Descending The Tower – 11: Year In Review

Now that 2016 has come to a close, the ATT gang welcome Harold Lee, Jean-Luc Deaux, One Irradiated Watson, Mark Citadel and William Scott for a year in review.

Donations: Gladio, Bermudan Reactionary, Theo S. Weaver, William Middleton, Walrus Aurelius

7:11 – Revisiting our 2016 predictions
11:00 – January
26:23 – February
46:59 – March
1:01:46 – April
1:28:47 – May
1:54:06 – June
2:08:58 – July
2:28:26 – August
2:42:55 – September
3:01:56 – October
3:21:20 – November
3:43:46 – December
3:50:29 – 2017 Predictions

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Opening Music – “Stainless Steel” by Guy Berrier (excerpt)

Closing Music – “Resignation” by Ludovic Scholz (excerpt)

Guest Blogs:

Harold Lee –

Mark Citadel –

William Scott –


The Duck’s final blaze of glory

Rick Wilson attacks the alt-right on MSNBC, setting the stage for the year

Death – David Bowie


The debut of Wesearchr

Twitter begins its SocJus death spiral

Death – Antonin Scalia


The Fashing of Tay

Trump begins his steamrolling


The case for passivism against activism

Death – Rob Ford


The echoes go mainstream

Rodrigo Duterte – The Filipino Pinochet


The Orlando Shooting


Death – Muhammed Ali


The Summer of Happenings

Death – Pere Jacques Hamel


Hillary’s alt-right speech (PEPE!)

The Summer Olympics and the downfall of the Brazilian gov’t


St. Teresa of Calcutta


Weird Story of the Year – Inside/Broad – The Podesta E-mails and the beginnings of PizzaGate, Spirit Cooking

Weird Story of the Year – The President of South Korea is a real life conspiracy theory

Broad – The Cubs win the world series, and the American thread of baseball

Death – Jack Chick


The fingers seen round the world


Broad – (Besides election) Fake News and the Ministries of Truth, Russian hysteria


Death – John Glenn

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  1. yah re: fascism in punk, Crass immediately comes to mind. Despite being the epitome of leftist punk politics they had a totally fascistic aesthetic. Military like outfits, all black, swastika like logo, brutal black and white collages for album art. Although their haircuts were messy and not very “fashy”…

    The music itself wasn’t really folk/blues based either. The drums were played like a march and thy had a kind of avant garde atonality, especially in later albums.

    A great example of the left learning from the right, and also how the right can now learn from the left in return. But maybe everyone knows this already.

  2. @~109, Chinese guy gently haranguing his black assistant: Yes it’s Empire of Dust, on youtube. It’s within the last 10 minutes, but here it is pre-snipped:

  3. @~219 ahhhh you guys are too out of touch with the ‘lesser’ alt-right to talk about it – the guy who threw the first Nazi salute (no squirming away to ‘Roman’) was Mike Enoch, the chief talker of TRS, a heavy-weight. He didn’t know the cameras were there though. (By the way they were “The Atlantic”‘s cameras – the resulting documentary: No amount of vetting would have excluded him. But there was a lot more excitable, callow youth there, there had been deliberate outreach to grow attendance. Spencer was pretty clearly unhappy about it but never reproached or disowned the action because Mike, apparently taking a lesson from Trump, never backed down and TRS is a source of huge growth for NPI and the alt-right in general. It might have been for the overall good even, under the theory that there’s no such thing as bad publicity (and Richard pretty clearly is waving a glass around, not ‘heil!’ing, so, surely less damaging to the alt-right’s image among the curious than the hoopla would suggest).

    1. … sorry, replied before I got to Nick Steves talking more informedly.

      Millennial Woes was definitely doxxed, I just saw a shot of the newspaper that gives his name, on 4chan /pol/. I elsewhere and others there have heard a rumor that he’s going to come to the US, but have heard nothing about where. He may not know himself. Funny, at the end of his American tour he said he’d lost his appetite for returning – I wonder if it was NPI that did it.

  4. The earliest instance of the term “living document” I’ve come across is actually in a catholic text, “The American Republic: Its Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny” by Orestes Augustus Brownson in 1866. The text should be available online as a free EPUB.

    “But there is danger that the politicians and demagogues will ascribe the merit, not to the real and living national constitution, but to their miserable theories of that constitution, and labor to aggravate the several evils and corrupt tendencies which caused the rebellion it has cost so much to suppress. What is now wanted is, that the people, whose instincts are right, should understand the American constitution as it is, and so understand it as to render it impossible for political theorists, no matter of what school or party, to deceive them again as to its real import, or induce them to depart from it in their political action.”

    There are many more such quotes. The general idea is that the constitution must be continually reinterpreted to coincide with God’s will in the current age.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for that bit of research.

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