This Week In Reaction (2016/12/25)

This week this happened. Good. Classicist… Good. Evolutionist X says: Dear Donna Zuckerberg: You Don’t Own the Classics (so scholarly that I can’t even read most of it). Here at Social Matter, David Grant restricts himself to English in his response.

Also the Berlin Truck Attack happened. TUJ has eyes on Europe.

Anomaluk is back for the second article in as many weeks. He makes great sense of the apparently Russian hack of the DNC here Democracy and Hacking. Was it the Russians? Probably. Is it unusual? Not at all.

I’ve often said that the real power of the media is not the events that they report but the context to the events that they imply. Governments spying on each other is completely normal. Governments spying on foreign political movements is completely normal. Governments attempting to influence foreign elections by leaking intelligence is completely normal. Points to Nydwracu for finding this by William Safire…

Why was DNC such attractive mark? He speculates. Interestingly. In this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Contemporary Christian artist Lauren Daigle

Contemporary Christian artist Lauren Daigle

Oh… and of course it was (Western) Christmas. Ho ho ho. Matt Briggs runs the Santa math and wishes everyone a Merry Federally Recognized Holiday of 2016! Joseph Pearce opines on Keeping Christmas Local. Kristor sends Christmas greetings from The Orthosphere: O Tree of Glory. Alf says, “Merry Christmas, for what it’s worth”. Chris Gale has the readings, the pics & videos, and a brief meditation. Unorthodoxy has an uncharacteristically orthodox Merry Christmas! Donal Graeme also. Translated from the original Latin, Testis Gratus presents the Golden Legend On the Nativity of Our Lord. And Christmas wishes also from William Scott, TUJ (not ironically), Porter, and Dalrock.

Let’s see… what else was going on?

Over at Quas Lacrimas, Quincy T. Latham sets out to explain why False Consciousness isn’t Cuckoldry. He ends up creating an excellent primer on both phenomena.

Even if you do not think that socioeconomic class makes the largest contribution to an individual’s perspective on the world, you do not have to be a Marxist to like the Marxist model of false consciousness. In fact, there is a deep thematic connection between the Dark Enlightenment’s advocacy of teleology and the idea of having one’s own proper point of view (see also DR’s account of stabilizing functions). A bat has evolved a certain perspective on the world which harmonizes with a bat’s habits (nocturnal), goals (hunting in the dark), and interactions with the environment (emitting high-pitched shrieks). Bat-consciousness is not, to a first approximation, true or false, illusory or genuine, but simply highly functional… for a bat. A bat who saw things the way a human does would presumably not reproduce as frequently, or else bats would experience the world the same way we do (and vice-versa for blind, echolocating humans). Human consciousness and bat consciousness are each teleofunctional. Differences between them correspond to differences between the evolutionary fitness environments humans and bats face.

I also got a kick out of this bit:

For Marxists, explaining how the concept of class straddles the gap between self-interest and collective interest is nearly as large a problem finding a precise definition of “class” in the first place. It’s a conceptual muddle which goes a long way to explaining why Marxism has always been more appealing to would-be commissars than to the workers whose interests the ideology supposedly advances.

So… are cucks victims of a false consciousness? Latham thinks not, and you’ll never guess what happens next. This was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Atavisionary relays the reddit tale of the 115 lb female “Fire Fighter”. He notes:

“Small and feisty” translates to tiny, shrill and obnoxious bitch. I am not sure in what circumstances or by whom such traits are valued, but it isn’t in fire fighting. And not in wives for that matter.

Well… small is OK. Also: Happy heuristic for the holidays: Polarity Shift.

For any essay that is hostile to the group under discussion, most of which target white males, it is useful to switch to women, Jews, or blacks. Or better yet, make the switch to black, Jewish lesbians to maximize the absurdity. Suddenly, a noble essay meant to combat institutionalized racism, sexism, and anti-semitism becomes a hateful piece of propaganda for white supremacy. If you could expect a polarity shifted essay to be widely and loudly denounced as X-ist, while the original is a triumph for social justice, chances are quite good that you have a big, steaming pile of bullshit on your hands.

Very nearly a certainty I’d say. He tries Polarity Shift here with Da Jooz.

Nydwracu unearths a smoking gun armory from America’s cultural offensive throughout the world (1955). B-b-but Putin hacked the DNC!!! Wes also unearths a bit of progressive tsking at the 1972 Harvard Crimson (of courshe) about The Soviet government’s uniformly pro-marriage position.

Seth Long has a wet blanket to throw on California’s industry strangling anti-climate-change restrictions.

Bad Billy Pratt is back with thoughts on The Implicit Nature of Truth and Ugly Shirley Jackson

I became a High School teacher because I wanted to teach Truth. I swear it made sense at the time. Go ahead and take a guess how well that worked out. It was a long, hard road to finally accept that Truth is irrelevant to most people. Modern education is a dramatic performance of ideology; a parody of education. If any real leaning happens to go on during the performance, consider it the mini-sticker at the bottom of your Cracker Jack box—yeah, maybe it’s there, but it’s far from the point.

Gratuitous pic of Keira Knightley

Gratuitous pic of Keira Knightley

And you cannot attend high school with encountering Shirley Jackson’s “classic” short story The Lottery—made a classic by generations of English teachers insisting it must be so. The story is so ham-fisted, that Pratt finds an overwhelming temptation to defend “silly supersition” in principle.

