That’s my humble opinion.

  3. If this is the musical manifestation of this thinking, good luck.

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