Ascending The Tower – Solo Climb 3 – What Is A Nation?

This week, Anthony hones in on one leg of the trichotomy, ethno-nationalism. Before addressing nationalism itself, he takes some time to delve deeper into the nature of nations and how the ties that bind them determine their success or failure.

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4:35 Outlining the different kinds of nations
11:45 The concept of the “anti-nation”
20:08 Thedishness is what makes nations function
24:55 Thede dynamics in different types of “weak” nations
32:19 Proposition nations and the impossibility of thedishness

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  1. It’s interesting you chose to define “nation” with so many definitions. I always assumed the many definitions were part of the devolution of the English language. When you look at the King James Version, for example, you have “ethnos” translated “nation” and it clearly refers to ethnic kin groups descended from common ancestors (Nation of Israel).

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