Alfred Woenselaer has a review: Love Actually is a really crappy movie. Apparently it has Keira Knightly in it, doe.

Spandrell has some video of Dr. Jordan Peterson on Intellectuals. And much, much more on the subject of Jordan Peterson.

Also from Spandrell, a lot here on Self-Deceptive Status Filters—perhaps a bit overly cynical, but a good read at any rate. If we were purely self-deceptive status filters, then it would invalidate our thoughts about status filtering and self-deception.

Carlos Esteban has some palabras para Conspiración. On the one hand, almost nothing of social import happens absent conspiracy. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists tend to underestimate the conspirators operational security.

Mark Citadel caps off the year with a deep meditation on what probably awaits us: Through The Eye Of The Nadir. It is a very good, very inspiring read, and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀. Citadel concludes:

My suspicion is that part of this journey is accepting decline for the inevitability that it is, not simply a theory of what might be. It’s a solemn conclusion for sure, that Modern man will not get it until he is made to get it, and I fear that wake-up call rings for all of us. Where to find encouragement for the road to the next zenith? That cliché rhetorical question: if God is with us, who will stand against us? ‘The World’, you may respond. Fine. Then the world will be drowned in the primordial sea from whence it arose, but with a prayer on our lips we must demand of ourselves that when the tides recede, our people will come reeling to the shore.

What is adaptive eventually wins.

Shylock Holmes takes an serious look at how things get done: On Power and Coordination. Demotists sympathetic to neoreactionary aims love to point out that there are 300 million guns in the US. My retort always goes something like, once you figure out how to point them all in one direction, get back to me. It is an NRx Truism that a coordinated minority always (and everywhere) rules over an uncoordinated majority. Holmes looks into how. With spherical total sovereigns in a vacuum, psychology doesn’t matter; but with realizable sovereigns, it does. It apparently saved Erdogan.


Viewed from this angle, we can suddenly see why formal systems of government are so difficult to achieve, whether this is in the form of an all-powerful king or an all-powerful constitution. Saying that the king will have absolute authority is presuming the conclusion you’re trying to reach. The king doesn’t fight off armies single-handedly, he rules because his subjects believe that it’s in their interests to follow his orders. Does this hold true for every possible order? If the order hasn’t been given yet, it might be hard to say. But if orders stop being obeyed, either he stops being an all powerful king and becomes merely one center of power in the system of government, or stops being king altogether, most likely killed by the general who disobeyed him.

We thus have a basis for Maine’s striking observation about the British crown—that some of its powers were probably lost through lack of use. If the nature of power is people’s beliefs, these are hard to measure. And while past history is a good guide to what people think now, how do you know the world hasn’t changed in the interim? Even the ruling flag must continue to be run up the flagpole from time to time in order to know that people will continue to salute.

Holmes earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his efforts here.


This Week in Jim Donald

Jim kicks off the week with a review for the noobs: The Cathedral defined. It’s a review, yes, but also an important amalgamation of neoreactionary ideas in a single one-stop-shop.

The Cathedral has organizational continuity with the state religion of Massachusetts, in that Harvard was the headquarters of the state religion of Massachusetts. Harvard is a heretical offshoot of the Church of England, in that Harvard was founded by clerics expelled from the Church of England by Charles the second, clerics known at the time as dissenters or nonconformists, and the State Religion of Massachusetts was founded by clerics who fled England to avoid the authority of Charles the first, clerics known at the time as Brownists. The frequent name changes, which continue to this day, indicate that this religion keeps developing a dreadful reputation.

The problem is the priesthood of all believers. This is wonderful in theory, but in practice, some believers are more equal than others, so what you get in practice is what Moldbug calls informal power—power that is unofficial, secretive, insecure, conspiratorial, and based on lies and pretense, as illustrated by the Climategate files.

Cutting off entry to the natural pulpit associated with clerical estate is a (if not the) signal problem of civilization. Jim presents…

Carrie Frances Fisher Oct. 21, 1956—Dec. 27, 2016. RIP.

Carrie Frances Fisher Oct. 21, 1956—Dec. 27, 2016. RIP.

Some possible approaches to closing off open entry into the priesthood.

1: The priesthood of all believers firmly regulated by the state. The state gives them privileges and power, in return for them teaching loyalty and patriotism, but keeps them under tight formal and explicit control. (Luther’s later more conservative Lutheranism)

2: Bishops derive their authority from the King, combining apostolic succession with (1) as in the Church of England from 1660 to 1820

3: Full on apostolic succession, with appropriate respect for secular authority, as with Eastern Orthodoxy and today’s Russian Orthodox Church under Putin. Get some holy oil.

4: Hereditary priesthood, as in the Old Testament Israel.

5: Priesthood as private property, as in today’s Japan and saga period Iceland, where private ownership of an official state endorsed shrine makes you a priest. We make the universities as independent in reality as they are in form, so that Academia tolerates, is unable to prevent, is incapable of suppressing, open dissent within Academia, shutting down the network of committees controlling committees that causes all Academia to speak with a single voice, that makes it a thousand loudspeakers all echoing one microphone.

Jim snags an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his contribution here.

