Shadowy Organizations And The Aggressive Stupidity Of The Trump-Russia Narrative

Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Name the Country.’ Here goes:

This country has deep ties to U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump. Trump has traveled to this country in the past and frequently praised this country’s long-time leader. This country is very far away from the United States of America. So far, in fact, you wouldn’t really expect it to influence or figure much into American politics, but it does — a lot. So much so that some even say the U.S. government is controlled by this country. This country is a major player on several continents. This country does not speak English and its inhabitants have funny English accents. This country does not even use the Latin alphabet. Some even say that this country, which has a nefarious history of meddling in elections and dirty intelligence work abroad, had something to do with Donald Trump’s rapid rise in U.S. politics.

Can you name this country?

If you guessed Israel — congratulations! You are sane and well-read. If you guessed Russia, you may be an aggressively stupid political pundit. My condolences — it’s inoperable.

Yes, hitting back on the media’s sudden obsession with finding a Trump-Russia connection may seem like low-hanging fruit. It is. But there’s a greater point to be made here: not only is the “Trump is a Manchurian candidate for Russia” narrative aggressively stupid because Donald Trump is the most obviously financially independent and independet-minded American politician in recent history, it is aggressively stupid because even if The Donald were a Manchurian candidate, of all shadowy organizations, he would be least likely to be a stooge of the KGB’s.

Mossad, obviously, is a far more plausible culprit, but more on that in a minute.

The “Manchurian candidate for a shadowy organization” angle is not as dumb as it sounds, provided the right shadowy organization is identified. This is really not as radical as it sounds. Everyone, and particularly everyone in some position of power or influence, is a Manchurian candidate of sorts for some shadowy organization or another. This is because most individuals are not Great Men who move mountains and shatter paradigms all alone, but depend on the money, connections, ties, favor, resources, good will, weapons (sometimes), and cooperation of larger groups of individuals — we’ll call them “shadowy organizations” — with some already to spare. The Great Men, if living, are usually found at the tops of those shadowy organizations.

When somebody pops into the public square with a sales pitch and clear desire for power, you can normally accurately guess what shadowy organization is sponsoring them — directly or indirectly, because it doesn’t matter how directly — by looking at a number of things, such as what ethnic group they’re from, what religion they practice, where they went to school, who their parents are, who gave them their first job, whom they marry, where they were born, who loaned them money, who mentored them, where they travel, vacation, live, etc. The list of details to check off and compare is long, which makes the job easy.

For example, Rodrigo Duterte popped into the public square in the Philippines without warning, flipping off the United States, the world power currently occupying his meth-stricken archipelago-jungle country. He can’t do that! Well, he did. How? As it turns out, a little cursory research from yours truly here at Social Matter revealed Duterte was tied to the Chinese Communist Party from his waist to his ex-Maoist rebel death squad commandos to his America-hating anti-colonialist college mentor to his Chinese immigrant ancestors. That’s before you even start reading about the 50 years of arms shipments and training from mainland China — yes, seriously. China is, needless to say, the only other world power besides the United States with clout in the Philippines.

So, we figured it out: the shadowy organization behind Rodrigo Duterte, directly or indirectly, is probably the Chinese Communist Party. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion if you read the evidence. Duterte’s proclamations against China are about as convincing to my ears as Donald Trump’s against Russia are to Louise Mensch’s. But that isn’t an indictment of Donald Trump.

So why don’t we apply the same process of investigation to Trump that we did to Duterte? What shadowy organization will we find there? It’s not hard, so let’s begin:

Trump was born in Queens, a borough of New York City. His mother was born in Scotland and actually spoke Gaelic as her first language. His father was also from New York City, though his parents were from the Palatinate in Germany, then a part of the Kingdom of Bavaria. So far, I am not worried about Celtic or Royal Bavarian intelligence secretly hacking into Hillary’s e-mail servers to aid Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump is a mainline Protestant, but doesn’t seem particularly religious. His wives were Czechoslovak, American Southern, and Yugoslav, in that order. Seeing as it is the Current Year, I am also unconcerned about Czechoslovak, Confederate, or Yugoslav intelligence hacks into Democratic National Committee infrastructure — can you believe all these no-longer-existent countries?

Young Donald attended the New York Military Academy, Fordham University in the Bronx, and finally the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied economics. He embarked on his real estate career in New York City and made a name for himself as a “real New Yorker”. He owns and runs buildings all over the country and world now, including in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Panama. None in Russia. Hey, business dealings in India? Maybe virulently anti-Muslim India — with it’s own version of Donald Trump, nationalist Narendra Modi, in power — did some hacking of the Democratic Party?

But let’s not wait on the pundit class to pursue a hypothesis that makes sense. Anyway, we haven’t found anything too suspicious so far. No patterns except for New York City. Definitely no Russian influence. What about Donald Trump’s mentor? Did he have one?

