Ascending The Tower – Solo Climb 2 – The Trichotomy

After briefly mentioning the Spandrellian Trichotomy during the Gnon Solo Climb, Anthony decided to go into more detail. He breaks down the three reactionary flavors and ponders if it still matters.

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2:48 History of the Spandrellian Trichotomy
9:21 Breaking down the Trike
14:54 Understanding and delving into the…
15:16 …Techno-Commercialists
20:26 …Ethno-Nationalists
28:09 …Theonomists
32:57 Failure modes and how each strain is supported by other two
45:10 Is the trichotomy still relevant? – Your stories wanted

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Opening Music: “Hard rock orchestrale” by -Poul’H- (excerpt)

Closing Music: “Ancient Forest” by Esther Garcia

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  1. The trichotomy as you described it is very similar to Guillaume Faye’s *Archeofuturism*. For the masses a Traditional, agrarian life is the norm. Higher castes have access to more advanced technology, but there seems to be a conscious effort to avoid making man obsolete with his own creations. All of this is built on a strong ethnic foundation. It’s worth a look if you’re not familiar with it.

  2. This was my favorite episode that I’ve listened to thus far. Clear, concise, and expository.

    As someone who, just months ago, may have been best described as a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist (with strong lingering skepticism about fundamental problems with that philosophy), I think the NRx community would benefit from more material like this.

    Material that brings together and clarifies NRx thought in a succinct way. I know there is a deliberate effort to do the opposite in order to keep the riff raff out, but not everyone has the time or inclination to hang out on twitter and blog comment sections, or study the arcane and painfully-verbose NRx writers (Moldbug and others) in order to piece everything together, so material like this is very helpful.


  3. This was a great podcast. I was a longtime ethnat who grew tired of the bashing of Catholicism by 1488ers and some on the alt right. Thus upon my discovery of nrx I was naturally attracted to it. I’m still quite skeptical of capitalism and out of control techbology, but I am certainly intrigued by elements of the technocommercialist view of the future. I wouldn’t consider myself an intellectual of any sort but nrx seems a natural home for me, and the trike goes a long way to assuaging concerns I have about runaway corporations chasing the singularity at the expense of Faith, family and tribe.

  4. Another high quality podcast. I guess you could say I was a garden-variety Libertarian before discovering the Dark Enlightenment through their subreddit. I think it was the Race Realism and Sex Realism that initially attracted me, which then blossomed into a greater awareness of Ethno-Nationalism. My Catholic upbringing and my desire for humans to explore space were once at odds. But it’s clear now that both can work towards the same goal, and may actually work better together than separately. When I found NRx, it was eye opening. I want to help however I can.

  5. Started out Austrian school / Rothbardian techno-capitalist (but never anarcho.) Those who really and truly pursue the intellectual journey inherent therein eventually come to understand that techno-capitalism doesn’t “work” on its own. From there I found ethno-nationalism and neopaganism. I wasn’t a fan of American (Protestant) Christianity and I thought the Catholic Church had done some nice things but wasn’t what it had once been. While praying to a pagan god the real One answered and I encountered Christ through the prayers of the saints. So now I’m a traditionalist Catholic. I still think the Church is full of vipers and heretics but that’s okay because it is the true Church of Jesus Christ, so I’m confident He can handle the pissant nincompoops presently inhabiting the Vatican and other ecclesial niches.

    Like you and, based on my own experiences, I think the natural progression of the trichotomy is synthesis. Each element has answers for the rest. Nick Land is a douchebag and I don’t pay any attention to his ramblings. He’s an unapologetic liberal playing neoreactionary.

    Great show. You need to do a live version. Do it real time and take some calls.

  6. I was raised Southern Nationalist Fundie Protestant. Became a John Bircher in college and evolved into a Buchanan-Francis-Gottfried Old Rightist. In grad school, I tried to be a good Republican but I read too many old books which spoiled me against democracy. I already opposed the Bush administration as a Buchananite and discovered that the Republicans were merely the leftward fringe of the Uni-party. I liked (some of) Thiel’s arguments at Cato Unbound that democracy itself was to blame for the state of American politics, but tended toward the Let-It-Burn attitude until my first child was born. Once I had skin in the game, I found Moldbug through the comments section on some of John Derbyshire’s articles on Taki and VDare back in the early 2010’s. Now I practice subversive entryism in the heart of the Cathedral, posing as an apolitical contrarian eccentric, spreading badthink everywhere I go.

    I’ve got to say that I still don’t quite trust AnCaps and Libertarians, since it seems like I’ve been fighting them on immigration since I was eighteen. Most of my experience has been less “Rothbard salon debates” and more “campus Ronulan,” but I have always thought the NAP was self-evidently stupid and not worth wasting breath to discuss.

  7. Thanks for the podcast! I stumbled across NRx only this summer, so the history is helpful.

    Grew up quasi-fundie Protestant “conservative”/libertarian (was fully open borders just one year ago…), discovered Scott Alexander via EconLog, and discovered NRx (specifically Free Northerner) via Scott’s anti-Neoreactionary FAQ. Got hooked real quick.

    I probably haven’t processed enough of the super-autistic NRx stuff to call myself a full-blown Neoreactionary—I’m still not exactly clear what the alternative to democracy is if not monarchy, and I’m not sure monarchy is the best system of government there is (and I’m also not sure whether *democracy* gets blamed for a lot of things that are more properly consequences of the Industrial Revolution and the wealth it brought)—but I’m 100% on board with the sex/race realism, anti-egalitarianism (and anti-political universalism), cultural heritage, promotion of social trust, traditional values, etc.

    At this point in my life, my goals are basically to find a tradwife, start/sustain an NRx Christian community, and share the based/redpilled gospel far and wide. Suggestions welcome.

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