Next up, a brief note on The evil of libertarianism… Tyler Cowen specifically, who signals he doesn’t care about Aleppo. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except…

Aleppo is the result of a failed American effort to overthrow the legitimate and long established government of Syria. To this end, the American government sponsored a bunch of genocidal terrorists who intended to kill every Syrian Alawite and kill or expell every Christian and every Shiite of Palestinian origin. These foreign genocidal terrorists seized a portion of Aleppo, kept the civilian population hostage as human shields, and proceeded to lob mortars and rockets into the rest of Aleppo.

So… a bit of charity, m’kay, Tyler?

Another quick note on America’s nuclear arsenal, which Trump says we should strengthen and expand. Which wouldn’t be necessary if we had a reasonable expectation that more than a small fraction of the old nukes still worked.

Finally Jim celebrates Christmas by watching The Wicked Flee… and quoting Scripture of course.


This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry kicks off the week at SM with one of his patented screenplays: The Progressive Twilight Zone, with attendant commentary. He points to a teeny-weeny little change the DSM release 5.0:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder... it's not just for kids anymore (according to DSM V)

Oppositional Defiant Disorder… it’s not just for kids anymore (according to DSM V)

The DSM V has a small but startling change. The lines in the DSM V now reveal that [Oppositional Defiant Disorder] now can be a disorder exhibited by adults. There are two specific lines that make it very clear that this disorder no longer applies to only children, but can be a diagnosis slapped on adults. There is a specific section that outlines how dangerous this can be in our prog dominated culture and society.

In linguistics, every natural aversion has become a “phobia”. The never-terribly hard science of psychiatry is naturally following suit.

This is the Left carefully creating a medical justification for harsh treatment of dissidents and pathologizing dissent. If Trump supporters felt they had to keep quiet to keep their job, they will now have to keep quiet to avoid medical prescriptions or hospitalization.

This is not hyperbole, as this type of stifling of dissent was common in the formerly communist Eastern bloc, creating the need for people to practice ketman. During the Brezhnev era of the Soviet Union, the Soviets hospitalized those who dissented from the party line. This was a replacement of the labor camp system Solzhenitsyn wrote of in his Gulag Archipelago trilogy. It was not a death or hard labor sentence but a drugging, sedating, and sequestering sentence.

Totalitarianism in a white lab coat and clipboard is easier to market.

The Comintern has taken it on the chin at the ballot box in 2016. Situation normal. It has power because it controls the institutions in a system of divided power. People who think we’ve “won” are fixed on the cape, not the matador. The Committee were pleased to bestow an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ upon Mr. Landry for this one.

Arthur Gordian is quickly becoming Social Matter’s greatest new talent. He hits another one out of the park with a Book Review: James Burnham’s Suicide Of The West. There’s so much good here, I hardly know where to start. Well, first, a lot of neoreactionary ideas come directly from this book… written before Mencius Moldbug was even born. Burnham’s most contribution seems to have been his definition of “liberalism” apart from particular policies or goals, indeed apart from any rational system at all:

According to Burnham, liberalism is “a set of unexamined prejudices and conjoined sentiments,” which undergird a post-Christian society and which emerge from the high verbal IQ “opinion-makers” which he defines as, “teachers, publishers, writers, Jewish and Mainline clergy, some Catholic bishops, the Civil Service, and the leaders of the monied Foundations.” These sentiments and prejudices are largely unspoken and unacknowledged by the liberals which hold them, but form the foundation of their perception of the world and reality, from their idealistic doctrine of Man’s perfectibility to their moral preference for anyone who is not them.

What this means is that the liberal’s notions are not derived from principles but from instinctive, gut-level reactions to situations which are then rationalized post-facto into the categories of Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty. Trying to understand liberal thought by beginning with these principles is working backward, and theorists who attempt to do this create theories which lack in predictive accuracy; in short, it’s bad science.

There’s much, much more there. This was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Silver Circle Award☀ winner. RTWT!

Landry returns Wednesday for the latest installment of modernity’s excesses: Travel As The New Identity. What? You don’t have a passport? How ever could you survive, poor thing.

In addition to his timely fisk of “Classicist” Donna Zuckerberg, David Grant also offers some analysis on The Role Of ‘Spaces’ In The Progressive Worldview. Much has been written about “safe spaces”, but the focus tends to be on the safety. Grant focuses on the “space” part. Any resemblance to the plot of Star Wars is purely accidental, I’m sure.

Cosplayer Missy as a Star Wars Rebel Alliance Pilot

Cosplayer Missy as a Star Wars Rebel Alliance Pilot

The name of the game, as far as the Left is concerned, is to dethrone the evil white guys at the top and seize control of the world space for themselves. While the forces of evil dominate the world space and hold sway over every one and every thing in it, there remain some pockets of resistance which the evil masters of the universe have somehow been unable or unwilling to eradicate. By joining forces, these rag-tag rebels can mount a resistance that will eventually overthrow the evil empire. Until that time, however, the Left remains the underdog; no matter how many spaces annexed by the Left, the dark lords still rule the world space.

Of course, this bears no resemblance whatsoever to the actual power structure in real liberal democracies. But this is how progs think. Understanding it is part of knowing our enemy.