Yes, he did: big league anti-communist and even bigger league anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man, Roy Cohn. The Daily Caller documents the tremendous influence Cohn had on a young Donald Trump, from his understanding of the news cycle to his very catchphrases, so I won’t repeat it here, but definitely go read it for yourself. This is what we call “a strong lead.” So who was this Roy Cohn? What was his background that might give us a clue as to the shadowy organization behind Donald Trump? Put simply, Cohn was a gay, right-wing, New York City Jew lawyer.

Come to think of it, now that I’ve said the words “right-wing”, “New York City”, and “Jew” aloud, I’m really starting to think… isn’t one of Donald Trump’s daughters Jewish? Why, yes: Ivanka Trump married religious Orthodox New York City Jew Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism. In fact, Donald Trump, Jr. also married a Jew: Vanessa Haydon, who studied psychology in New York City. Eric Trump did too: Lara Yunaska, a TV producer. That’s a lot of Jews in the family.

Now take a look at the top executives at The Trump Organization, L.L.C.: in addition to Trump family members (married to Jews), it looks like the leadership includes some guys named Michael Cohen, Jason Greenblatt, and Allen Weisselberg. Huh. On certain other websites, you’d be seeing a lot of triple-parentheses printed in the text right now, but at our august Social Matter, we expect our readers to imagine the parentheses themselves. There is also one Italian with the surname Calamari, which we’ll get to later.

In the meantime, check out this 2013 video of Donald Trump praising Israel and endorsing right-wing Benjamin Netanyahu for Prime Minister of Israel. Oh, did you know the biggest donor to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was Israeli media mogul and Jewish multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Jewish mentor. Jewish in-laws. Jewish grandkids. Jewish donors. Jewish endorsements. And all particularly right-wing Jewish, particularly Israeli. Not a Vladimir or a Boris to be found among Trump’s family, friends, and business associates, but an endless supply of right-wing Jews and Israelis. While I’m not going to out-and-out say that Israeli intelligence was the shadowy organization responsible for Donald Trump’s election victory, it sure seems a lot more plausible than the theory that Russian intelligence was behind it, no?

If I were to pick one foreign country that was most likely to have done unethical things on behalf of Donald Trump’s political ambitions, it would be Israel without a doubt. Russia is somewhere near the bottom of the list, after India, Panama, and Brazil. At least Trump has had business dealings in those countries. Donald Trump, the America-loving capitalist mogul, was in his mid-40s by the time the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Before then, a Soviet Russian agent approaching Trump was more likely to burst into flames than successfully “turn” the billionaire friend of President Ronald Reagan and Roy Cohn’s mentee.

After Mossad, the second most likely shadowy organization to have backed Trump is not the KGB, but the Italian mafia. Donald Trump can’t grab a pussy in the New York City real estate business without brushing against a mafioso, as Politico has extensively documented. Donald Trump’s mob ties even overlap sometimes with his ties to Jewish Roy Cohn, such as in the case of “Fat Tony” Salerno, who was a client of Cohn’s. No wonder the only goy working at The Trump Organization is called Calamari!

But Trump’s ties to Isreal and the Italian crime families are a bit beside the point, because the most obvious shadowy organization to have backed him is right in front of our faces, not hiding in the Bronx or the Middle East. This shadowy organization calls itself “the American people”, though it is more commonly known to us as “RedGov” or the Red Empire. That means the FBI, the NSA, the cops, and the good ol’ U.S. Army.

The most striking thing about Donald Trump is how white and American he is — truly, indigenously American. Donald Trump is not a “global citizen”. He is not German or Scottish, despite his ancestry. He is not a slavish Israel-Firster, despite his deep and broad ties to Jewry. He attended a military academy. He calls Bernie a “socialist slash communist”. He wants to antagonize Mexico. He is a goddamn American patriot and he wants you to know it. Just look at the banner image of him above: Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and the decorated, uniformed U.S. soldier.

Is there anything to do but scoff at the suggestion he’s a Russian plant? Perhaps laugh. It’s RedGov that’s back in charge of the U.S. government now — not Putin, Bibi, or Fat Tony. In other words, it’s Trump in charge, and the aggressively stupid media better get used to it.

Mark Yuray is verified on Gab. Follow him there and on Twitter.

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  1. We may need to rotate our perspective a little to understand why the Deep State has reacted the way that it has to Trump. First, I submit that no one in the Deep State truly believes that Putin flipped Trump. It is a useful lie to gin up opposition and attempt to weaken Trump. But why? Trump’s avowed policies are anti-globalist, but these people are built on subverting and twisting any policy to their own goals. Their fear and reax seems outsized as a result. Certainly they risk being ignored permanently as they continue braying nonsense. No, I think we need more. And what fits the bill? I think Trump drives Deep Staters around the bend because THEY have not flipped him. Unlike recent POTUS, SCOTUS, key members of Congress, and the entire Beltway elite, Trump is beyond their reach. They have Nothing On Him. And it is terrifying. If you think about it, if the Deep State did hold ultimate veto power over the White House in recent years, since the fall of the Warsaw Pact, let’s say, to suddenly NOT have that power would feel like someone else took it from you. So, in a way, it is not a stretch for the Deep State to say Putin controls Trump — all that matters to them is they do not.

