Weimerica Weekly – Episode 49 – Delegitimized Elections

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 49. The podcast airs every Wednesday.

This week’s podcast covers the moves before and especially after Election 2016 to delegitimize the results.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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Thanks to G.W. Rees for the introduction and outro music. G.W. Rees’ music can be found here on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.


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  1. Well done Ryan, Positive, encouraging ending.

  2. Even Pat Buchanan thought Bush stole Florida. As I recall, Buchanan got a huge amount of votes in heavily Jewish precincts.

    With universal suffrage, and no threshold for citizenship, every election is delegitimized by illegal and “legal” immigrants, women, welfare dependents, minorities, scum like George Soros, etc.,

    1. That had to do with the butterfly ballots being confusing.

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