I am quite convinced that space as a concept can be disentangled from its many leftist applications, but there is one destructive end to which space lends itself quite readily, and that is total politicization. Because every space is like its own miniature polity, every human interaction is political. If our goal is to remove certain spheres of life from the interminable war of politics, then spaces are singularly unsuited to the task. For now, while the contest with leftism rages, the issue is negligible, but after the Restoration, the concept of space will have to be neutralized to avoid turning every social disagreement into a battleground. Removing insecure power will help solve this problem.

It seems like ownership of spaces is tantamount to that. Grant earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for his contributions here.

Finally for Christmas Eve, Saturday Prose & Poetry features appropriately Christmas Poetry from E. Antony Gray and William Scott.


This Week in 28 Sherman

Over on the home blog: Landry has a Movie Recommendation: Black Mirror’s White Christmas episode.

Next SoBL has takes up a year-in-review and offers My Best of 2016. Ryan Landry is the hardest working man in neoreaction.

This week in WW1 Pics: Recruiting In The Bahamas. Pretty harsh. But presumably effective.

Finally a long Merry Christmas Spandrell… who apparently needed his chops busted.


This Week in Kakistocracy

Kick off the week, Porter has a… a won’t quite call it a review… let’s go with apprehensions of Rogue Zero. By all right-wing accounts I’ve seen thus far, Porter’s apprehensions may be misplaced. Of course, that still doesn’t mean you ought to necessarily toss shekels into Hollywood’s coffers.

On Tuesday, the Berlin truck attack signals A Red Christmas. He has a particularly stern indictment for Merkel:

American actress Diana Agron is 5'5".

American actress Diana Agron is 5’5″.

Unlike the aliens she has invited, Angela does owe something to the people who died today and their anguished families. That debt is more than just her tearful contrition and on-all-fours washing of blood from the streets with her own clothes. That would be the barest minimum expectation.

What she truly owes is a public acknowledgement of her office before vacating it. An acknowledgement of her unfulfilled duty as a loyal and protective steward of the German nation, of its ancient and unique habitat and culture. An acknowledgement that this solemn responsibility to safeguard the people’s inheritance was her greatest ethical obligation. One she shunted aside in service to her own personal pieties. To Merkel, Germans were merely on the side of their children, while she was on the side of the angels.

Next, Porter marvels at the clever ways in China manages to remain Chinese: Better Safe Than Sowwy.

China is a manifestation of unapologetic Han nationalism. That country boasting a total of 1,448 naturalized citizens out of 1.3 billion souls. It is a nearly pristine nation-state, and one blithely unmoved by the self-abnegating impulses that have recently turned Europeans into road-slurry. It’s difficult to not grudgingly admire the Chinese approach. They don’t debate the matter of pretentious abstractions with preening roundeyes. They simply go about the business of maintaining a secure, homogenous habitat at home while advancing their interests abroad.

“Mosque rectification” (LOL) appears to consist of blowing up a mosque, and if it remains a viable building, then you can deduce with a high degree of certainty that it was fit for public accomodation.

Next up, a review of sorts of implicit whiteness in The Audacity of Dopes. The one thing about those evil whites that’s impossible to hide: They sure make darn nice countries to emigrate to.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X continues her thoroughgoing debunk of Time (too) Wise (by half) with Wise Tim, Crime, and HBD: Part 2, the HBD-view expanded and Part 3: Finally getting down to business. Sure, it’s shooting fish in a barrel, but she’s brought along some very impressive guns. La Griffe du Lion is a very impressive gun.

This week’s Wed(nesday) Open Thread is about the futility and stupidity the Iraq War, the assassination of Russian Diplomat Andrey Karlov, the comment of the week, and much more.

Evolutionist X wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Christmukkah? with a run-down of the historical spread of Christianity.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

J. M. Smith has a healthy dose of skepticism to throw on an ostensibly “very important message” conveyed by “Considering Matthew Shepard” coming soon to an academic (of courshe) theater near him: Rhonda’s World.

Also there, Kristor explains why Nature Cannot Explain Anything—formally that is.

The stack of formal, ergo final causes of any concrete real is infinitely deep. To complete an account of any contingent thing, you’d need to traverse that entire infinite stack. The traversal is impossible for any finite being.

We should not feel too surprised at Nature’s explanatory incapacity. She is, after all, the explanandum, not the explanans. To expect her to explain herself is a category error.

This too from Kristor, a heartwarming mediation on Good King Wenceslas. And also: Who is the Angel of America? Who is His Vicar on Earth? We don’t know of course. But they must exist. He makes the additional point that blood and soil are not sufficient for essential nationhood either: Nations are Spiritual Entities First.

Briggs holds out the can in this charitable season: Statistician to the Stars For Hire! And he picks up where he left off with Lesswrongianism: Pascal’s Mugging Is Silly: Events Don’t “Have” Probabilities.

He invites the incombustible Ianto Watt into the big chair for his take on Russia As Salvation Of The West: Part I.

Regina even offers a "Style" section this quarter. Probably a first; hopefully not a last.

Regina even offers a “Style” section this quarter. Probably a first; hopefully not a last.

And Briggs is in The Stream with some cask strength skepticism Who’s Better at Playing Doctor, Boys Or Girls? And back on the home blog: “Media Powerhouses Don’t Quite Get Religion”. Well… that’s what they have Douthat for, right?

