2067 (Halo Jump Over Caracas)

THE CLIP of the static came first
Made mark of our motion in its sounding
Kinetic was the first thunder-burst
As the dome of the heaven we were rounding;

The sky was bright and was dim
And quiet as the night it was static
We sailed earth’s outermost rim
A muse both kinetic and ecstatic;

If heaven had in it but a cloud
In statis in a height cold and azure
Kinetic we’d have burst it aloud
Dust to dust and measure for measure;

Of the sun we saw not yet a hint
Not a ray or a figure of kinesis
Shadow was our ship dark as flint
In state we await its new thesis;

The south of the world lies asleep
Ecstatic in enlightenment dreaming
Do watch over it we then keep
As high watchers we are now in our seeming?

“Lean out, lean out, and hear,”
As in a dream calls out our commander
“The sound of man’s worldly fear,
And it seems we will now reprimand her;”

The valley of Caracas in a dream
And we, as Morpheus make visit
Though high as our ship it may seem
From deep heaven we cannot still miss it;

Jump like the Valkyrie’s ride
Not a seeming of a dream of a ring
“From above we claim and decide
This belongs to our God and our King.”

Author’s note: To grasp the rhythm of the poem, note that there are three pulses per line, but four beats. The fourth beat will be silent (will have nothing spoken on the down-beat.) For best effect, get someone to lay down a beat. A lot of dactyls are to be expected.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey November 27, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Love it. Would appreciate a back story. Very, very cool.

  2. I really enjoyed this and the musical piece that came before it. Would like to see some of our talented NRX artists, musicians, and writers expand upon this universe.

    1. Plans are in the works. But it won’t go by the label “NRx”.

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