Somalis In Snow: Invade The World, Invite The World

The Mall of America opened in Minnesota with great fanfare as the nation’s largest shopping mall. Twenty five years later, the only news one hears about the Mall of America are massive fights within its large confines. The combatants do not look like the normal Minnesotans with their sing-song upper Midwest accent. Video clips look like they could be from Somalia. The reason is clear when one looks at the immigration numbers.

USG has settled Somalians in the snow.

No group of dirt poor individuals from a scorching hot land can fly thousands of miles to settle in an area known for its winter chill without some help. How did the Somalis get to Minnesota, Ohio, and Maine? No refugee relocation project is complete without America first being involved with an international conflict and taking sides. As is often the case in these conflicts, these New Americans, as the Left likes to call them, come from the losing side of the conflict.

Decolonization is the horror show that the modern Left avoids discussing. Colonialism is blamed for many ills that plague Sub-Saharan Africa, yet few courses openly discuss the wanton violence and ethnic cleansing that different African tribes unleashed on one another. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has had multiple civil wars, resulting in the murder and rape of millions of women, yet white diamond seekers or poachers are all one sees in the Western culture’s representation of conflict in Africa. Decolonization created the groundwork for the transportation of Somalis into America.

Ethiopia was an American client state due to its anti-Communist ruler and strategic location for sea lanes. Haile Selassie was deposed in 1974 by the Derg, which was Soviet-backed but curiously its leaders were Western educated and Marxist indoctrinated. The military junta that established a Marxist state performed a terror campaign that killed 500,000 Ethiopians, created the famine that killed a million Ethiopians, and destroyed any shot Ethiopia had of progressing as Europeans left the horn of Africa. Ethiopians were not imported into America like Somalians, though, because of a conflict that did not kill even one tenth what the Ethiopians did to their countrymen. There was also a steady civil war within Ethiopia that lasted decades.

The Ogaden War began in 1977 and ended in 1978. Prior to the Ethiopian overthrow of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia was an American client and firmly pro-American. Somalia was a Soviet-backed Marxist state that also had a military junta under a Marxist guise running the show. The coup in Somalia was in 1969, leading to General Muhammad Siad Barre’s rise. The Soviets backed him and provided military material and aid, as the Somalis offered ports for the Soviets to use as naval bases. The aid and technical advice provided by the Soviets was designed to help Somalia take the Ogaden from the American supported Ethiopians. Siad Barre declared his state would be run on scientific socialism, and even promised that he had figured out a synthesis of Islam and socialism.

Things looked on the up and up for the Soviets in the Horn of Africa. Moscow believed it could maintain both Ethiopia and Somalia as clients, creating a broader area of communism on the continent. The Soviets even proposed a Marxist-Leninist confederation for the area to strengthen bonds. The area contested in the Ogaden war was nothing but grazing land. It was a giant plateau of mudhuts and tiny hamlets that had ethnic Somalians living under Ethiopian rule. No peace. It was not to be though because Somalia held the upper hand, and Ethiopia was going through major internal turbulence as stated above. Somalia began to support liberation movements in Ethiopia along the border to attack the weakened Ethiopian central state.

In the summer of ’77, Somalia noticed arms pouring into Ethiopia and openly invaded. This was a major gamble, as Ethiopia had ten times the population of Somalia in 1977 and strong natural defenses for its central area. Despite Soviet advice not to invade the Ogaden, the Somalis went forward with the planned invasion. Somali leaders were taking advantage of the civil chaos that the Derg junta had plunged Ethiopia into after taking control of the state. Somalia caught a break, though, by being a small chess piece on the global board during the USA-USSR great game.

In July of 1977, the USSR formally withdrew military advisors and suspended aid. The Soviets did this after trying to negotiate a cease fire, as both nations were its clients. The Soviets boosted the aid it poured into Ethiopia. Soviets, Cubans, and even East Germans were sent to Ethiopia to defend it. The Horn of Africa outpost that the Soviets had created in Somalia was roughly recreated in Ethiopia. In the end, the Soviets would send a billion dollars worth of equipment to Ethiopia.