Regina Magazine has out its Christmas Issue. As always, it is visually stunning.

Bonald goes there: On female genital mutilation 1: the problem—i.e., for Natural Law theorists and that the clitoris seems to be not optimized for procreational enjoyment. So maybe slicing it off isn’t a problem. Against which he musters natural law arguments.

Bonald weighs in on Papal Baseball: It’s only dissent when conservatives do it. The backdrop is the liberals, who spent the last 70 years questioning every Catholic teaching and papal statement, are now accusing the conservatives of disobedience for questioning the Pope on communion for objective adulterors. But, of course, you knew that would happen.

Mark Richardson takes stock of the terror that Merkel invited upon Germany.


This Week in Arts & Letters

Girl in kitchen in Chile

Sydney Trads have up their usual share of @WrathOfGnon faves: G. K. Chesterton on The Age of the Theoretical Minority (betraying Chesterton’s naïve populism), Joel Salatin on the Time Before the “Supermarket”, Johann Gottfried Herder against the Inorganic Empire, Juan Vázquez de Mella on the Fruit of the French Revolution, and Nicolás Gómez Dávila on Nature.

Chris Gale presents (with some setup) Elizabethan era poet Sir Philip Sidney’s Loving in Truth. Also some Kipling in response to the Berlin truck attack and the broader weakness of European Identity: For All We Have And Are. And for Christmas: Some T. S. Eliot Journey of the Magi, with some carols.

At City Journal, Kay Hymowitz explains How Women in Media Missed the Women’s Vote. Also there, an assessment of the legacy of NY career politician Charles Rangle: Charlie’s Angles.

[O]ver the course of his long career—one in which he accumulated tremendous power, perks, and influence—Rangel was never more right than when he pushed for public order and crime-fighting. It’s likely, however, that he won’t be remembered for this but instead for his cronyism and political featherbedding, which he pursued with guile and consummate skill.

And Theodore Dalrymple has Like a Candle In Berlin: On the curious habits of the spiritual-but-not-religious.

Also at City Journal, Heather Mac Donald looks at the numbers and concludes: The Ferguson Effect Lives On. Evil racist policing, or increased crime; please choose only one.

Over at Cheshire Ocelot’s, he has more on Lewis Carroll in The Hunting of the Snark, replete with some humorous pics. He considers the Carrollian epic rather underappreciated:

[I]t’s exactly what one would expect an epic poem by Carroll to look like; imagine “Jabberwocky” extended to the length of a short book (about thirty-five pages in one edition I own), and you’ll be close to the mark. In style, it’s more-or-less a condensed, poetic Alice, and if that sounds appealing to you, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it.

Imaginative Conservative reprints Chesterton’s Christmas-tinged (and Dickens-tinged) The Shop of Ghosts. Also, they have a Christmassy analysis: What is the True Nature of Ebenezer Scrooge? And L. Frank Baum’s A Kidnapped Santa Claus.

Testis Gratus puts his powers of Latin translation to work again for Virgil’s Fourth Eclogue.

Over at West Coast Reactionaries, Kaiter Enless considers the Æsthetics of the Terrestrische Lehramt.


This Week… Elsewhere

Lawrence Murray has a 7k+ word article pamphlet: Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster. It’s very, very good.

Whenever you hear politicians or business leaders praise the values and virtues of diversity—which always means less White people—they are declaring their support for this process. When they talk about the morals and goodness and industriousness of immigrants, they are referring to a class of people who are overwhelmingly non-white and whose numbers are growing. The ruling caste loves this. Some, such as Vice President Joe Biden, have the nerve to give speeches literally celebrating the end of the White majority. Others like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are more nuanced, simply saying immigrants have “better families” than we do. This is a hostile elite. They are planting a new forest, not stewarding the existing one. We must ask why.

…and how to get a better, smarter elite. Murray proceeds to explain how we got here. The Ulster Plantation provides a model and he gives a more than passing history of how Britain “conspired” (in public, by law) to demographically replace Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland with proper British Protestants. The “Judeo-Saxon Plantation of America” he reckons is like it, only moreso.


There is an ethno-religious component to the American plantation, just as there was in Ulster. Much of the government and most of our institutions are in the hands of this elite brahmin caste who follow the syncretic civil religion of third worldism, which is of Jewish-Calvinist origins. They are analogous to the British planters of Ulster who ascribed to Protestant supremacy, except far worse. Their attachment to moral preening, compulsion towards social signaling, attitude of victim-glorifying righteousness, love of commerce, neurotic fear of the folk, and contempt for dissidents echoes throughout our media, academia, and political culture with a fiery zeal towards purging the people and cultures which are deemed to produce “authoritarian personalities” and “racist” heresies.

It is from their hatred for the goyish provincial folk dwelling outside of the coastal strongholds of New York-Washington and California, the populist and isolationist Amerikaners, that this hostile Judeo-Saxon elite supports White minoritization. It is morally good for them to ensure we are replaced, just like Gaelic Catholics were something to be replaced by English and Scottish people living in the towns and pales of settlement in Ireland and Ulster.

That’s enough excerpts. I can’t do Lawrence justice by excerpts. Simply fantastic work and winner of ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ this week. Do RTWT!

Also from Mr. Murray: Xenoskepticism is a Good Rule of Thumb.

