The Masculine Reaction Against Feminine Globalism

Trump, Duterte, Putin, Orban. All of these men are avatars of the rise of masculine reaction ringing across the world against feminine globalism.

Naturally, this pushback on progressive globalism is often framed as the result of chauvinistic or misogynistic men resisting change. At the heart of the globalist push is the gender battle and the unnatural, progressive molding of men into women and women into men. That a reaction would have masculine figureheads and leadership makes perfect sense.

The globalist order has a feminist framework, which first and foremost breaks the bonds within the home. Attacking the home in foreign countries (as well as America) attacks the traditional, specific norms and mores of all cultures. And while the end goal is liberation, women just end up shackled to a new, albeit degenerate and destructive master: the progressive system.

As written previously at Social Matter, the progressive regime forces a platter of policies that push feminism and even make anti-family and anti-male ideas sacraments. These policies create a social safety net and social environment that allows women to drift to wherever they please. It also allows men on the high-end to shirk their duties and responsibilities as protective, masculine men in a traditional sense, while allowing men on the low-end to dodge their duties as fathers and providers. The fantasy is that lions can lay with lambs and all will be well.

Such a frame leads to other horrendous policies in other regards that end up ruining society. Prison reform of the 19th century that focused on rehabilitation, while removing hard work and reducing the hang man’s weekly duties, eventually gave way to prisoner’s rights and even now, debates on the niceness of lethal injection drugs in the 21st century. Modern citizens of the West debate the possible torturing of a handful foreign combatants captured in a supposed war when those same combatants, in the field of battle, commit horrible atrocities on soldiers and civilians alike.

Duterte telling terrorists to forget about human rights is a quintessential reaction to this attitude.

That there is a groundswell of international approval from decidedly male contingent of humanity is a sign that the reaction to the kumbaya managerialism and rule by consensus and committee is the rise of strong men against the cat lady universalist liberal order. When people consider other forms of government like absolutism, monarchy, or a benevolent dictatorship, they conjure up images of terrible tyranny. A sovereign of proper power would end the idea of rule by committee and empower individuals down the chain of command to limit the need to go up the chain for mediation.

There are duties and responsibilities, along with power, up and down that chain. One would be sovereign in their home. Prior to family court, the churches and family networks sorted familial issues. The man within that community resolved an issue, not the priests of Harvard Law that dream up new ways to atomize individuals and strengthen the federal government’s control.

The gelded pundits of America note that Trump ‘pretends’ to be alpha. The punditocracy’s vision of masculinity allows them to print articles saying Obama was a great masculine role model, while early commentators called him the first unisex president.

Trump, while having the structural alpha of wealth and power, carries himself with a risk-taking and confidence that obviously exemplifies a strong mode of masculinity. Men who support challengers to progressive universalism carry their duties as men in a manner such that they fulfill the unwritten codes of conduct and expectations–so much so they don’t feel the need for Byzantine, progressive legalese to protect them. Note that cuckold was an insult in Italy. The man was viewed as responsible for not being a proper husband and in effect making the spouse cheat (seeking the missing element) versus the Anglo approach, where the marriage contract means no matter what, you should not cheat, since it says so right there in the vows. The contrast is the concept of custom versus law and over-reliance on adherence to law melts one’s memory of the need to honor custom.

Men will want to be men, and women will want them to be so, as well. The reduction in family formation, fertility, and the resulting cultural ennui is partly a function of scrambled gender relations. All of the financial stimulus provided by the Federal Reserve will not matter in a society where men feel no security with their children, no confidence in their place in society, and discrimination from civil authorities. Sexual harassment has slid from “sex or you’re fired” to “someone asked me if I lived with a roommate or a boyfriend“. In America, we know that harassment only means that you were not sexually attractive enough to the woman in question, and sometimes it comes as a result of spite because you gave one woman more attention than the accuser.

America’s media class glorifies the parents that neuter their sons with hormones and surgery and casts aspersions on the fathers that say, “let the boys be boys”.

The globalist order has created a weak, effete world. To describe America as an open air asylum is becoming a common refrain from observers. Such a world creates weak men who forget the demands, duties, and responsibilities to maintain order.

This leads to chaos. Out of this chaos comes men of strength that create a new order.

The desire for strong men to cut through the feminist globalist bureaucracy is akin to the story of Alexander using his sword to cut through the impossible Gordian knot. Duterte, Orban, Putin, and Trump are not Charlemagne. They are symbols of a stirring spirit within the men of their respective societies.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey December 5, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Excellent essay.

    Down with the cat lady universalist liberal order!

    As some of us have been predicting, tomorrow belongs to the Hard Men who will do what needs to be done.

  2. Asian Reactionary December 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

    Well said.

  3. Here is good addition to the article by dr. Jordan Peterson. I agree with most of things he says.

    I disagree with e.g. that many pregnancies are somehow fatal to women. Pregnancies strenghten womens immune systems and increase their physical fitness. The fact that many women died relatively early in the old times was because of diseases, for which there was no cure, or there was only too ineffective cures. We can see that in those modern communities, where women might have 7-10 children in their lifetimes, their average life years does not decrease.

    I agree with Peterson in that Jesus’ earthly life, to us concrete life, was necessary to us. Jesus was mixture of earthly and divine. Detached words from heaven with no contact with the earthly life would have likely been too abstract, incomplete and simplified to us.

  4. Duterte is a pro-muslim, pro-gay socialist.

  5. Naturally, this pushback on progressive globalism is often framed as the result of chauvinistic or misogynistic men resisting change.

    Guilty as charged, and proudly so. Much in the same way that fumigating a house represents pushback and resistance to change against a vermin infestation. Nothing to be ashamed of; indeed, a hallmark of the possession of what used to be known as Common(?) Sense.

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