The Somalis picked up a new patron. America decided to support the Somalis in their ill-fated war with Ethiopia via an odd set of moves. Somalia’s dictator had an American dentist. He was sent to Washington to meet with American officials. America was fine with providing defensive aid only if the Somalians ended their Soviet relationship. The switch in client-patron relationships flip-flopped. The Americans did this with no real material aid, as the Somalis were far more equipped than the Ethiopians. America eventually sent less than $90 million in military and refugee assistance to Somalia. The Ethiopians destroyed the Somalis with the air aid provided by the Soviets.

The war contributed to the Ethiopian famine of the ’80s that Americans know of from a plethora of commercials and celebrity charity songs. Americans did not take in Ethiopians due to this war, but rather took in Somalians by the tens of thousands. Somalia was our client, not Ethiopia. A later war between Ethiopia and Eritrea would give birth to the “Ethiopian-American” community and start a migrant flow.

The Ogaden war destroyed the Somali military that the Soviets had built up for nearly a decade. It also weakened the Somali central state and set the gears in motion for civil war. From the moment the Ogaden War ended, rebel groups formed out of tribes: Islamic, ethnic, Marxist, etc. The rebels bloomed like a field of poppies. Ten years later the Somali Civil War officially began, leading to famine and death. An American client was suffering. USG took action both at home and in Somalia.

This silly war in a backwater region of the world led to American engagement under the guise of UN peacekeeping duties. Somalia was our ally in the Horn of Africa! Like spitting on the White House silverware before leaving, President George H.W. Bush agreed to send American troops into an area full of danger with no upside and very little direction. This gave Americans the horrific images on nightly news of killed American soldiers in the Battle of Mogadishu. It also started the flow of Somali refugees into the frozen lands of Minnesota and Maine. If USG could not feed and save the poor souls in Somalia, USG would bring Somalians to America.

Decades later, Somalia is still a failed state. Decades later, Somalis still pour into the West. No one quite ever answers why exactly there are Somalis in the snow. Like the Hmong a generation and war before the Somalis and Ogaden, they are the product of America picking the losing side of an international war.

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  1. There are many reasons why re-settling somalis in the Scandanavian mid-west is a bad idea, but one of the more under-explored ones IMO is the basic biological fact that Somalis are evolved for a climate with much more sunlight. Having black skin at northern latitudes makes it that much harder for your body to generate enough vitamin D for good health. Even prog media has hypothesized that this may be a cause of high rates of autism in the re-settled Somali community:

  2. Jonathan Gress-Wright January 2, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Good summary of the history leading up to the Somali refugee problem. While one can sympathize with the plight of refugees, the problems with the Minnesotan Somali community illustrate the problems with government trying to help. We tried to help Somalis in Somalia and simply precipitated a civil war and refugee crisis. Then we tried to help them by resettling them in the US at taxpayer expense, which only created new problems of culture clash and welfare dependency.

  3. The Ethiopians have done pretty well in America, though.

  4. Well, you can see these silly wars in backwater countries as silly wars in backwater countries, or as necessary target practice for the US military so that it doesn’t degenerate into a peacetime army that will have a serious lack of skills and experiences when a serious conflict occures.

    In regards to that, what are these somalis and hmong and afghans for? Human Loot like the Roman Empire looted People? Or are they not rather providing an employment pool of government social workers and target practice for the Police?

    I have no doubt that maybee their first generation will breed a lot, and then just degenerate. They will disapear like Brito-Roman Multicultural Society disapeared.

  5. Snomalians?

    Ahem. They make fun of the idea of DR3 (Dems R real racists) at TRS, but this is a perfect example. Everyone is the same so it makes perfect sense to ship people 44+ latitudes North. And if you don’t think so your a racist.

    Personally I would hate living near the equator. The hot muggy weather, the days nearly the same length year round, it would be hell. I can’t imagine how these people could be happy in an environment that fluctuates so drastically in both warmth and light. Their evolutionary roots go much further back in in Africa than ours do in Europe, and the Northern hemisphere. If ‘out of Africa’ is correct, and I see no reason to deny it, these people are being transported at least 100,000 years into the future. And without the attending evolutionary transformations we have been through in that time.

    Our world is managed by the willingly ignorant.

  6. “Soviet-backed but curiously its leaders were Western educated and Marxist indoctrinated”

    “Curiously”… very wry Landry, very wry.

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