TUJ wonders Has China been Consistently Ahead of European Civilization? Rhetorically wonders, that is. He thinks not, but some people claim it. This part is crucial:

Only European civilization has proven a capacity for reinvention.

Eflnonationalist says “Hello”. He seems to be playing with a cardboard cutout of Christianity, but it is generally a reparable shortcoming.

Unorthodoxy explains what happen to British social systems after the British abandon them: India Sinks, Or Why People Become Alt-Right. Also: Dark Enlightenment is Progressivism’s Nightmare.

Moose Norseman advises that we come to grips with the fact that Zebras aren’t unicorns, and stop holding it against them.

In the same way, a woman isn’t a goddess. She’s as feeble, sinful, and human as you are–in fact a little more so (of the first two). But women are still worth getting to know after you’ve disabused yourself of your goddess delusions. They are worth marrying, having sons and daughters with, and guiding in the faith.

They are worth it, not worthy of it.

I gotta good chuckle out of these Conversations. Also, AMK is looking for more sperg readers. Also a note: The Rate of Growth of NRx is Itself Growing, which I can neither confirm nor deny.

AMK had two “big pieces” this week. The first was Sexual Liberation Through Rules (with Notes on Tastemaking). He gets a lot right, but is overly reductionistic in spots. The second was A Brief Summary of Exitocracy.

I used to trust Snopes. Not after this. Maybe they’re still reliable on Nigerian prince scams and babies in microwaves. Who knows?

Al Fin identifies The Stable Core at the Heart of Every Effective Risk-Taker.

Anathematized Truth checks in.


That’s it for now. 5200 words and 116 links. Let me know if I’m missing something. Merry Christmas. Keep on reactin’! Til next year… NBS, over and out!!

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  1. There are many known reasons for the replacement of Whites with the Others in the US, like more clients to businesses and bureacracies; cheap labor; increasing reliable voter blocs for Democrats; liberal ideologies and the compulsory and/or willing worship of Others; increasing international weight by growing the size of population; propping the lagging recruitment for military with the incentive of assured later citizenship; etc.

    Liberal power comprises of simple intelligent men, concentrating mostly on the necessities of now. They have long term global power plans, but they have tendency to throw things to the wall and hope they stick there. If not, they try some other method, again and again until they reach their goal or good people interrupt their little play. So we should be careful so that we dont generally impute too long term, too big scale or too complex plans on them. But we can generate theories, oh H.ll yeah, and see later if they are proven right or wrong.

    The following theory of immigration describes one possible long term reason for replacement immigration. It is based on some real life evidence here and there. Even if this theory is later proven wrong, i.e. they really didnt have this long term plan, the “good” side is that these methods are already in use in many little ways, e.g. in the wars US military conducts abroad and in US diplomacy, and this theory will become increasingly true, i.e. more the US Whites are replaced, the more these methods are used, as new opportunities and realities present themselves.

    Liberals strive towards global power with various methods. It is troublesome goal, as we can see in the increasing self-generated problems and stoppages UN, EU, international courts, US, etc. produce. Liberals can allure the non-Western world to some extent with economic relations and advantages, and bribes and wealth transfers, but these dont go nearly far enough. The non-Western world, and increasingly the Western world too, despises liberalism, the demands and compulsions of liberal ideology. Even nominally and superficially liberal democratic country like Japan is in its most important core policies fundamentally non-liberal country. To reach their global power goals liberals must increasingly dissolve the borders and mix people to partially mixed messy masses or completely mixed gray masses. Many kinds of borders, peoples, cultures, religions, laws, economic arrangements, etc. create too high obstacles to liberal goals, so they must be weakened or removed before the liberal goals can be reached.

    So what properties messy masses have that can be used? United States consists in practice already from all the peoples of the world. There is almost no such small and unknown Ugubuku people in Africa, which would not be represented in the massess of Untied States of America with at least a handful of people. There are endless opportunities how US can represent itself to the outside world and peoples. US can always find e.g. a lot of liberalized Muslims, who know their native countries languages; customs; religious peculiarities; cultures; social, loyalty and power networks; etc. These people can be used in Muslim countries as Muslim look-alike mediators, middle men, persuaders, diplomats, negotiators, etc. who advance liberal goals and liberalism there, but dont generate as much resistance and suspicions as e.g. White or Black Christians or atheists would. When Whites are a minority and US is a messy mass, US can represent itself to the outside world with the principle, “We are nothing you blame us to be, but we are anything that you want and hope us to be.” “You say that our policies are an attack and ruse of European-American Christians against your country? Whites are a clear minority here, they are quite powerless. And not all Whites are Christians, there are many atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Whites. Did you know that when the number of Muslims are compared, we are one of the largest Muslim countries in the world? I myself am a Muslim. So our peoples are like close brothers. I am sure we find a common note to sing … We are very elastic in this matter for your benefit. It is advantageous and secure for you to be slightly elastic in this matter so that we reach mutually beneficial agreement.”

    When US negotiates opening increasingly borders with non-Western countries, it could make special deals with them. Maybe the easier travel and colonizing migration from US to a Muslim country would be first granted mostly to US Muslims, and when they have corroded and liberalized the goal country enough, then the travel and migration could be made more wide ranging or almost free.