    1. yeah they have had manchurians on both tickets for decades and so have had puppets, but once he won they should have courted him instead they have clearly exposed USA is a bannana republic, pretty stupid for smart guys.

  2. I agree that the idea of Trump being a Russian plant is risible at best, given the available evidence. However, the Russians did have a few good reasons to intervene:

    1. This block makes typical cucked arguments at its finest, starting with the cowardly prevention of Nuclear War, wich is the easts leverage since they got their hands on the bomb. “Oh you better give the Russians what they want, you better don’t mess with them cause of nuclear war”. The right is making basicly the same cowardly pseudo-arguments the left made during the cold war.

      1. The Russian demands don’t seem unreasonable. “stop promoting color revolutions in our sphere of influence”. Nuclear war is apparently worth this goal with is of ABSOLUTE vital important to the American people, yes. Neocon-ism is poison.

        1. It maybee a reasonable position for the Kremlin to demand a stop of interferance in “their sphere of influence”, but that is the russian position and since i’am not a russian and that is not “my team”, i don’t give a damn about what they want.
          Russia does just the same in everybody else sphere of influence, supporting revolutions, arming liberation movements and building crime networks. Just everytime this psychopathic bully loses a fight its all about “no you stop doing what youre doing or things will get worse”. The russians even to this day support the crazy socialist government of Venezuela. So fuck em. This is simply about the basic human ambition that we compete and fight with each other and i’am not taking a lose for some Dugin-LARPing pseudo-patriotic cucks. F-u-c-k Russia.

          1. Your nation thanks you…. or at least the anti-nationalist trans-nationalist globalists thank you, along with the Soros foundation. But those are basically the same thing, right? Good goy. I’m sure you thought it was vital to chase after those imaginary WMDs in Iraq.

          2. Iraq wasn’t about WMDs, they were just one point of many among the resolution against Iraq. Iraq was about culling Muslims and it lured many Martyrs to the sands of Iraq before going straight to europe. Iraq was set up as a killing field to use Muslims for Target Practice so that the US Military doesn’t get lazy. Has shit to do with Schlomos Internationalism that becomes more and more an excuse for cowardly LARPers not to do anything cause it could maybee somehow in some way help some internationalist Kabale.
            ‘Life is a constant struggle and those who are not willingly to fight that struggle don’t deserve to live.’
            Guess who said that.

          3. “Has shit to do with Schlomos Internationalism that becomes more and more an excuse for cowardly LARPers not to do anything cause it could maybee somehow in some way help some internationalist Kabale.”

            Such a tough guy. Like Bill Kristol. You have absolutely zero grasp of the Iraq War, thinking it was about making sure troops “don’t get lazy”. Yes, I’m sure a country which has sodomites and transexuals in its army is very concerned about troops not getting lazy. Please. It was an open-and-shut case of globalism in action, for a variety of illusory justifications and financial deals.

            Then again, someone who makes such unhinged statements as yours, with as much lunatic hatred of Russia as John McCain and other assorted helicopter-bait (including Hillary Clinton), it really isn’t a wonder. Perhaps your neocon-ism would be better suited to another site… Weekly Standard perhaps?

  3. Considering that it is most likely that Russia feared the madness of Hillary and her kind of foreign policy people as tending to require pre-emptive warfare on their part to, e.g., keep Ukraine out of NATO, it is certain that Russia tried to influence the election. But so what. The US does the same around the world, including in Israel. Netanyahu doesn’t need Trump to be anti-Democrat. American liberalism is evil empire building dressed up in Utopian globalist nonsense.

  4. Russia plays the russians for fools as he played the Media. Trump also wasn’t the Kremlins favorite Candidate in this race, Bernie the Bum Sanders was their favorite. If cucked russia LARPers would watch actualy russian TV instead of Russia Today which just exists to throw dirt at the West, they would know that. They showed Bernies Honeymoon in the Soviet Union pictures over and over again and even about Hillary they said, they could “work with her” since they have enough dirt against that old hack even without the Uraniam Deal and the crooked Clinton Foundation.

    Trump is not the Kremlins favorite and for sure the people Trump surrounded himself with are not the Kremlins favorites. The Kremlin tried to bluff and lost. Fuck em.

    1. Sorry, Trump plays the Russians for fools.
      Other russians play russians for fools too but this time Trump did also.
      Damn typos.

  5. Still pushing the “Duterte theory” are we guys? Pub-Lease, the guy’s been around a long time and takes care of business. I guess it embarrasses us a little when a non-white guy so obviously knows how to get results quickly. “There must be some other explanation!!” doesn’t cut it. He whacked all the Chinese dealers anyway. Long live Rodrigo Duterte.

    1. This is not a counter-argument to the “Duterte theory.”

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