    In international bureaucracies US representatives are in every way such garbled lot, that nobody knows who they really are, and where US team ends and many other teams begin. When US representatives say that they represent the whole world, there is fairly much believable honesty in those words. Garbled lot functions as an versatile universal acid, which sends its best suited tools to every situation and corrodes the protective walls of others.


    Liberals global power goals have been stopped in non-Western countries alone because Western countries have been seen as White Christian countries, let alone together with all the other reasons. When non-Western peoples cannot anymore say what the messy mass is, it is much harder to resist it psychologically, culturally, economically, religiously and in other ways. In Star Trek series the Borgs might have been people who have been made similar and then connected to network of brains, who then goes around assimilating new people to the network, to its egalitarian power circle. In the real world the liberal Borg has endless little and meaningless varieties in its masses, meaningless religiously, ethnically, culturally, etc., meaningless to the people and loose groups in the masses, but useful as tools to the liberal elites, who are only people who matter.

    This is what happens, power has tendency, given enough time, to harm the people it is supposed to represent. Lets say elites consists of almost only real Christians, and they represent people, who are almost all Christians. Elites are distant from the people, whom there are a huge number. Elites dont know the state and situations of the people, they dont know in any way accurately the effects of their policies on people, it is hard for them to hear at least a little bit of accurate feedback from the people, etc. Elites govern Christianity, but they also govern many tens of other fields. These fields are often slightly contradictory, and it is compelling to make decisions in all of them. Thus Christian elites make knowingly (saying to themselves perhaps, “It doesnt really matter, it is such a small thing.”) and unknowingly many little compromises, which weaken Christianity. And anyway, the consequences of many decisions are known only after a long time. Add many compomises over a long time, and let the elites accustom slowly to the changes, and one day the elites are in practice anti-Christian. Normal elites can at best create good environment to Christians, but they cannot maintain Christianity. Thus such a valuable thing as Christianity should not be given to the elites. That bureaucracy could maintain Christianity fairly well, Christianity should be its only field of power, so that there are no contradictions and compromises between different fields.

    The proven best method to maintain Christianity (or Jewish religion), is to establish communities and follow immutable rules in the most important matters. This creates the necessary enduring framework for religious life. In other areas there can be endless changes and variations according to situations, needs and creativity. In this way Jewish communities have survived over 3000 years, perhaps to some extent 5000 years. They are the longest surviving social structures, and they are in practice everlasting.

    Christianity resides in the ‘hearts’ of Christians, in their communities social relations and in the laws and teachings of Bible, in Christian and Jewish laws, including to some extent Talmud. Bible cannot be properly understood without Talmud. Yes, laws too. In this matter Jesus was right, and St. Paul was wrong. If you think laws are not important for Christians, the are plenty of liberal non-Christian Christians who think the same way, and plenty of Christians, who became without laws atheists, Buddhists, etc.

    1. Valkea, if I had some idea what this comment was pursuant to, I might be able to make more sense of it.

      But no. Understanding the Bible does not depend on the Talmud. And no, establishing immutable rules is neither necessary nor sufficient for preserving the essence of Christianity. It can only be preserved by an institution with complete authority. [Added: OK OK, except for One Rule: the Church commands intellectual and moral assent to all matters of faith and morals which she has authoritatively taught.]

  2. >Well… small is OK

    This made me chuckle. True, true, but I was thinking of “small and feisty” as a package deal in this girl’s case. Being bitchy while being small betrays that she has no self-realization that she has no physical ability to back up her bad attitude. At least with a big butch dyke she may have at least some physical ability to enforce her retarded beliefs and status. More respect is afforded to a person if they could at least plausibly back up their position with force (at least against other women). No respect is given to ingrates who are wholly dependent upon the grace of others not to be put in their place. It creates a special kind of contempt.

    1. Glad you chuckled. TWiR exists to make short, humorous quips like that.

  3. Nick,

    one alcoholic and drug user speaks quite normally and reasonably when he is sober about any topic except his substance use. Eg. one time when he was drinking heavily, he managed to walk to a cash machine, but he didnt have any money left. A little bit later he passed out, and defecated and urinated on his trousers. A while later ambulance took him into a hospital because of severe alcohol poisoning, and he was some time in intensive care unit, connected to tubes. Later when he talked about this incident, he said that the only problem was that he didnt have any money left to continue drinking. When it was pointed out to him that losing consciousness and being on the verge of dying because of severe alcohol poisoning could be a small problem too, he was genuinely disconcerted. Finally he managed to squeeze out of himself words saying that alcohol use can be in general problematic, but he couldnt see this in his own specific case.

    At other time he was drinking alcohol and using LSD in his apartment, and he had invited local alcoholics to “party” with him. They caused many disturbances and demolished the apartment. Because of this he received later eviction order and had to move away, and he lived some time in the streets. When he was later sober he explained that the only problem was he already had one warning under his belt, and the second one then led too easily to eviction. It was almost as if the alcohol, LSD, herd of alcoholics, disturbances and the demolition of the apartment didnt exist, he was almost blind in this respect.

    To him alcohol and drug use are good and they can only have good or at least neutral effects and consequences. He had accumulated a mountain of reasons and rationalizations why it is so, and his feelings supported them all the way. Alcohol (and drugs) give good feelings. They remove or alleviate mental pain (more important to him than the previous). Alcohol use is transcendental meditation. Alcohol use is freedom to do positive things, freedom from restrictions and freedom from tyrannical people. Alcohol is positively connected to charming women (which he still never seemed to get with or without alcohol). Etc. He would go on and on with these kinds of things. If he was pressured slightly with the negative sides of alcohol use, he would soon become restless, anxious, evasive, obstructing, defensive, denying, forgetful, irritable, ‘blind’ and to some extent even panicking.

    When we hear this, we might laugh a little bit akwardly, and say, “Well that is crazy.” But like so often, this is an extreme case of psychological blind spot / or something else psychological, which exist in a continuum to which we all belong. We all have blind spots, but they are almost always much more milder than in the described case.

    Nick, would I describe you in the right way if I said that you are mildly and healthily anti-Jewish? There are some nasty and hateful anti-European liberal Jews out there, you are reasonably protective of us Europeans, so you are a little bit of suspicious and/or defensive against certain or perhaps to some extent all Jews? All good groups and good people defend their groups appropriately, and this kind of alertness protects against exploitation, manipulation, weakening, dissolution, etc. I think we should accept the same kind of normal alertness in Jews, if they are a little bit of suspicious towards Christians or Europeans. If this kind of normal alertness is accepted as mutually normal and not used to blame the other side, and if useless and unreasonable trouble spots are resolved with discussions, then this would likely protect Europeans and Jews against extreme attitudes and measures, and perhaps form a foundation for better and peaceful relations.

    As good as this alertness is, somewhere further there in the borderlines, in our little and mild blind spots, it might counter some good things along with the bad, which are the proper targets of the alertness. Jews wrote the Bible; Jesus was a Jew; Bible is based on Jewish teachings, culture, religion and laws; other prophets and some saints were Jews; and countless Jewish religious sages and rabbis gave their all to the Talmud, good along perhaps with the bad and useless. Even if you dont accept Talmud as a religious book for Christians and Jewish sages and rabbis as religious authorities for Christians, perhaps you could accept Talmud the same way than a good and useful book written by modern Christian scholar about Christian religion, culture, history and groups; there might be some good and necessary insights, explanations and teachings there.

    In the future we of course discuss this more concretely.

    1. Wait. If this was to try to explain the previous rant, then it didn’t help. Are you saying I’m the (Catholic) alcoholic? (Cathalcoholic–a useful word no doubt.) We take a very moderate position on the Jews: Only gas some of them. On the podcast with The Rebbe, I think we all agreed that America could cede Long Island to the Jews in case there wasn’t enough room in Israel. 😉

      The Talmud plays no role (AFAIK) in the Catholic understanding of Scripture. In a way, the NT and the traditions of the Church (the Apostles) is a (type of) talmud. But the entire breaking point between Christianity and Judaism, and for that matter the breaking point between Christianity (qua Catholicism/Orthodoxy) and Protestantism is that the document is only authoritative because there is an authoritative interpreter in the instituion (and living persons) of the Church.

      I’ve been a Protestant. As a Protestant, I attended a “Messianic Seder”. Protestantism is (and I’d argue only is) an attempt to re-judaize/de-paganize Christianity. This colors my commentary perhaps, but it cannot be fairly characterized as a blindspot.

      De-paganized Christianity is a denatured Christianity. It’s worse than either pure paganism or pure Judaism, for the simple fact that the denatured thing acts in many ways like the thing. It’s margarine to (real) Christianity’s butter… and therefore all the more dangerous and contemptible. Olive oil doesn’t pretend to be butter. Nor lard. Margarine is uniquely an enemy of butter.

      1. Well Nick, having seen all the Protestant margarines (excluding the few Protestant butters) in Finland, and having gathered some knowledge about American Protestant margarines, the added ingredients in them have always been liberalism / leftism, green things, ignorance, stupidity and mistakes. Protestantism consists of course from countless of congregations, and somewhere really might be a couple of Protestant priests, who increased their knowledge and understanding with the best in Talmud, in intelligent and learned way. I really wish there are such priests and their congregations. Do point them to me, if you know such priests.


        Anyway, can man become understood or accepted here only if he writes very calmly, in official style, clearly, in logical order and in easily understood way?

        1. As you know… you are already accepted.

          Tho’ an economical style of writing is often helpful.

  4. Ps. The details in the above story have been changed to unrecognizable to protect privacy, but the alchohol and drug use, severity of what happened, psychological stucture and blind spots are real.

  5. Charlton_Taylor January 2, 2017 at 10:39 am

    As per the small and feisty firefighter: Yes, I have been butting against the way that identity politics attempts to adjust the values of certain professions in order to make them appear more attractive to those groups of the multi-culti that are targeted to become “equal.” The military, police and firefighting are hierarchical and have always promoted a very strict disciplinary system for obvious reasons. These are not jobs where self-expression and self-actualization are traditionally found. Yet, the propaganda that these jobs allow for “feisty” girls to prove themselves is necessary because they are government jobs which are governed by the equalitarian law of the regime.

    1. I think there’s a corollary to Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism somewhere in there.

  6. Is this one article or several? The lay-out is so confusing that it is difficult to tell.

    1. One goes to war with the templates one’s got, dude.

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